In regards to KBN819696, the Microsoft article and download should fix that issue:

Security update for Windows (819696) is re-offered even though DirectX 9.0b is installed

Instead of installing DirectX 9.0b again, per the article's instructions, I suggest downloading and installing the newest 9.0c from the link below:

DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtime

By the way, the link above mentions a need to "Validate". Please be aware that you can choose "NOT" to validate at the next page and you can still get the download.

In regards the Internet Explorer 6 SP1 update, are you sure you're not seeing the "Cumulative Security Update" that is reissued when a new update is added. Check for the exact KB number. Are they different each time. It seems like once a month or so, there is a new Critical "Cumulative UPdate" for IE 6 SP1..If that's the case, then it's perfectly normal...Something is being added to the update and a new one is reissued.

Hope this helps.