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Windows XP Pro Install Problems

I'm trying to install Windows XP Pro on a Dell computer that had a hard drive crash. I replaced the hard drive but now receive errors when trying to install XP. XP Pro ran fine on the computer before the HD crash so I know the computer is compatible.

When I run the installation disc, and after the initial loading of drivers etc.., I get the following errors.


STOP: 0x0000007E (0x0000005, 0xF9AB69C5, 0x59e7d108,0Xf9e7ceo4)


Does anyone here know what might be causing this?

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Reporting: Windows XP Pro Install Problems
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The error only says...
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Thanks but...

The computer has only one stick of ram and no usb devices. Only a graphics card, sound card, and Ethernet card.

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What can be removed?

We can try the BIOS defaults, no ethernet card and no sound card to see if that gets us further along.

If that doesn't work then you need to find the bad parts.


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New errors

I removed the ethernet and sound cards and the setup went further this time. Now it gives "setup cannot copy the file" errors. If I skip the file it just brings up the same error on the next file.

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That's better.

That points to (usually) aging CDROM drives or smudges on the XP CD. Yours is silver in color, right?


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Both are new

The CD drive is only a month old and the disc is silver but it's a new disc with no imperfections.

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That leaves the other parts.

Try a memory test such as MEMTEST86.

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The memtest86 has been running for over an hour and has not found any errors at this point. How long does the test take to complete?

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It never ends.

What we need to know is that XP slides onto good hardware. Something is amiss or we tripped up the XP install by formatting the drive with something other than XP.

The only clue we have so far is that failed copy.

If you can, duplicate the XP CD and use the duplicate. This fresh copy might be more readable.


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Never Ends?

The memtest has been running for over two hours now and shows no errors. As for good hardware. Before the hard drive crash, a few days ago, the computer was running XP Pro perfectly. The only hardware change is the new hard drive which I formatted with the XP setup disc. The file copy problem makes no sense to me. It will copy a dozen or so files then give an error for one, copy several more then another cannot copy error. I can't believe that the disc is the problem as it is new and has been used to install XP on another computer without a problem.

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That's a great clue.

But first, we're done with memtest86. Just tap escape or just reboot.

Try the copy of your XP CD and if that fails swap out the CD drive. New or not doesn't matter. They can cause this issue. Same for cables, jumpers on the CDROM drive (and people will claim it worked before so I always recheck it), CD/DVD lens cleaner and such.

You're close. Just need to find the bad part in this brew.


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All Fixed!

I couldn't believe that a brand new disc would be the problem but I made a copy of it and the copy worked perfectly. I'm just glad I have enough sense to listen to those who know more about these things than I do. Thank you Bob, I really appreciate your help.

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Rather than leave it a mystery, tell about the machine.

Maybe we'll find something like an over 127GB hard disk that is not supported by Windows XP.


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The Machine

The computer is a Dell Pentium 4, 1.5 Ghz, 256MB SDRAM, and the hard drive is 80GB and the same make and model as one I have running in another computer running XP Pro.

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That can be years old. Tell more.

Such as your cleaning of the fans, heatsinks, repairs, jumper settings of the hard disk, color of the ide connectors and what each is connected to.


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XP Pro error message

Hey Bob, Moundtown,

Hope you don't mind me jumping in on this one, but I had the exact same issues with an XP Pro install. I found that if I kept hitting retry, it would sometimes finally read the particular file it was trying to load at the time.

I took the CD to a different computer and it worked perfectly so I was able to rule out the CD. I then swapped out the CD drive and I was able to load without problems.

The strange thing is, the CD Drive wasn't bad per se, it just had problems with that XP Pro CD for some reason. I put that CD Drive back in the system and it has been running for almost two years without problems.

Again, sorry to jump in the middle here, but I hope this might help explain the situation a little bit.

Good Luck

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And a great example why I noted to...

Duplicate the XP CD and try the dupe.


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Copy CD

Yeah, I saw that post, I just wasn't sure if that was why you were saying that. Sorry, didn't mean to step on any toes, just thought my experience might "flesh out" the details.

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Thanks for contributing.

Your post helped share another real world example of that issue.



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