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Windows won`t boot with nvidia drivers, just the generic one

Geforce 770gtx. Got a random bsod during gameplay (video memory scheduler error I think) and afterwards my pc wouldn't get to the desktop. It gets as far as the blue Windows window but then reboots. I can however boot into safe mode so I know my gpu isn't totally dead, and my display is working fine too.If I uninstall the gpu driver in safe mode with DDU I can boot into normal windows, but when I install a display driver again the install fails halfway through(usb unplug sound and the gpu stops working), I get a black screen as if no signal from gpu, then after reboot the same thing happens everytime i boot the windows, before i DDU the nvidia drivers and start with the generic ones. I've had the driver installed for a few weeks before so it's not a faulty driver.Computer also doesn't seem to know what type my monitor is, I point it to the monitor driver but it says the best driver (Generic non-PnP) is already installed.SFC gives no errors, chkdsk seems to get stucfk at 11 procent. Windows Startup repair, as usual, does nothing. Could it be some component of my GPU that's failed, and the driver can't access it, like a video memory component or something?And why does it boot fine in safe mode and install the driver in safe mode. This makes me think it might be a software problem.. I've unplugged all unnecessary peripherals and double checked all my bios settings too..Windows version is the latest, thought it was the creators update that was causing the issues, but i tried all sorts of windows versions, issue persists during the installion of the driver and after the driver halfway installs, gpu chrashes, have to do a DDU and then start the pc with generic drivers again and repeat.

Things i tried so far are:
-Clean Windows 10 copy, Clean windows 7 copy with all sorts of driver versions, 384, 362 etc.
-Tried installing the driver with unplugged monitor because i read somewhere that there were some issues with monitors.
-Downgrading Intel management interface.
-Upgraded bios to the latest.
-Tried installing the driver through device manager manually.
Also worth a note that at one point for one day i was able to install all sorts of drivers with no problems, but the games kept crashing a few seconds into the game and error used to pop up "Access to the device was resticted" and so on, the windows did not stop responding, but the game did and after awhile the same bsod happened and i could never duplicate this period of success. This period happened when i upgraded from windows 10 fall version to the current newest, which is 1709.
-did a disk check
-did a memory check

speecy link :

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Clarification Request
So about that clean install.

In reply to: Windows won`t boot with nvidia drivers, just the generic one

I see you know about video drivers but found no mention of the motherboard drivers. These are not automatically installed. Let's try one last time with the usual install order of OS, then motherboard, audio, video and other drivers.

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In reply to: So about that clean install.

Thank you for the reply.
Yes, i have updated to the latest possible drivers from the motherboard vendor, although SATA doesn`t seem to installable for windows 10.

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Clarification Request
Just to clarify.

In reply to: Windows won`t boot with nvidia drivers, just the generic one

Also at the dump file there are two bold errors : dxgmms2.sys dxgmms2.sys+28a37 fffff800`82bf0000 fffff800`82cac000 0x000bc000 0x2484422a 5/31/1989 9:51:06 PM

and, watchdog.sys watchdog.sys+333e fffff800`81440000 fffff800`81454000 0x00014000 0xee73d2b8 10/8/2096 10:53:12 PM

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Clarification Request
I have a very similar issue, trying to narrow-it-down

In reply to: Windows won`t boot with nvidia drivers, just the generic one

I recently have had a very similar, nearly identical, issue with a Strix GTX 970 on Windows 10 Pro x64. I have lots of DIY experience with PC buildling and component level diagnosis / repair done a bunch of troubleshooting, but I have not been able to isolate the problem.

Everything short of a clean install, or restore from system image (not even that 100%) seems to get me anywhere. It seems that once the problem has happened, there is no going back...

I followed similar steps to yourself, and had fleeting success by tweaking some mobo BIOS settings but eventually it won't even let me get to Safe Mode. I have tried a bunch of different drivers, including letting it sort itself out (with varied levels of temporary success). I have torn-down the card looking for any obvious physical damage or blown SMDs, but found nothing significant.

The one thing that seemed to work, for a while, was switching to a DVI-D cable. Last night, I was able to run from a clean image, through all the driver installs and Windows updates. Everything was kosher in the Device Manager and I was able to get stable performance (and overclocking) in several GPU benchmarks. But my hopes were dashed, when I dared to perform a cold boot (power button down w/ PSU off to clear residual power from system). Upon rebooting, the system failed in exactly the same manner as before, going to a black screen and either hanging, boot looping, or shutting-down, somewhere between the initial Windows splash screen and fully loading the desktop programs.

