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Windows Explorer Error Every Other Minute;Forces Me To Boot

Hey guys, I installed a couple of new applications yesterday and it seems like my computer is not thrilled about it.
I'm not sure if that's the origin of the problem but it seems like that every few minutes I get that error window in which it says error occurred with the windows explorer and it forces me to shut it down or something.
Long story short, I get that 'report error' window in which it tells me that an error occurred, when I submit my error(or don't submit) it just make all of my dekstop items disappear.
It does not delete them but it forces me to restart my computer every few minutes.
What can I do? I'm really lost.

I look forward to seeing your reply.

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We cant help you unless..

In reply to: Windows Explorer Error Every Other Minute;Forces Me To Boot

You tell us what windows version you have ?
What exact error message you get?
Told us what programs it was you installed?
and what you are doing when explorer freezes?
Have you tried uninstalling the programs?
If you have XP you can also try a restore point!

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For starters...

In reply to: Windows Explorer Error Every Other Minute;Forces Me To Boot

Why don't you outline your practices to avoid spyware and viruses, so we can possibly rule out what seems to be the cause of 95% or greater of the problems reported here.

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Please help, all the information you need here.

In reply to: For starters...

ok, sorry about that. first of all, i use the latest spyware and antivirus programs so yeah you can rule that out.

im running WINDOWS XP SP1, hrm, the programs i installed were babylon and a new popular antivirus(adver) or something that i found on that site.
my computer intel 2.4, geforce4, 256 ram, 40gb devices.

the exact error i get is that traditional error screen you get when xp has a problem..with the computer image & the 'report error' option. it says an error occurred in windows explorer, then it shuts it down. it shuts everything down. i get this error even by trying to access my control panel, my computer, my documents, my drives, basically everytning but my MSN, ICQ and my internet explorer. it always says 'windows explorer' problem. when i close that error window the icons on my desktop just disappear, and im forced to
1) switch user in order to gain the icons again
2) restart the computer
3) knock my head off

please help. it's getting worse, i cant do anything.
i tried to restore to another point, it seems like i cant, the only point i can is april6(today). lol. im so screwed. please help me...i gotta fix that windows explorer file, cant you give me a patch or anything guys?

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Re; explorer error

In reply to: Please help, all the information you need here.

It's not necessarily a good idea to install something like 'a new popular antivirus(adver) or something that I found on that site' (which isn't very informative, by the way, and moreover, what site?) if you already have a good antivirus running. Double might be worse, not better.

You can try to boot in Safe Mode and uninstall everything you installed today. If that doesn't help, and you can't go back in time with system restore, better prepare for a clean install of Windows XP.

Maybe somebody else has a better idea. Don't panic yet.


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I got an original copy

In reply to: Re; explorer error

Can't I just update the files through the windows update? I dont know..I still got sp1, maybe I should update or something. wish i knew how.

on other note, i found the antivirus here on cnet..

thanks for the help!

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Djwest,,,When We Say EXACT...We Mean It

In reply to: I got an original copy

Please don't give us the "sort of" antivirus program name. Give use the EXACT name and version of the antivirus you installed.

Give us the EXACT error message you're seeing...There are a lot of them that refer to Windows Explorer and they all may have a different solution. When you get the "Error Reporting" window from Microsoft, look at the "Details" of the error, write it down and post it back here...

And at this point, as mentioned earlier, try uninstalling the programs you installed. Open the Control Panel, double click on the "Add/Remove Programs" icon, then find the offending programs in the list. Highlight the offending program, click on the "Remove" button and follow the prompts to uninstall the program.

In order update your computer, at this point, I recommend visting the Windows Update site. While on the internet in Internet Explorer, click on "Tools" in the upper left, choose "Windows Update". You'll be taken to the Windows Update site. If you haven't visited lately, then you'll be asked to install a small piece of software on your computer, then you want to choose the option to Check for Updates. A list of Critical Updates will be given from which you should probably choose them all. Choose to Install the Updates, and let the computer download the updates and install them. It may take a while, especially if you're on a dial-up connection. At the end of the installation, you'll need to restart the computer.

