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Windows mail has stopped working in a spell check.

by Abcmale / August 11, 2014 4:50 AM PDT

Aug 10

Hi CNet,

Maybe you can help or direct me to a helpful fix or alternate spell check as I tried many posts and got ridicules advise, like disable all my of msconfig (that Crapped me up - I fixed it), some answers telling me to delete all my Vista OS and re-installing it all, to fix only one intermittent problem. I'm now at my wits end, as
I found nothing that worked. But I have used my Vista Business for 2 Years with no problems at allm, only this one issue.

My system :

HP a1218n Pentium IV
2.55 Gb of Ram / 2.99 Ghz
Microsoft Security Essentials (My antivirus)
Windows Vista Business 32 bit (with Service Pack 2)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

My Problem :

Windows mail worked great for years, But my one only problem now is when I check my SPELLING before I send my emails my Windows mail shuts down, and it says: "Windows mail has stopped working", and it then it restarts. I have been tiring to get help with this and I can't. It is Windows Mail - Not Windows Live Mail for the Windows Live Essentials will no longer install in Vista.

I Tried a lot.

> A full antivirus scan with my updated "Windows
Security Essentials" (My only AV). All was good.
> A full scan with Malware Bytes, Sophos on demand.
(On demand, a onetime scanner, Mcafee too). No
> I ran the "sfc /scannow" and it finished at 100 % and
reported - No Problems.
> I have tried the Windows Mail - Tools - Options -
Spelling - language settings and changing all the
languages then change it back, and tried all variations
with that.
> I tried WMUtil151 (WMutil) from Steven L. Cochran in
the Vista64 forum.
> I also had tried to suspend my Windows security
essentials and tried to check spelling that too did not
> Maybe, it is my Windows Internet Explorer 9 ?

But nothing worked...

I am staring to think there no fix for this as, I posted it in
the Microsoft Forums and everywhere I could nothing had helped as I tried everything, I got.

So maybe you can suggest a Spell checker I can go to ? (No Google Chrome - Gmail) I tried it and I hate it. So can you suggest something. I need some help with someone in the know. I loved my windows Vista mail. it was so sleek and so neat so clean and so straight forward. I love simplicity. I was thinking Thunderbird but the people in CNet said it was really bad...

Thanks, Have a great day.

Darren D.

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Just to cover off spelling.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / August 12, 2014 4:05 AM PDT

Spell check was not a feature on Outlook Express or the default email. Spell check arrived when we installed almost any version of Office so to fix spell check the "supported" way I only needed to uninstall and re-install Office.

It's pretty well done why and how this is so I'll stop here.

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OK. I will check that... Thanks R.Proffit
by Abcmale / August 12, 2014 8:57 AM PDT

I do not know what you mean exactly (OEspell was a great spell checker for Outlook Express). I do not
use office. I am a programmer. But I will check that out - Thanks. But thier must be a fix for my Windows
Mail somewhwere. I will soon remove it and reihstall it. But that is the last resort. Microscap knows about
it , and MS support is scam as thay just try to sell me Windows 8. In Jan 2017 I will go to LInux. Have a
great day.

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OK, let's say you are using "Vista Windows Mail."
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / August 12, 2014 9:26 AM PDT
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Thanks I did that August 1 to the 7 th
by Abcmale / August 12, 2014 11:05 AM PDT

Thanks Bob ! Bleeping computer was the first step i found and i tried, I tried the "Tools -
Options - Spelling" - The Language thing just like they suggested and (Windows said all
the same too). I did it and still it did not work, I tried it many times and did all variations
I could think of like checking and unchecked all check box's. Changing the languages
to others and then reselecting English. then a restart after each change and I did it over
25 times all to no avail. But. I did not give up as I did it again and again and again all it
did not work. Windows Mail just kept shutting down on spell check and restarting. I had
more luck in the Vista 64 forum when I tried WMUtil151 (WMutil) from Steven Cochran
but that too was only a one time thing as I have to do it after each Email I checked and
sent. But Thanks again Bob. It is nice to see someone is willing and trying to help me to
resolve this hair pulling Issue. Life is too short. so I will have to bite the Bullet and go to
Thunderbird (Not Google Gmail which I tried and hated bloatware) and have to change
my Email to Gmail. But I will buy a text editor soon with spell checker and check it - then
past it into my Windows Mai and send it. I tried Windows Live 2011 too, but that is crap.
I will check out the 2012 version next. but each upgrade Microjunk does is more crap. I
will go to Linux in Jan 2017. I started the madness with old Windows 95 (1996) and now
I had enough of Microcrap. I paid $ 250 with my Visa for this Link that MS support gave
me, it did not work and I got no refund when I asked for one... I found it before they did.

