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Windows XP Pro Logon Problem

Hi all, first off I wanna let you know that this is a problem that im attempting to sort out for a friend of mine who, lets just say, is not very computer savvy, so the details may be a bit sketchy and i hope u can be patient enough to read it all cuz i really need help on it.

ok, the problem concerns the logon screen on XP Pro. My friend has a Compaq notebook which she has had for over 2 yrs (so i'm assuming its SP1). Initially she just used the one main user account wihtout password, so when she got to the windows XP logon screen, she would simply clik on her name and windows would start up. However, about a month ago, inexplicably (im not sure what she may have done for this to occur) the windows logon screen reverted to the Classic windows logon, as opposed to the usual XP one. The classic screen presented her with a username and password field. her fathers name (as he purchased the comp in his name) was present in the username field, whislt the password field was emtpy. Neither her nor her father was aware of what the password is as they had not previously set up a logon password at any stage on the machine. However, they were able to bypass the classic logon screen by simply leaving the username field as it was (containing her fathers name) and the password field blank and then pressing enter or clicking on 'OK'. This bypassed the logon screen and started windows no porblem wihtout the need for them to input a password. This worked fine for a month, until the last day or so, when she attempts to click 'OK' and bypass the logon screen she is greeted with the message:

' the system could not log you on. make sure your user and domain are correct, then type your password again. letters in passwords must be typed using the correct case.'

basically what you'd get if you didnt enter a password, which didnt used to matter, but now it suddenly does. also, when clicking the 'options' button on the classic logon screen the only option she is given is to shut the computer down. Her comp was littered with virus' which a friend of hers fixed up at the weekend, so i dont know if this is anything to do with it.

Also, we tried logging her in as 'administrator' and leaving the password field blank but nothing happened. God only knows she has unwittingly changed the way Windows logs on, but if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated as she has important files and reinstalling windows is a last resort.

many thanks,

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Reporting: Windows XP Pro Logon Problem
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XP log on problem.
until the last day or so, when she attempts to click 'OK' and bypass the logon screen she is greeted with the message:.....

Her comp was littered with virus' which a friend of hers fixed up at the weekend,

Have your friend asked her friend was was done when fixing the viruses at the weekend ? Did that friend unwittingly put in a password ?

Try (this may not work with the Classic log on screen) :

Log in with the main Administrator account by:

* At the log on screen, press Ctrl+Alt+Del twive, or

* Go into Safe Mode, where the Main Adminstrator will appear.
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Lost Password

try this and post back if it does not work.

Lost password , XP User Account with Admin or limited Privileges.

This procedure only works if you can enter safe mode thru the Admin Account

1-Boot to Safe Mode by tapping the F8 key while booting
2-Choose safe mode, Press Enter
3-Select operating system, Press Enter
4-Click Administrator Account
5-Windows is running in Safe Mode, Click YES
6-At the Safe Mode Desktop, click, Start, Control Panel
7-Double click User Accounts
8-Click Your account (or the account you are locked out of)
9-click, Remove Password
10-Click, Remove Password again
11-Close all Windows
12-Restart Computer
13-Back at the normal desktop re-enter the Control Panel
14-Open User Accounts, Open your Account.
15- Add a password, or not!!

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Thanks, ill keep yous posted...

Thanks for the info, my friend who has the problem is away on vacation for the week so I wont be able to get in touch with her for a bit, but when she gets back Ill try out what yous said and let y'all know how I got on, thanks,paddy

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