Hope this helps and let us know more..


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Here is the exact error

In reply to: Windows Explorer Error Every Other Minute;Forces Me To Boot

Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry, if you were in the middle of something, you may lose any unsaved information.

I checked the 'data this error contains'.
Data this error contains: Explorer.exe
Modname: Unknown
Offset:00107003(i think o copied this number wrong)
Mod Ver:
App Version: 6.0.2800.1106

This is the error. About the AV, I uninstalled so I can't really remember. I uninstalled all of the fishy programs, I still get that error, followed by what I call 'icons disappear Syndrom'.

If you need more inforamtion, tell me.
Thanks for your time, I REALLY apperciate.

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Do the following..

In reply to: Here is the exact error

Do exactly what Grif has suggested but first I suggest you rule out a virus - therefore run the following Symantec online virus check
Then check your hard disk for errors - do a surface check as well.
Then click start/run and enter "msconfig" in the box - check the box with "load startup file" then reboot - if this works then it is one of your startup programs that is the problem - if you still get errors then enter msconfig again and check "Load system services" and repeat the process.
If you still have problems then goto windows update and install SP2 - this will be like doing a "repair" with your windows installation disks.
Good luck,

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In reply to: Do the following..

Yo bro. Thanks for hookin me up with that link. I have been scanning my computer for the past 5 minutes and it has already found 7 threats.
Imma keep scanning, but how do I continue from there?
I look forward to seeing your reply.

Because I'm currently stuck without any antivirus.

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Seems like I cant edit, here are the results


C:\WINDOWS\NDNuninstall4_85.exe is infected with Adware.NDotNet
C:\WINDOWS\NDNuninstall6_38.exe is infected with Adware.NDotNet
C:\WINDOWS\system32\axuninstall.exe is infected with Adware.Blazefind.B
C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe.js is infected with Adware.Iefeats
C:\Documents and Settings\Evi\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\Q5FW9WRQ\sploit[1].anr is infected with Download.Trojan
C:\Documents and Settings\Evi\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\NB5NND8W\Laughingbird.The.Logo.Creator.MEGA.PACK.v3.5_crack_serial_patch_keygen[1].html is infected with Adware.CDT
C:\Documents and Settings\Evi\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\FAZHLLRJ\VerifierBug[1].class is infected with Trojan.ByteVerify
C:\Documents and Settings\Evi\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\68Q1ZLKO\14[1].htm is infected with Adware.CDT
C:\Documents and Settings\Evi\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\68Q1ZLKO\VerifierBug[1].class is infected with Trojan.ByteVerify
C:\Documents and Settings\Evi\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\01234567\page1[1].htm is infected with Downloader.Psyme

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Thought you said you already ran virus/spyware!!!!!!!!

In reply to: Seems like I cant edit, here are the results

You can delete most of them by deleting IE temp files and cookies in - click on tools\internet Options then select "delete files" and "delete cookies" - we can deal with the rest soon. At a quick glance they appear not to be high risk viruses (dont quote me though!).
Have you checked your hard disk and ran msconfig as I suggested - Please do this first.
To delete the other Trojans download avg free virus program from here
Also goto this site and read about spyware and download from the links - I use spybot and adaware and have 4 other spyware programs!!- but you need to keep your definitions up to date otherwise they are useless.
So you must do the following:-
check your hard disk
run msconfig
download avg free, spybot and adaware (at least)make sure they are set to do a full systems scan.
Then goto windows update and install SP@
Let me know how you go

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Dj, Here's More....

In reply to: Seems like I cant edit, here are the results

In addition to Pete's good advice, please download, install, update, then run ALL of the free spyware removal tools below. (Some of these are also included in the "Spyware Suite" link that Pete suggested. In fact, after installing the programs, then restart the computer into "Safe Mode", then run them. Delete all spyware found:


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Thanks a lot Peter & Thomas. Let's take one step at a time

In reply to: Dj, Here's More....

