FACT: You're Wrong... Or at least spreading the same useless information that has been floating around for about the past 10 years.

FACT: The XP firewall IS two-way, and it CAN be configured to block programs from accessing the network connection

FACT: Outbound filtering is of limited use. At best it contains an existing infection.

FACT: If outbound filtering is ever triggered, then your system is already infected

FACT: If your system is infected, there's probably a 99.9% chance that it is a direct result of something YOU did

FACT: Unless you isolate the behavior that caused the infection, and correct it, you will very likely be infected over and over again

FACT: There are several threats firewalls will NOT protect against

FACT: At least 90% of computer security relies on the user not doing something stupid

FACT: Most people are so conditioned by the constant prompts from firewalls, that they simply click the "Allow" button to make the prompt go away

FACT: A firewall is only as good as the rules governing it, and if you click "Allow" to everything, you effectively have no firewall

OPINION: If you're going to repost some article of a topic that has been hashed out repeatedly for the past decade, you could at least take a few minutes to research the topic and find out that not only has it been said before, but only people with little to no understanding of computer security ever take it seriously. Next thing you know you'll be posting something about how everyone's favorite wolf crier Steve Gibson, or his GRC website, said that you should do this or that.

COMMENTARY: I don't know what happened to our culture, or when exactly we became a bunch of intellectually lazy idiots, but it's really gone on for far too long. Case in point, is if you had taken the time to follow the thought process from this article your spammed here to it's natural conclusion, you should at least be able to figure out that outbound filtering only has any value if there is something already on your system, and how at that point you've already lost.

So many people spend all this time, effort, and even money, dealing with problems after they happen, and the idea of preventing them in the first place is a completely foreign concept. Even simple things, like not using Internet Explorer. It doesn't really matter WHY Internet Explorer has such a problem with malware, let the security geeks debate that one until the end of days, all the rest of us really need to care about is the fact that it DOES have a large problem with malware and no other browser does. So, it's a real simple thing to go from there to saying if I use some other browser, I reduce my risk of malware infection. Even if you assume it can't remain that way forever, you can still spend the time between now and then living in a state of greater security.

People just accept these arguments based on an incomplete thesis. No one bothers to actually think critically about anything anymore. In the Age of Narcissism with blogs, twitter, social networking sites where everyone just assumes the entire world is on the edge of their seats about the most mundane details of their lives, no one either knows or bothers to write a proper essay. Because part of writing a persuasive argument is addressing some of the main arguments of the other side, and explaining why they are incorrect. You don't see that anymore. It's all just, "Here's what I think is correct." Not addressing the other side of things means that you're never really forced to think about the topic in any real depth. So long as it makes sense to you, that's good enough.

I, for one, would love to see a return to at least some level of intellectualism in this country. I'm not saying we have to all sit around endlessly debating obscure topics, but we could at least start actually using our heads a bit more. Instead of the geeks and nerds among us being made fun of and social outcasts, we could go back to something like the days when Einstein was a national celebrity, and people were regarded for more than their ability to throw a ball.