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windows vista or XP?

We are getting a new computer and we generally only buy a new computer every 5-6 years, so we take whatever OS comes on the computer at that time(currently using XP with no real issues). I keep seeing all the negatives & problems with Vista, is it really that bad for a non-technical user like myself? Should I opt for XP and if I do should I be worried about it being supported 5 years down the road?
Are there potential software compatibility issues now or down the road?
I don't really want open up a whole can of worms, but I'd appreciate any honest feedback.

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Reporting: windows vista or XP?
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we've had it for one month

And its not nearly as bad as everyone says IMHO. We HAVE had some problems, mostly with getting the wireless card to not lose connection on our new Dell, but other than that, its been fine.

I know LOTS of people here might not like it for cosmetic reasons, or resource reasons, or because their 2nd cousin third removed had problems with Vista, but, honestly I think you will be fine. Especially with service packs coming out.

That's my 2 cents.

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If you are really accustomed to XP

And have several pieces of external hardware, (Printer-scanner-etc, etc.) Vista will make you crazy! Lots of your perfectly good old stuff will refuse to work with Vista. Some things you might buy at the time you buy the new Vista computer will refuse to work. (Wireless projector for one. My direct personal experience. Dell's answer is 'It's never going to work with Vista') The UAC will elevate your blood pressure and cause you to snatch out some hair, and the general feel of slowing down every few hours especially frustrates me. For myself, for personal use, No Vista, Ever! I'll be glad to look at the replacement already rumored to be out there when it comes out. (Windows 7?)

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I do have concerns

if I'm going to have trouble reconnecting printer, scanner, cameras, etc. Wow, I was leaning towards an HP, but they don't offer anything but Vista preloaded.

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Sorry they offer XP still
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yes, but...

its only one laptop and I'm looking for a desktop. None of the home & home office desktops offer XP, only in the small business PC's can you get XP and it costs way more to get the same specs.
I've already done some research on my periperals - my scanner and digital camera will not support Vista. And I don't feel compelled to buy new when they are working perfectly well. I know a lot of people say don't blame microsoft, blame the manufactureres for not updating their drivers, but what the hell - i do blame microsoft. Why can't they leave well enough alone. Arrgghh - my frustration is showing...

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I apologize.

I must decline finding all the offerings but if you call in you can get them to trot them out for you. The HP site is a little large but I can assure you that HP, Dell and others will not sacrifice their business unit sales on the altar of Vista.

As you can see from all the offerings, XP is still being sold except to the masses.


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I've had it for months and now have had it.

Vista is the new "Windows ME." I expect Microsoft to peddle hard to get Windows 7 out sooner like they did last time. I can't find one redeeming feature.


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R. Proffitt, have you had problems with Vista, or do you merely dislike it? I don't work for microsoft, but I would love to hear what hardware/driver problems people are having (and possible solutions).

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We are having problems w our HP 3150....

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The quick and the dead.

We develop applications. Each time we compile the UAC would pop up close to a dozen times. The machine is much faster when we boot into XP. And it's not some 10% faster it's more like a 1 minute boot vs. a 3 to 4 minute boot. The list goes on. Pretty but dumb (Vista.)

Keep it.

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(NT) gotcha

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