1. Please read throughly:

a. "The AutoRun or AutoPlay Feature Does Not Work (Q330135)."

b. "System Cannot Access CD-Rom, CD-Recorder or DVD Devices."

2. The article [Q310123] lists 33 error codes that may be reported by Device Manager and provides possible resolutions. This [TechNet] article covers up to 49.

3. The article [Q314855] warns that by default, only users who are logged on to Windows XP with Power User or Administrator rights are allowed to install software. In Windows XP, files that have an .inf extension are considered to be setup information files. As a result, the Autorun.inf file does not run if you do not have Power User or Administrator rights. Therefore, when a CD-ROM is detected, Windows XP is notified that a new volume is available and the drive is checked for an Autorun.inf file. A user who is neither a Power User nor an Administrator is prompted with an "Install Program as other user" message when the CD-ROM autorun is processed.

4. Download from Microsoft the "AutoPlay Repair Wizard" (AutoFix.exe) that scans your computer devices to find defective AutoPlay settings, and attempts to fix those it finds.

5. The article [Q885355] explains that when the by default Use smooth scrolling option is enabled, the following anomalous behavior can occur:

? When you scroll through a Web pages, the CPU Usage meter in Task Manager may indicate 100 percent CPU use.

? Other programs may slow down or become unresponsive. For example, if you play a video DVD, an audio DVD, or an audio CD while you scroll through a Web page, you may experience video or audio distortion.