Ok let me clear this out,yeah I downloaded that antivirus off CNet, but I uninstalled it! So I have never had 2 Antiviruses at once!
First of all, I would like to show you how much I apperciate you guys so on my next track, I'll add some 'Peter & Thomas, you're hot and you so fly, girls wanna make you go second thought, maybe I shouldn't show how much I apperciate your work through my music. People will get the wrong impression about me.
Anyway, I downloaded all of the programs Grif has attached, at first glance it seems like they are the best. Hope they prove to be worthy in the future, I'll make sure I update when new updates are available.
I killed all the spyware I had, the antiviruses I had with my new Norton Antivirus 2005( I figure that if I don't want that problem to repeat itself, I should take care of my computer with an antivirus application).

It seems like I can't run this command. Start>Run>msconfig, it tells me 'Windows Cannot find 'msconfig'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.
So I'm not going to rely on that function until you guys guide me through. I'm really sorry to bother you guys but you guys are amazing. Your computer knowledge is superlative.

For now I'll just watch TV and wait for you guys to tell me what's next, because I did all the things you told me. There isn't spyware, trojans & antivurses, I'm going to scan my computer via that link Grif attached, maybeit will fix my explorer.
About the SP2, I think it will be a problem...I can't find my father's cd key for my XP. He got original XP copies when he purchased a HP COMPAQ LAPTOP..he has like 2-3 original copies, but I can't find the cd key(s). I'm trying to search for the cover or whatever, no luck thus far.

So things are better now. But I still get that error every time I try to access ANYTHING except for the IE and ICQ.

If only I could comprehend why, never do I mess with the Windows folders.

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Dj, Msconfig

In reply to: Thanks a lot Peter & Thomas. Let's take one step at a time

To access the System Configuration Utility on Windows XP, click on the Start button, choose "Run", then type "msconfig" (without the quotes) and click OK. Once the System Configuration Utility loads, then click on the "Start Up" tab and UNCHECK any unwanted start up programs listed there. After making changes, then click on "Apply", then OK and the computer will need to be restarted. After it's restarted, you'll get a pop up message about The System Configuration Utility..Simply place a CHECK mark in the box which says you don't want to see the System Configuration Utility load every time at start up.

In the case of the spyware removal tools which we suggested, after installing Ad-Aware and Spybot, open the program, then update the programs immediately...The current programs need definition updates and those happen frequently. If you haven't updated those programs, do it now, then run them.

Clearly, you DO have spyware...The list that you provided in "THIS LINK" shows New.Net and trojans are present..You need to remove those by running the updated programs and using the antivirus links provided.

By the way, if you haven't already, clear out your Temporary Internet Files folder...The user's name appears to be "Evi" log on as an administrator, then clean out the Temporary Internet File folders of each user.

Hope this helps.


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msconfig doesnt work, i told you

In reply to: Dj, Msconfig

and i already removed all the spyware using the programs and links you supplied me. thanks a lot..yeah.

but the msconfig doesant work, readm y last post, i wrote the error. i'll clean all my temp files using admin now.

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In reply to: msconfig doesnt work, i told you

Msconfig.exe should be in the following folder. (Do A Search for it.:

If msconfig.exe is not in C:\WINDOWS\PCHEALTH\HELPCTR\Binaries then download a copy from the link below and copy it to the folder mentioned above. (Download the one indicated for Windows 2000 because it's actually from Windows XP.)

If it's already there or using the "Run" line still doesn't get it to work, you have to fix the registry.
Recreate the entries and/or fix them using the following info.

Create a key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\MSCONFIG.EXE and set the default value to C:\WINDOWS\PCHealth\HelpCtr\Binaries\MSConfig.exe.

Create a key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\HELPCTR.EXE and set the default value to C:\WINDOWS\PCHealth\HelpCtr\Binaries\HelpCtr.exe

That should fix it.

Hope this helps.


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(NT) (NT) Thanks for keeping the nest warm Grif!!

In reply to: Dj,,,,,

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Try loading msconfig from here...

