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Windows xp backup program

I tried using windows xp to backup my c: drive and data on d: drive and using DVD disc but xp doesn't recognise it. why I dont know.
Then I purchased Nero 7 to do this operation. I am able to backup my data but not the exact image that is usable when harddrive crashes. And second problem with Nero is it doesn't leave the disk open after writing even some MB of data (or atleast i don't know).Please help.

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Reporting: Windows xp backup program
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What are you trying to do?

What are you trying to do? Do you want to just back up your data, or do you want to create a fully functional restore image that would put your system back to the exact state it was in when you made the image?

The former is easy, just copy the important data files to a CD or DVD. The backup program included with XP is a holdover from days long before CD/DVD burners existed, and it hasn't been updated to support such. It's basically floppies or a tape drive for that thing.

If you want the latter, you'll need a program such as Acronis True Image or Norton Ghost.

For what it's worth, I prefer simply backing up important data. I figure if something should prompt a format, it's a good opportunity to learn from my experiences up to that point and maybe do a few things differently from before. Maybe a better folder organization scheme or just not installing some set of programs I rarely use. If I use a disk image, I'm locked into my old system unless I want to go to great effort to revise it. Then I either need to make a new image to reflect this change or be prepared to redo all this work every time I need to restore the image.

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Windows BACKUP has no CD or DVD support.

That's definitely a dead end so let's not try that ever again.

If you wanted to make an IMAGE of your system, NERO isn't it either. Did you look at ACRONIS?

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windows xp backup program

Thanks for the prompt reply from both of you. Yes I am trying to backup c: as well as d: at the same DVD disc and make it bootable so that it can be used when needed. I also suspect that XP doesnot provide such facility and now I come to know that nero also dont.
So what is the exact solution in only one software ? One thing that I also posted in previous post, How to leave DVD disk open after writing data. Yesterday I wrote 28mb of data on DVD through NERO 7 and now XP is telling me "no space left on 4.75GB DVD". what is the solution....
Thanks my seniors.....

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"How to leave DVD disk open after writing data."

Let's be clear that such multisession or PACKET WRITING systems are fraught with issues. I will not entertain such if this is for backup or to be used for restorations or moving files to other PCs. You are free to explore this dead end.

"I am trying to backup c: as well as d: at the same DVD disc and make it bootable so that it can be used when needed."

This is odd. I mentioned a title for you to research and it appears that you didn't catch the title. Here it is again for your research -> ACRONIS.

" Yesterday I wrote 28mb of data on DVD through NERO 7 and now XP is telling me "no space left on 4.75GB DVD". what is the solution. "

Since XP has no native DVD recording support and the packet writing systems are unreliable the only solution is to try Nero's Support at since I know better than to try this.

But let's be very clear that no packet writer can create bootable media. Let me write this clearly -> "No."

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Windows Xp backup

Thanks BOB for your reply. Nothing is impossible in computer science. So OS bootable image and data at the same DVD is possible. I will find the solution and the software. I couldn't understand "PACKET" type of words,,,could it be a simple answer. Just to tell an option with a simple click in nero 7(if you used it) that allow DVD to open "state" so that in future more data can be added, should be simple. Why to wast our 4.75GB data by just writing some data(28mb),,


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Impossible versus what is offered.

While you are right the issue is simple here. You are looking at common commercial applications. These do not offer the features you are looking for. Maybe some day but wouldn't you want something you can use today?

As to the PACKET WRITING, you can always google words that you find unfamiliar. I had hoped you would get the connection that INCD uses PACKET WRITING technology.

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Also, in addition to Bob's post, you can't make a working LiveCD image of Windows on a CD/DVD. Windows is designed to break if such is attempted.

Something like Acronis True Image will make a bootable disc that can be used to restore your system, but you'll never have the convenience of being able to boot from external media that Mac users enjoy. Windows is quite simply designed to make such impossible.

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