First off, most newer computers DON'T come with install CD's as you have discovered. Instead, they expect the consumer to create restore CD's themselves, which I would highly recommend that you do, if you haven't already. But still, creating these disks may not resolve the problem. It seems you have already figured out that the the fax component is NOT installed by default. You have to install it. Windows components are installed from Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. Click the the icon on the left aptly named "Add/Remove Windows Components". This will display a list of windows goodies, some already installed, some not. Please note: Items already installed (for example, Outlook Express - which is installed during the original install at the factory) will be REMOVED if you keep the box checked. In this instance, I would suggest de-selecting all items except the Fax Services. Then click Next and follow the remaining prompts. With any luck, the files needed have already been copied to your hard drive, just not installed. If the files needed are absent, hopefully the restore utility is intuitive enough to prompt you to install disk X of X to copy the needed files. If neither of these options work, then contact the PC manufacturer. Be sure to address it as a "installing additional windows components" issue, rather than just the fax services, as you're likely to want to install other components down the road. And finally, what I would probably do... forget Windows Fax altogether, goto CNET downloads and search for FAX. There are dozens of great fax utilities out there at little or no cost. And many of them easier and more user friendly than Windows Fax. Good luck... and let me know how it goes.