I had been running on a DisplayPort cable, which gave me some hope. There is a known issue with DisplayPort monitor compatibility which had an available firmware update for my card ( I performed the firmware update, successfully, and tried to start again, from my previous system image, with even less success that before. My most recent image had the 417.35 driver package installed, and failed almost immediately. Even after successfully running DDU in Safe-Mode and getting back to running on the MS Basic Display Adapter, I was unable to reinstall the Nvidia driver successfully, and got a number of BSODs after that. Some of the ones I remember from last night are VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE; VIDEO SCHEDULER INTERNAL ERROR, PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA. I have not examined any memory dumps, yet.

My next step is to try again with a clean install, that has never seen the card (or monitor) before.

THEN, I started-up my PC at work this morning (which is pretty different) and had what looked like almost the same artifacty crap, right at the same point in the Windows boot process (during spash screen with spinning dots). It did not crash, but it looked almost identical.

My home system is running a Strix GTX 970 + AMD FX-8370; on an Asus Sabertooth 990fx R2.0; with a Seasonic Prime Platinum 750W PSU. My work system is a Lenovo ThinkStation P500, with a Xeon E5-2630 v3 and and Nvidia Quadro M4000. The only similarity between them is Windows 10 x64 and an Nvidia GPU... and me.

I am thinking less-and-less that this is a hardware issue. This is almost certainly an issue with firmware incompatibility with the drivers; or something with Windows 10. Whatever it is is causing system file corruption, possibly due to the timing of the crashes. I will keep testing and see what I can figure-out!

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PS. I see a lot of HDD read and seek errors.

In reply to: Windows won`t boot with nvidia drivers, just the generic one

Not entirely related but is the machine acting oddly? Unexplained delays, 100% disk use?

Also, VPN should be installed AFTER everything works.

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A little bit.

In reply to: PS. I see a lot of HDD read and seek errors.

It doesn`t seem to be doing that bad, but nothing out of ordinary, at the beginning of the boot it does seem a bit clunky, but nothing too unusual. Though my main concern is still GPU.

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Given only the details so far

In reply to: A little bit.

I have to say bad hardware. Could be the iffy HDD or the old GPU. Shame the make, model of things are unknown. Limits what I can research here.

The HDD can give trouble as in making troubles where there should be none and if there is any question about W10 driver support I can't look into that.

I respect member privacy and don't demand the details.

Post was last edited on February 15, 2018 2:11 PM PST

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In reply to: Given only the details so far

What`s the best way for me to test that ? Because i don`t see how HDD could result in such issues, from the dump files it all seems driver related.

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Why i don't call it driver related.

In reply to: Hm.

You've had it working before and know the combination of OS and drivers that worked. Now it doesn't. So there are issues now. I've see such trace to other than what was suspect. I don't rule it out or call it at this point.

As to testing, we test by swapping out suspect parts. I'll re-read the speccy to see if anything else stands out.

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Other oddities.

In reply to: Windows won`t boot with nvidia drivers, just the generic one

1. Why is the HDD on SATA channel 1? The usual is the lowest port number which shows as zero.

2. It has a parallel port. To avoid an old issue, disable in the BIOS.

Remember I take it had installed Windows on this and it has worked till now. These are not a sure thing. Just stuff that we could try.

Post was last edited on February 16, 2018 7:47 AM PST

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Thanks for the insight.

In reply to: Other oddities.

Because the video card is very large and i had to move the HDD lower just to fit it in.

2.I will try to do that and will post results. Yesterday installed a clean copy of windows as you suggested, same issue happened, have 4 dump files as a result, results are related to files :
ntoskrnl.exe ntoskrnl.exe+154686

watchdog.sys watchdog.sys+34ae

and dxgmms2.sys dxgmms2.sys+24ca5.

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Moving the HDD

In reply to: Thanks for the insight.

Shouldn't change which SATA port we connect to. Maybe an inch longer cable?

If you repeated your working install and it failed, it's confirming either you lost the install recipe or the hardware has failed.

Why does installing the driver provoke failures? Simple. The hardware now has to work in its entirety. The driver from Microsoft is a basic driver. Does not push the card that hard.

Try another card.

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Another note.

