i was staying at a girlfriends place in germany (i live in australia) and was emailing home from her computer - everything was in German (naturally!) and i hardly know any german - i could figure out what to click on the screen by powers of deduction but the keyboard was not only in german but the layout was very different - in one case the german keyboard didn't have a corresponding key but they use a combination of keys
But i take it you really want to know some basic keys like A_B and 1-10 - if you can get an old copy of a DOS manual most used to have pictures of "keyboard layout vs code pages" (Code page is just another name for "language") but from memory i never saw any asian langiages in my DOS manuals - the trouble you will find is that THE LAYOUT OF NEWER KEYBOARDS CAN BE QUITE DIFFERENT BETWEEN COUNTRIES.

also try a googles rearch using:-

keyboard + layout + code + page

You should be able to find something via googles -
hope this helps