I'm not familiar with "red" vs "blue" but generally the Recovery CD's allow you to do a "partial" recovery which simply installs files over the top of the current installation...OR...a "full" reformat and reinstall of the operating system and all factory installed programs..The "Full" reformat and reinstall will do a better job of cleaning everything off the computer and reinstalling things...PLEASE NOTE: The "full" recovery will also wipe the drive of your important documents and files. If you use this option, be sure to back up all documents, pictures, music, etc. to a CD.

Generally, if the "red" CD indicates that it's for drivers, then it will NOT do a full reformat and recovery..It's probably for the installation of separate drivers AFTER the computer Recovery process is done by the other CD.

I'm just guessing here, but the "Blue" CD is probably the Recovery CD..Place it in the CD-Rom drive, then restart the computer..The computer should boot from the CD upon restart and following the prompts should give you options to do the "Full" reformat and reinstall or the "Repair" or "partial" installation.

After performing the "full" reformat and reinstall, you'll then need to use the drivers CD to install the needed drivers for the computer.

Hope this helps.