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Windows issue or Hardware issue?

My Current Recent bought PC
i7 7700k
1080 ti Asus Strix
cooler master v1200 platinum PSU
msi z270 m7
RGB trident Z 16 gb

I installed several windows on 3 different HDD`s , I always encounter a problem , Delay , Task manager takes 5 minutes to open , Stuttering. When I shutdown and turn on no issues when I press " Restart " Issues, Sometimes desktops freezes and sometimes a black screen too.

Here is an example of what is going on.

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Reporting: Windows issue or Hardware issue?
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Speccy reading. It's a wild machine!

1. What do I see here? How many drives? 5?
a. Unplug all USB drives and retest.
b. Start with a single drive. Retest.

2. More drives!
Remove all virtual drives. This is NOT a clean install. Something's up.

3. User name with a space in it? Not illegal just that sometimes it creates issues.
Next time, keep the username simple. And make two spare local login admin accounts. Here's how.

4. Power Profile. Until the machine is stable set all to NONE.

5. IUM-F1E24CA0-B63E-4F13-A9E3-4ADE3BFF3473
That's Slimware Utilities.

I don't support machines with registry cleaners or driver finders. If you want support I defer to those folk that made this mess. Both create more problems than they solve.

GPU Tweak II

This is not recommended. This is not a clean Windows so all bets are off about weird interactions of all that was done to this OS.

7. BIOS is not current. shows some notes about compatibility which is also stability. Update this.

8. DNS Server:
Due to recent events, I no longer give the router as the DNS a pass. Change this to your choice of DNS such as, or other. Stop using the router as the DNS.

9. C:\Users\ALPHAZ~1\AppData\Local\Temp\nsa6608.tmp\ui\res\installer.exe

THAT'S NOT GOOD. Apps shall not run from Temp. This is typical for trojans and malware.
Scan with Grif's help at

This is one wild PC. So many drives and then driver finders, virtual drives and what else?

I expect such a machine to be less than great.

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Wow Impressive.

Wow ! Thank`s for the Quick reply

What shall I do ?

I did the INSTALL fresh install without the drives R. Proffitt

What do you recommend me to do ? But is it a hardware problem ? I only have 3 drives
60 gb SSD
3tb WD
500 GB samsung.

I can`t understand number 4/5/9
I downgraded the bios because I thought It might be the cause.
number 6 I use them for my GPU for fan and temps etc... monitoring

Please guide me

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Item 4 is all about sleeping.

Since the machine is not stable you set any item that turns off to not turn off. Google how to set these if you need tutorials.

Item 5 is about Slimware and other items that optimize the registry. I won't support a PC after driver finders and optimizers are used. It's far to hard to be sure I've found the problem and corrected so I upset some as I start over or tell them Slimware or other gets the call. Not me. My choice here since I refuse to enter the tar pit this is.

Item 6 lists three items that were added after the OS and not recommended if stability is the goal. I can't tell if the GPU one is from the GPU card maker but any overclocking and all bets are off about stability.

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ITEM 9. Sorry but I misread the 9.

Item 9 is something I can't identify but it is a BAD SIGN when something is running from TEMP.

I'd remove it and scan for malware with Grif's list at

The report listed 5 drives (a few USB) and 2 virtual drives. This is over complicating the PC and you need to tame this when it's unstable.

Sorry but outside of the BIOS, drives and the bad sign in item 9 I can't call anything outright as "this is it." I use such a reading to go over the machine in each area to see what I would do to stabilize the PC from a software, firmware perspective.

This does not address issues with bad heatsink installations, iffy cooling and all malware. Grif's list usually finds the virus, trojan, malware items.

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thank you

I will give it a try and THANKS for the help man !

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Wow, nice friend thanks for your suggestion friend. Everything you explain by details and also nicely.

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I'm running into folk that claim this
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Hey mate.
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Will read the Speccy but forgot to ask for one last thing.

The make, model, size and age of the PSU.

Add that and I'll be back with a Speccy reading.

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Hey quick reply thank`s

The PSU is cooler master v1200 Platinum all of the parts are 3 weeks old ! BRAND NEW PC
I just bought it.

Thank`s for the help man Sad I can`t find a solution it is really freaking me out.

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Specy reading is up.

Wild machine. I can only guess how the OS got to be in such shape but the drive issue is likely due to recycling parts you had around. Time to make it simpler all over.

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