If you are foolish enough to be using Internet Explorer as your main browser, Adaware alone is not nearly enough. At a minimum, you should add to that Spybot, Microsoft's anti-spyware program (whatever they're calling it this week), and something like Ewido/AVG Anti-Spyware. It also couldn't hurt to do regular scans with online tools like Housecall. Of course you could also just switch to your choice of Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Safari from a no malware present state, and more or less avoid all of that. Your choice.

Simple reality is that no one spyware removal program will catch everything. So there's a good possibility there's some kind of malware on your system that Adaware just isn't picking up.

Also, there is absolutely no diagnostic value to defragmenting. There's really no performance value either, save for special cases, but that's a different subject. All it does is shuffle files around, that's it. There's no error detection, let alone correction... Nothing like that. It just tries to put all the various parts of files in one place, end of story. It really is a waste of time for everyone who isn't spending most of their day doing very disk intensive things, which is probably better than 99% of all computer users. At best, you're simply wasting your time defragmenting... More likely, you're shortening the life of the drive by adding large amounts of unnecessary stress.