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Just sharing.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / August 12, 2014 11:10 AM PDT

The office is still on Office 2003. It works, even on Windows 8. And Windows 8 has been very nice (after we installed Classic Start.)

Since we use that, spill checking just works.

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Thanks for the Help Bob,
by Abcmale / August 19, 2014 3:02 PM PDT
In reply to: Just sharing.

I was in the support forum of Leo Notenboom and he suggested to go
to another email client as he told me he tried the windows forum to see
if it could help me and seen nothing. He replied and told me to go with
another email client as Windows Vista mail is old - a 2006 application.
He told me to get away from all the Windows Email clients and go to a
decent 3rd party Email client and suggested th latest Thunderbird. And I
go the link sent me, I did it and all is great. So screw Microscrap and
their dirty dealings. That is why a lot of users agree and use Linux. I too
am now getting fed up with Microjunk as I read Windows 9 is coming &
Windows 10 is on drawing Board. So thanks to all. as I am closing this
thread . Windows mail cannot he fixed even the $ 250 Microsoft scam
support from China could not help me. I am still waiting for my refund...

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Two things
by Jimmy Greystone / August 11, 2014 10:05 AM PDT

Two things...

1: I'm not sure who "at CNet" said Thunderbird "was really bad" but I'd take quite a bit of issue with that. It's not perfect by any means, but it is one of the most feature complete and capable email clients out there in an era where everyone is in a rush to use some kind of cloud service, which is the new dumb terminal. Just like fashion, apparently technology goes through regular cycles where old ideas are new again.

2: It's a really, Really, REALLY bad idea to put an email address in a post that's visible to the entire world. I hope you like spam, because you're in for a flood of it now. Even worse is giving a reasonably precise geographic location. Between that, the first name and last initial you give, and the email address, I could probably pinpoint your house using Google Maps if I were so inclined. With a little more effort I could probably get your phone number and plenty of other things. I could care less, but there is no shortage of people on the Internet with the right combination of nothing better to do and mental instability to do just that. I've already asked the CNet moderators to remove it, but by now this post has likely been hoovered up by Google's search engine where it will live on pretty much forever. Just make sure to learn a lesson about this for the future.

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Thanks for the Time - Do not worry.
by Abcmale / August 12, 2014 8:42 AM PDT
In reply to: Two things

1- If you are wondering why ask CNet posters why they dislike Thunderbird. But I know the ones who
do d dislike it are just postin thier opinion. Talk is cheap and everyone is entilted to thier opinion. I really
do not put much stock in reviews as I make my own chioces, I will be going with Thunderbird anyway.

2- About posting my location and name ??? I have a spam blocker, my IPO has one built into it too. If
I get one that gets through, I just report it and It stops. Spam is part of the Internet anyway. I do not
care about posting my location or email I had it in Google for years anyway and I have had no problems
yet. I do not know what problems I could have ? I am not a fraidy-cat or pivacy paranoid and I do not
care who knows, as I do not hide out in a world. Facebook is wide open (You don't need Google Earth)
and has been like that ever since Facebook first started. So ,I really, Really, REALLY do not care. Pin
point my house, or come over, we will have a few beer's with our gals, or GF's, or I will introduce you
to my 4-10 Remington Pump, or my .25 Cal. Raven Rapid Fire. Or my 9 mm Browning 1911 or let my
2 American Pitbulls (Chomp and T-bird - 2 Hostile 75 pound Land sharks) hump your leg... I live on
an Island anyway, no bidge and it takes a boat, ferry, small plane or helicoter to get here. You can live
your life in fear if it works for you or maybe hide under your Bed from the Monsters. I am a Canadian,
We Fear very little. I had Taliban in Afghanistan trying to do me in and a few Bears and cougars is about
all. So Thanks for your time and concern - I do not need it, as I do not worry it or my family. (spam can't
hurt us - i have a woking delete button). Ok, Jimmy Graystone ? Thanks anyway. LOL :^)

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You do realize
by Jimmy Greystone / August 12, 2014 10:17 AM PDT

You do realize that something like 80% of the time it's the gun owner that ends up getting hurt/killed in some kind of home invasion scenario, right? People tend to watch too many spaghetti westerns or Clint Eastwood movies and get these idiotic notions in their head that they're some kind of hero, which coupled with the overcompensating for various insecurities that leads someone to buy a gun in the first place, ends up with the gun owner being the one who gets the worst of it.