In reply to: Moving the HDD

Also the HDD always seem to be always writing something, the windows boot is very slow and at task manager it drops below 40 procent after like 4 minutes. Turned off the pararel boot. But the gpu doesn`t seem to be stopping randomly during the stress at all, for etc i watching youtube 1060p, twitch and etc, no bsods then, wouldn`t it follow that it`s not related ?

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The Speccy report tells you this.

In reply to: Another note.

Look at Smart values 01 and 07. Way out of whack. I had hopes to move the drive back to port zero but that's not an option. These errors can cause elusive, hard to track down errors.

At the shop this drive would be swapped out because we know these are trouble. But the fact it's not on the right channel means we would give it a second chance.

This is a long thread and I have yet to see any progress on your part. This means you might be hoping for a magic bullet but from what I see, there are hardware issues.

Will you correct the drive connection so I won't call it a bum drive too?

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Help appreciated.

In reply to: The Speccy report tells you this.

Yeah, all your help is very much appreciated.
I will try and correct the drive, not very familiar with hardware changes itself, mostly just software, but i will look it up. You are right, probably this is a hardware failure, it`s just that on the fact that the card did seem to let the game run with basic drivers and so on makes me feel optimistic that it still might not be a hardware issue, even if the games run on 2fps, they don`t crash or anything.

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I didn't explain why basic drivers usually work.

In reply to: Help appreciated.

They don't require the video cards work in their entirety. They don't use all the card features or turn up the clock rates to where the card normally operates. In short, doesn't get the card to work hard.

Can cause owners to think the card is fine. The only test is to try another card.

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sounds like a clash between...

In reply to: Thanks for the insight.

... the windows kernel you are running and the version of Direct X installed. Can you disable the Direct X and see what happens then?

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Additional notes.

In reply to: Other oddities.

This was on the the first dump files, on other three errors pop with

nvlddmkm.sys nvlddmkm.sys+176b2c
ntoskrnl.exe ntoskrnl.exe+74ee1
dxgkrnl.sys dxgkrnl.sys+16a178

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Win 10 Home reverts to generic video driver

In reply to: Windows won`t boot with nvidia drivers, just the generic one

I have the issue also. I clean install latest EVGA NVIDIA driver for EVGA GTX 960 under Win 10 Home and operate OK for a day or two. However, Win 10 will revert to generic video and shows generic monitor. Internet search shows many others have the same problem and none of their solutions have worked for me. Consensus seems to be that Win 10 Home does not believe you have the latest drivers and installs the generic when it does its update cycle.

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In reply to: Windows won`t boot with nvidia drivers, just the generic one

Hey bro, stumbled upon your forum post and can say my issue is the exact same as yours. I don't believe any of my hardware to be ******, there is just some driver clunkiness.

I write this hoping you may have found a solution which I can mirror!


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Any luck?

In reply to: Solution

Still having this issue in 2019, see my long post. Did you ever figure anything out?

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My mind has changed over the past year.

In reply to: Any luck?

Look at the top post's Speccy and get down to the Smart Values 01 and 07. If you see those numbers you often (100% of the time at the shop) have a customer with complaints about lockups, speed issues, low test scores and more. You can't help them until that's gone from the PC.

The drivers can push this area over the edge and lock up every time. BTDT, and over time I changed my mind from "that's interesting" to "that's just bad."

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417.58 Hotfix + type of problems makes me doubt its hardware

In reply to: My mind has changed over the past year.

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The OP has a bad HDD.

In reply to: 417.58 Hotfix + type of problems makes me doubt its hardware

If you want to start a discussion about your PC then it's best to start a new discussion about your PC with a new post and the reports we use here.

As to the hotfix, there's also a firmware issue on some Nvidia GPUs but the OP has or had a PC with other major issues.

PS. OP = original poster.

Post was last edited on January 7, 2019 9:50 AM PST

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Nvidia Drivers and Windows 10

In reply to: The OP has a bad HDD.

My problem started months ago after there were some updates on Windows 10. I installed the latest Nvidia Drivers and no change. I went back to older Driver s and no change.
I boot up Windows 10 Pro, and more than half the times the Drivers are not loaded. After a few minutes the screen flashes and the drivers are loaded. And the Nvidia Control Panel is now available. Since this started I clean installed Windows every 6 months as usual.
The problem is still bothering me.. I have a very fast computer, but a Asus Strix GTX970 GPU.
I personally blame Windows .

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Read above.

In reply to: Nvidia Drivers and Windows 10

The OP had a bad HDD so I am left to wonder why you think Windows had something to do with that. Please explain.

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