In reply to: msconfig doesnt work, i told you

click start --> "help and support centre"
click on --> "Use Tools to view your computer information and diagnose problems"
click on -->"System Configuration Utility"
click on -->"Open System Configuration Utility"

With regards to SP2 you dont need your windows key if you download from "windows update" - however if you dont have a legal copy, or an academic version you may not be able to install XP2. There is no harm in downloading and trying.

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I do have an original copy, but the one installed here isnot

In reply to: Try loading msconfig from here...

legal. my bad, my friend offered me. now it screwed me. oh well.
back to business.
it works fine now Grif, thanks. while the file was indeed in the :\WINDOWS\PCHEALTH\HELPCTR\Binaries folder, it seems like it didn't work for some reason. I replaced the file with the new, fresh configure right from the link you were kind enough to hand over to me. props for that homie.
ok, now I replaced the file, the msconfig works well(even if I'm experiencing problems to execute this command through start>run, I can just go to the binaries folder and double click. works like a charm.

Before we make any progress,I would like to dedicate a moment for that start up utility program.
Basically there are A LOT of programs in there that I do not want to load/start when windows loads.
but there are some programs I'm not sure whether it will be smart to remove, programs such, evidently all of the programs are located in HLKM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS, very fishy indeed.
Following is the list of programs that I am not familliar with, maybe they are imporant to me, maybe they aren't, I, personally, have never installed them. I think.

2)NVCPL. Command:rundll32.exe, something about Windows
3) NvMcTray
4)msumc.exe command: msumc.exe
5) liveupdate.exe, hm, the location is fishy, c:\program files? if it's the Norton updater, shouldn't it be located in the ACTUAL NORTON folder?
6) qttask (something about BOOT time)
7)ilemjwuy, command: C:\windows\ilemjwuy.exe
8)Application warp, command: D:\memory\APPLICATIONWARP -->looks like an essential file
9)ccap ---}both located in synmatec
10)userprpt----}both located in synmatec
11)SNDMon-->command:C:\program files\SYMNET\blabla\sndmon.exe

The 12th application has no name. It's weird, no command, no name, just a square that I can check/uncheck. His location does not differ from any other location, HKCU\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\RUN.
Up to you guys. Seems like waste of space, but maybe it's something that has to do with the system. I wont do anything with that 'invisible square' for now.
Last is 'printtray': c:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\w32x86\2printtray.exe

This is the list of the applications I do not recognize..there are at least 7 applications i DO RECOGNIZE and I'm going to remove them right away.

Thanks again for your time guys. While grif is doing a great job, I think that you should submit an application Peter, I'm all for it. I will do whatever I can(hey-im new, and I probably don't have any influence nor impact on anyone;) in order to help you..that is if you even want to be a moderator. You 2 will work great together.

Thanks a lot again

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Running msconfig

In reply to: I do have an original copy, but the one installed here isnot

The main idea of running msconfig is to find out if a program that is loading at startup is causing your problems - so just stop ALL from loading at this point by unchecking "statup file" in the general tab and then reboot - if this solves the problem then logic says its one of the startup item - it's then just a subject of elimination to find the culprit and the rest is up to you - similarly you can do the same with the "services' if the above doesn't work.
If non of the above works get back to us.
PS being a moderator is to much like hard work - thanks anyway

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Dj, About Those Start Up Files...

In reply to: I do have an original copy, but the one installed here isnot

If you'd like to check these out yourself, you can use the link below. It has a listing of almost all start up programs from msconfig. Some of them aren't listed there and you'll need to research them in another method. :

Here is my opinion on the start up programs you have listed:

Nwiz.exe= An Nvidia program which allows for special customization. Not necessary for the operation of your computer. UNCHECK it and see how it goes.

NvCPl= Since you didn't tell us the rest of that command line string, it's hard to tell. But if the rest of the string is this: "rundll32.exe NvCpl.dll, NvStartup"...then it's the program that keeps the Nvidia clock and memory settings update and is only necessary when you overclock the card.

