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Windows Media Center.... constantly freezing up

I've searched the internet high and low & posted on numerous forums.. all to no avail. I respect CNET, I come here all the time, so I'm hoping somebody out there can help me.

I have Media Center on my HP desktop (the same computer I'm using now to type this up) and I use the PC as my TV. The cable is connected directly from the wall into my PC's TV tuner card. My issue is, when I record a TV show, I am able to get 50%-75% through the show, then all of a sudden, the show just stops. After 30 seconds or so, I receive the blue 'No TV Signal' screen. I don't know what's causing this- there's obviously a signal coming from that channel if the show was able to record, and there's definitely a signal if I tune to the channel and can watch it in real time. But I just can't ever seem to finish a recorded show. This happens mostly with the episodes of Dr. Phil that I record, however I have experienced issues a couple times with shows I've recorded off The History Channel, though the occurrences are far less often with History than CBS (Dr. Phil). Dr. Phil freezes on me almost every day.

Anyhow, does anybody know why this is happening? My PC is up to date, running fine. No viruses, ad-ware, spyware, malware or anything of the such. 300gb HD with over 150gb free. I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium with an AMD Athelon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+; 2gb memory; 2.60 GHz. Just some info about my PC in case it helps.

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Reporting: Windows Media Center.... constantly freezing up
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Sounds like a warranty issue.

What is HP telling you to do with this machine?

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Absolutely nothing

I've received little to no help from them. They say it's an issue with the cable, and to call the cable company. I called the cable company and they said it's an issue with the computer, and to call the manufacturer.

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Just checking.

Let's say it is the cable TV. How do you check the cable TV is still working?

Let's also look at your post. At any other time does the machine fail? If not then the situation looks grim.

If it locks up after the OS reload then you have a warranty issue. Keep at them since fixing this on your own requires voiding the warranty as we remove the cover to clean and refresh the heatsink compound.

-> Bear in mind there is no clear fix to be offered given this much of a story. I think the best thing to do is to call it in and keep calling it in on each crash.

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It works

Well, I know the cable works because when I turn on Media Center and go to 'Live TV' or choose a show from the Guide, I'm brought right to that show and it will play in real time.

And does the machine fail at any other time? I'm assuming you're asking if it ever just crashes and I'll have to say 'no' to that. It's actually quite a good little machine- it runs near perfectly; well, except for this.

"Bear in mind there is no clear fix to be offered given this much of a story." Is this not enough information? Is there something else I need to look-up about the computer and report back? If so, just ask and I'll do it. I want to get this fixed.

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How bad a lockup?

Also what do you find in the Event Viewer?

This is not an offer to teach what the Event Viewer is (you use the Cliff Notes (google)) but it is a place I check for clues.

-> The brutal truth is you have to ask HP repeatedly for the repair. It's not just you that are experiencing these sort of errors. If the machine fails to function and they can't make it work reliably then you should ask for a refund.

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Anything specific?

Is there something specific you're looking for? I'm not sure how to post what I've found- there's hundreds, if not thousands, of reports in there, dating back to 8/11/07- far before I got this machine (I purchased it January '0Cool.

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I forgot to mention, I will call HP right now, and report back what they say.

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You have to pick out what you think is

Interesting and around a time of the issue.

One of my usual procedures is to clear all the logs in the event viewer then crash and then see what shows up. INFORMATIONAL items like "Event Viewer started" is not something we should see when we share what's in those logs. Save yourself time and look for the "ATI CRASHED WHILE SPINNING DLL" type entries.

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