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Windows Vista lag on new machine


I recently built a new rig with the following specs:

Microsoft Windows Vista 32-Bit Home Premium
BIOSTAR MCP6P-M2 AM2 NVIDIA GeForce 6150 / nForce 430 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

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Reporting: Windows Vista lag on new machine
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"randomly it will just lock up." = usually a hardware issue.

Tell me about the voltage you set on your ram in the BIOS. Now tell me what the specification is for your RAM.

At first I find most home builders can't believe that level of detail is needed or a new board will have an out of date BIOS but give it time. The home builders are learning fast.

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RAM Specs

Just to clarify, it's not my first computer build, just first one with Vista. Silly

Although I know there's plenty to learn still!

Anyway, here are the specs for the Ram:

Model F2-6400CL5S-2GBPQ
Type 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM
Tech Spec
Capacity 2GB
Speed DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
Cas Latency 5
Timing 5-5-5-15
Voltage 1.8V - 1.9V
Heat Spreader Yes

According to the the setup, the Voltage for the Ram is 1.950 V, that is also the lowest setting.

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So the BIOS is the latest too?

What can be removed from the machine for testing?

Is the case cover off for now?

Tell us about the heatsink compound.

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Stock Heatsink

The processor uses the stock heatsink, I've never had a problem with AMD's heatsinks, and don't do much overclocking, so I've never felt the need to use a different one.

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Let's try again.

So the BIOS is the latest too?

What can be removed from the machine for testing?

Is the case cover off for now?

Tell us about the heatsink compound. (this is what conducts the heat from the CPU to the heatsink.)

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About the ompound and hardware.

The heatsink compound is a gray square that was pre-applied to the bottom of the heatsink.

I can remove the ram but it shouldn't be the cause, because initially it was running on 2 gigs of Corsair ram while I waited for two 2 gig G.SKILL Ram to arrive. The problem existed with both Ram sets.

The only other hardware attached to the motherboard is the video card, hard drive, and a CD/DVD drive (and the PCU of course).

Hope that is the answer you were looking for.

I have another computer running on XP that I cam test the hardware with if needed.
At the moment the case cover is on.

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The pre-applied is not enough for most.

Let's say someone put the heatsink on, took it off. You would then need a few drops of fresh compound at the very least to fill in the voids.

Still leaves us with the BIOS question and also adds a new one. Can you tell us the voltage you set the RAM to? And what is the spec on the RAM's voltage?

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PS. Cover off please.

To sniff out if some part is feeling too much heat, leave the cover off.

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use reliability monitor

open the reliability and performance monitor by typing 'reliability' into the start search box of the start menu. open reliability monitor under monitoring tools and check which apps and/or hardware are problematic.

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Reliablity Report

No failures reported.

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your specific error messages are needed.

the firefox error message would be very helpful.

it seems that you are getting stalls (not lockups) while the system waits for something. you said you saw a "listing that such and such task was completed but took longer than expected." what is the "such and such task"?

also, have you used a SMART monitor to check your hard drive?

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These are some of the warnings/errors the Event log showed:


{Registry Hive Recovered} Registry hive (file): '\??\C:\Users\Jessica\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\UsrClass.dat' was corrupted and it has been recovered. Some data might have been lost.


Catalog Database (1404) Catalog Database: Error -1811 occurred while opening logfile C:\Windows\system32\CatRoot2\edb0006E.log.


Configuring the Page file for crash dump failed. Make sure there is a page file on the boot partition and that is large enough to contain all physical memory.


wuaueng.dll (1060) SUS20ClientDataStore: A request to read from the file "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore\DataStore.edb" at offset 16883712 (0x000000000101a000) for 4096 (0x00001000) bytes succeeded, but took an abnormally long time (60 seconds) to be serviced by the OS. This problem is likely due to faulty hardware. Please contact your hardware vendor for further assistance diagnosing the problem.

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Looks like a defective hard drive

Corrupted files on a hard drive are usually the fault of the drive itself.
Windows Vista does have a learning process that will make the computer seem to be stalled, especially during the first few uses of the new computer. This has to do with drive optimization, registry entries, and drive recovery operations. It will get faster in time.
I would run some drive diagnosis tests downloaded from the drive manufacturer's website, testing the drive. If errors or failures are noted, be prepared to RMA the drive for a new one. Drives are the most commonly defective part on the computer, and these failures will often show up during initial use. Curtis R. Shupe

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For you, Seagate Seatools

Visit the website and download Seatools, which probably came on a disk if you bought a retail packaged harddrive.
The tools are excellent, and will exercise the harddrive to expose any defects.
Seagate's RMA process is pretty good, too, if necessary.
Curtis R. Shupe

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Might be worth looking at

Is your installation disk in good shape, bright, shinny, no scratches? Hold it up to a light and see if you have pin holes of light shinning through. Did the install go well? were you in a hurry? Did you shut it down for any reason during the OS installation?