Plus, say someone is reasonably smart about how they handle it. They take their time, watch your house for a few days, follow you around on your regular routine and then act when they figure you're vulnerable. Or maybe they're just flat out nuts and you're walking out of your house like any other day, there's someone walking along the sidewalk seemingly like any other random person, until they pull out a gun and start shooting. No warnings, no nothing, just bang bang bang, you're dead or have a couple new holes in your body.

But that's worst case scenario. With the information you provided, someone could easily commit identity fraud. It's become kind of a common thing in larger cities that people might go on vacation for a week... Someone will break into their apartment, change the locks, and then rent out the place to someone else. They'll just take the person's first month and deposit money and run and then the person with the legitimate lease shows up and gets to find someone living in their place. It's not out of the question that a clever enough person could essentially sell your house out from under you from half-way around the world. If they were sufficiently clever, it would all appear to be completely on the up and up at every step of the process and you would then have to find some means of proving you are you. A person could take out a second mortgage on your house and leave you holding the bag to pay it off, all manner of things.

As I said, there's no shortage of people with the bad combination of too much time on their hands and mental instability and/or a sociopath in the clinical sense in that they have absolutely no empathy at all so do not feel anything for the people they hurt. There's a wide range of possibilities between spam and showing up at your house where all the delete buttons, pitbulls and guns in the world aren't going to help you.

Pride goeth before the fall.

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What ? Not Here in smal town South West Canada
by Abcmale / August 12, 2014 11:58 AM PDT
In reply to: You do realize

What Planet are from ? Listen man, I was in Afghanistan as a infantry Captain. I had enough
Rag heads shooting at me until an IED ended that ecitement & Sent me home. Whatever !?
What does that have to do with Windows mail's spell checker ? Who is Cllnt Eastwood ? I
never meet him - Is he Mountain Climber or a Cowboy too ? Where the Heck do you live ?
Crack town, LA - or near the MI 5 Gangsta's' ? Oh well, spend you life hiding under your Bed
too paranoid to the core. Grow a Pair - Your lady will leave you for a fun braver man. I feel
sorry for you as your life is real bad - maybe it is time you should just cash in your chips,
Jump into your starship Enterprise and return to Utopia land. You wanna chat - hit me up
in Skype not chat here in CNet Pussycat..

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The Latest Thunderbird is what I use now
by Abcmale / August 19, 2014 3:06 PM PDT

I was in the support forum of Leo Notenboom and he suggested to go
to another email client as he told me he tried the windows forum to see
if it could help me and seen nothing. He replied and told me to go with
another email client as Windows Vista mail is old - a 2006 application.
He told me to get away from all the Windows Email clients and go to a
decent 3rd party Email client and suggested th latest Thunderbird. And I
got the link sent me, I did it and all is great. So screw Microscrap and
their dirty dealings. That is why a lot of users agree and use Linux. I too
am now getting fed up with Microjunk as I read Windows 9 is coming &
Windows 10 is on drawing Board. So thanks to all. as I am closing this
thread . Windows mail cannot he fixed even the $ 250 Microsoft scam
support from China could not help me. I am still waiting for my refund...

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Windows mail has stopped working in a spell check
by another-novice / December 14, 2014 2:19 AM PST

I saved my message in "Drafts", then reopened it and ran it through Spell Check. Seemed to work ok.

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Possible soluton
by cnfcomps / January 11, 2015 7:07 AM PST

Hi Darren,

I'm not sure this will still be relevant to you but I have been working on a Windows Vista computer with the same problem.

Windows Mail crashes when the spell checker is used. In this case, it only appears to happen when the text is highlighted before clicking on the spell check button. If the spell check button is clicked without highlighting the text first, everything seems to work normally.

Thinking that the operating system must be corrupt in some way, I performed a full reinstall with all updates only to discover that the problem still occurred! I have concluded that it is caused by several recent updates for Internet Explorer, and they can be uninstalled through the 'Programs and Features' icon in Control Panel by selecting the 'View installed updates' link on the left of the window.

The updates that I have found to cause the problem are:


It is likely that only one of these will be installed on your system as I think that the later ones incorporate the ones released earlier.

In my case, uninstalling one of the updates above allowed the spell checker to work normally again. However, it may only be a matter of time before another Internet Explorer cumulative update is released that causes the same trouble.

I have found that it is still possible to download Windows Live Mail for Windows Vista (2011) from the following address: although I don't think it is as good as Windows Mail.

I hope this helps.


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