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Windows Update Problem

I'm experiencing problems with Windows Update. My system is Vista SP 2. My updates have been failures since April 21, 2012. The Windows update screen shows the error codes as 641 and 80070641. The Windows Update icon is continually on the taskbar. The shutdown icon continually has an icon within it for installs updates and then shutdowns the computer. Can anyone help correct problem?

Thanks for your help.

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Reporting: Windows Update Problem
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There may not be

an easy answer for this.

Those two errors are the same and they point to an error with the Windows Installer. But if you read the discussion in the link below you will find the original poster tried many options until he found his own;

His problem dated back to when he shut down his computer, then attempted to shut down a printer which failed to shut down, so he just unplugged it. In the meantime HP had offered updates which also failed and he ended up uninstalling the printer software then reinstalling. After that, Windows Updates worked perfectly.

Go figure.

Any strange happenings on this system since Windows Updates last worked?


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Windows Update Problem

I'm experiencing a problem with some software updates and deleting software from control panel.


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What problems

and what software?


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Windows Update Problem

I can't update the software Fix Cleaner. I get the message, "The Windows Installer could not be accessed. This can occur if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance." This is only software I've tried to update at this time.

I've tried to delete the software Fix Cleaner and Counter Spy from the control panel and I get message, "The Windows Installer could not be accessed. This can occur if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance."


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I see Fix Cleaner. It looks like it has 'cleaned' more than it should.

Other than a reinstall of Vista I wonder if Microsoft's own Fix it will help in this case. Is this Vista 64 bit?

If so, see and the "Program Install and Uninstall troubleshooter" link in that page.


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Windows Update Problem

It is Vista 32 bit? Microsoft's own Fix it didn't work.

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Two other options then

Try uninstalling this Fix Cleaner in Safe Mode.

If that fails, try the trial version of "Revo Uninstaller" from . The "brute force" effect.

I am guessing that the Windows Installer problems experienced by Windows Update will be traced back to the failed attempts to uninstall this Fix Cleaner utility which appears to be resisting all attempts to remove it.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.


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Windows Update Problem

Removal of Fix Cleaner in Safe Mode was not sucessful. Revo Uninstaller was also not sucessful.

Do you know of any other option?

Thanks for you help.

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And what updates?

Problems with .Net updates are easily solved by uninstalling .Net.
If it turns out you need it, just install the right version again.


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Some Additional Things to Try..


You may want to try some of the suggestions in the below thread. It's somewhat similar to the thread Mark directed you to, but without the printer issues. It also references similar Windows Installer errors, along with what Microsoft suggests.

"Windows Installer and Error Codes 641 & 80070641 Issues"

'Something has happened to the windows installer on my computer. I have vista home premium 32 bit. I tried searching your site to download the installer but I could not find anything. I tried installing Java and it said it couldnt because the windows installer could not be accessed. and I have been trying to install some windows updates and keep getting error message codes 640 & 80070641. everything was working up until a few days ago when I tried updating nothing has been downloaded to my computer prior to errors.

• When Mark asked if there were any strange happenings since WU last worked, you mentioned you were having problems deleting and updating software. Were you experiencing these problems PRIOR to the Windows Update issues? After? Or about the same time. As horrendous as I found FixCleaner to be, I'm left wondering if it might be a separate issue, and unrelated to Windows Updates. ONLY because of the Installer errors. Confused

• FixCleaner scares the heck out of me. And because it does, I would suggest scanning with Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware to be on the safe side. It's free. You have nothing to lose. And you never know what might turn up.

• Was it April 10th's updates you were having problems with? If so, the .NET Framework updates were included. They tend to be problematic. Microsoft offers a.NET Framework Repair Tool. As MS describes it, "it detects and tries to fix some frequently occurring issues with the setup of or with updates to the .NET Framework. Additionally, this tool tries to resolve these issues by applying known fixes or by repairing the installed product. The tool can also be used to repair corrupted Microsoft .NET Framework 4 installations."

I'm not suggesting using it, at this point in time. IF it turns out to be part of your problem, it may be easier to uninstall it, and install whichever version you need.

• Note in the thread "Error "The Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed" when installing or updating programs on Windows 7 or Windows Vista". It's worth investigating, as one of the symptoms includes the error ""The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance." Look familiar? (Solutions are included)

It should keep you busy for a while. Happy And hopefully, something will help. Or maybe, it will help Mark further help you. Wink


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Can you believe I forgot something? :D

It's the description of "Version 1 of the Microsoft .NET Framework repair tool" Within the description it states "it may correct the state of Windows Installer on the computer, reset the DACLs on certain folders, or resolve some issues that are related to an invalid or corrupted update registration".

I'm hesitant to have you try it, as I haven't tried it myself. Perhaps someone who has, can testify to the fact that it won't fix anything which doesn't need fixing!

Best of luck!

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Nice finds

and thank you.

I do wish Microsoft had a Windows Installer repair utility tool like they used to have for XP, but they withdrew the XP one and never replaced it for XP or higher.


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