NvMcTray= It's the Nvidia sound card tray icon. Usually this can be unchecked and can be accessed from the Control Panel...Some games required it to be operational though, so you'll want to test it.

"No Name" program= UNCHECK it...It's either spyware or a missing registry entry..Either way, it's nothing that is required to run at start up.

msumc.exe= This one appears to be spyware. I can find it nowhere in any legitimate locations but if you check Google, you see it mentioned for removal in a couple of different HijackThis logs.

ilemjwuy.exe= This one is most likely a trojan as I can find no reference to it anywhere...There are many trojans that rename themselves with the "random letters.exe". UNCHECK it, then remove the file to the recycle Bin.

Qttask= QuickTime start up. It's not necessary to run at start up..First, if the QuickTime icon is in the lower right corner system tray, it's not needed to be there. You can access the program from your Start Menu. Open the Control Panel, double click on the QT icon (the blue Q), then use the drop down menu to select the "Browser Plug In" page. UNCHECK the "System Tray icon" box. After that, UNCHECK the box in msconfig. (Please be aware that it will probably "re-enable" itself the next time you run Quicktime.

Application Warp= A memory management program that is not required on your computer..If you want it there, fine, but it's not required. You should be able to uninstall it from the Add/Remove Programs section.

The other programs you listed are required for Norton to run correctly. Remember...if you don't like the results of UNCHECKING the items I mentioned above, you can always go back and "recheck" them.

Hope this helps.


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Let's rule out the startup/service thing

In reply to: Dj, About Those Start Up Files...

I tried to do it (unchecked all service/items)-I still get the Windows Explorer error.

Thanks a lot for the list Grif, while the problem wasn't solved, I at least removed some programs that weren't really vital for me.

Alright, what's next homies Happy

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You have 4 options

In reply to: Windows Explorer Error Every Other Minute;Forces Me To Boot

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About the solutions

In reply to: You have 4 options

I got a windows XP cd, but I don't have its serial number..hmmm, it's original, but until I find the serial, can I put a pirate serial or something? until the problem is solved.
Second, I can't download any updates & SP2(I can sometimes download a patch or a minor update) because the copy that's installed on this computer is illegal. I was young and foolish at the time.
The 3rd option doesn't work either-I can download the SP2(in fact I have already downlaoded it a week ago), but I cant install.

So I dont know what to do. I got the XP cds, I don't got their serials(I know it sounds a bit cheesy or even unreal so I'm willing to take a picture of my cds with a proof(if you want me to take a picture of them on the computer while loggin in to my CNET account or taking a shot of whatever you wnat. I'm not lying, I got original copies. but i dont know where the cd keys at, because it belongs to my father.

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Try these links

In reply to: About the solutions

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Installing SP2 using an illegal copy

In reply to: Try these links

Can I install the SP2 even though the XP installed on this computer was given to me by a friend(I dont even have the CD, he just installed and left).

hrm, what I can do is...genius.
I can just burn that program, install it on my father's laptop and reveal the original XP CD Key. Not bad. Will it screw his own copy? I mean, for now he has no active internet connection there, but he wants to set up a how do you call it..damn. Shared internet or whatever dude. I dont wanna hurt his comp or something, he'll beat the **** out of me.

But it's a good way to know the original xp cd key, if I wanna reinstall or something. For now this solution doesnt help me, because I cant do anything with the current XP I have. It wont let me update to sp2 Sad

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Dj, We Can't Support The Illegal XP Copy..

In reply to: Installing SP2 using an illegal copy

...or your request on how to crack or work around such. Forum policies forbid it.

You've finally posted more about your pirated operating system and it seems to explain why you're having the problems...I suggest purchasing a full, legal copy of XP SP2. You can then reinstall it correctly.

By the way, although it sounds like you want to update your dad's computer to SP2, you won't be able to use his key as your's. SP2 may fix his problem but it won't help your's. Your computer already has an pirated key that's tied to it's operating system and hardware.

Your stuck and I'm locking this thread due to the violation of forum policy.


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