Try an Error checking (was disk check/check disk in previous Windows OSs):

This suggestions will not fix those errors. Are those online games your playing? If so most of these appear Internet related. Give your IP a call and have them run tests on your connection. Reset your adapter and run the diagnostics, first. Your connection/adapter might be cutting out. If these are online problems, only.

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Bob's the lead man here

my suggestions are just a few easy things you can check before you go to the hassle of replacing that Hard drive. Unfortunately for you, Bob is more then likely, right. Those events aren't good.

Last suggestion .... reformat and re-install the OS before you ship it off for a replacement. The OS installation may have gone wrong when you installed it, try it again. You have nothing to loose by re-installing the OS, besides, you might get lucky. Happy

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Let's not be ridiculous here

Reinstalling Windows properly, including your software programs, can take hours. I spent more than two days starting up a new computer with Vista and transferring my XP programs and data.
Downloading and running Seatools for that Seagate hard drive will take just a few minutes.
If the tools indicate that the drive is defective, you will save the most time and money by returning it for a replacement. Don't waste your time looking elsewhere until you run that test.
A full virus scan might be appropriate if the drive tests OK.

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Glad your test achieved some results

Since you have the results you've definitively identified the problem so no need to re-install the OS. That wasn't clear when I made my suggestion.

Re-installing just the OS takes only a few minutes and would have provided a test to see if the drive had failed. A complete reboot is not necessary to see if there was an installation failure/problem. After you installed the OS if it worked correctly you would then have known if this item could be marked off the list of possible causes. Much of this is done through a process of illumination. Seldom does anyone find the problem with their first hunch. As you've seen here.

Good luck to you.

This post untracked

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OS installation

Proper installation of Windows Vista takes hours. You also risk corrupting your current installation if you reinstall; wiping the drive and reinstalling Vista properly takes hours. Have you done it?
The drive test takes only minutes.
Curtis R. Shupe

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yes, the entire process takes about 11 hours

I did not say a complete installation just the initial OS install some updates will install but you needn't do them all to check if the hard drive is working correctly. I did this to check one not three months ago after a hard drive failure. It confirmed that it was bad. WD doesn't not have test software for Vista so this method was not an option another route had to found to test the drive. This can be done by just re-installing the OS and little else. It is advised that you back everything up first.

I thought I had this post untracked. Seems I didn't do it fast enough. AHs

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Seatools works with Vista, and with WD drives as well

you might have saved yourself about 10-1/2 hours...
Curtis R. Shupe

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here's a good link:
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Check it temperature
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I think I know what your problem is now

Doing a little research, I think you have a problem with your cpu/motherboard combination.
Biostar's website does not list your cpu as being compatible with your motherboard:
BIOSTAR MCP6P-M2 AM2 NVIDIA GeForce 6150 / nForce 430 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

The problem is the thermal profile. I have an ECS board with a 5600+ x2 cpu, rated at 85 watts; my motherboard is rated to a maximum of 95 watts. There are certain x2 and quad cpu's that are within the 95 watt maximum, but your 6000+ x2 is not one of them. It's rated at 125 watts, and it is overloading the current capacity of your motherboard.
My suggestion would be to get a different cpu that is 95 watts or under, if you care to have a stable computer. Otherwise, you will have to live with an occasional lockup. A better heatsink really won't help, as it is the current, not the heat, that is causing the problem. BTW, I really like my 5600+; very stable, very fast, not very hot-running.
Curtis R. Shupe

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Link to motherboard/cpu support page:
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Other cpu choices

By the way, AMD makes many cpu's that are compatible with your motherboard. and look for 90 watts or below.

Should you update your bios to the latest (beta) version available on their website, you should be able to run a Phenom quad-core in your board.
The cpu you have is 90nm die size; you need any of a number of the newer 65nm processors. AMD makes a 65nm version of the 6000+ x2, and it is rated at 89 watts. It would also work fine.
Any chance you could exchange your cpu for one that is compatible with your motherboard? A little artic silver, and you'd be good to go.
Curtis R. Shupe

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Well is it fixed?

Are you running an always installed Ready boost USB on this PC? If so, take it out and see what happens. I noticed you had a page file error in the mix. Increase the minimum virtual memory on your drive(s) to at least 300MBs. Not on your USB drives, however.

Have you ran the diagnostics program for your Ethernet adapter? Disable then re-enable your adapter. It will run a short routine then try again.

You can download a gadget called "network meter" to monitor your ISP connection from Windows gadgets, for your sidebar. If you have these problems when it shows a break in the connectivity contact your Internet provider for diagnostic tests from their end.

The gadget can be found here:

Good luck .....

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(NT) increse the Maximum virtual memory by 1000MB

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