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Windows Defender - Creates System Restore Checkpoints

Hi all,

I was going to post this at the Microsoft Windows Defender Community Forum rather than bother yourselves, but I got depressed by their setup and layout, so I've come here to the forums I understand and know, Happy


I've noticed that Windows Defender creates a lot of System Restore Checkpoints, sometimes multiple checkpoints a day.

My own System Restore calendar shows, for example;

Today, (currently 11:25 am) - 10:11:59 Windows Defender Checkpoint.
Yesterday - 09:02:14 Windows Defender Checkpoint
Yesterday: - 15:57:05 Windows Defender Checkpoint
Yesterday: - 16:02:59 Windows Defender Checkpoint
Yesterday: - 19:03:10 WIndows Defender Checkpoint
Wednesday: - 6 Windows Defender Checkpoints

and so on.......

Has anyone else noticed this?

I did a check the other day on disk space. After running Disk Cleanup and using it to remove all but the latest SR point, I recovered over 12 GB's of disk space.

I've been through all of Windows Defender program window options and their help file, and can see no option to limit the checkpoints.

Are these random, or is my computer so riddled with spyware that WD is setting checkpoints every few hours? Or is there some other reason?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

WD runs in the background, and I use WD to scan every Wednesday, and I back it up with Ewido scans, Spybot scans, and also SpywareBlaster, all up to date. I also use ZA and AVG.


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Reporting: Windows Defender - Creates System Restore Checkpoints
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Hi Mark

We had a discussion about this a month or 2 ago but I haven't got time to go looking for it now. I do not think there is a way to stop it from creating these checkpoints though. There are multiple threads about it at the Microsoft newsgroups but I have not checked them for a couple of months to see if there was any progress in getting Microsoft to change this. The last I heard was that it would be corrected the next time a new build was released but who know when that will be. LOL

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Ahh, that's great Rod,

Just as long as it's not me.

Many thanks.


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(NT) (NT) You're welcome Mark :)
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'Just as long as it's not me'.. Mark

Mark in case you were feeling lonely, you might want to take a look at all the company you have at the MS Newsgroups. You are very far from alone. Grin


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Same curiousity here just like Mark Flex

Many thanks go out to all of you,ie,Roddy32,Carol,Curcat,each and one of you are very honest and do alot of hard work i too was curious with the system information where it winds up too,and always was some what confused thinking that it was perhaps application errors or faulty bucket not quite clear then but just now reading your post it made it clear to me that i could lay in peace lol, lastly i purchased Windows TM One Care (Microsoft)here again i had to uninstall the same day i installed it dont know how the firewall was turned off would like to know,could some one let me in on this one thanks once again.

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CARIBE.. I can only speak for Carol & Curcat..

You are welcome. I'm not quite sure I understood what you meant when you said, 'i had to uninstall the same day i installed it dont know how the firewall was turned off would like to know,could some one let me in on this one thanks once again.

If you are looking to turn on Windows Live OneCare's Firewall, I can tell you like with WD's restore points, you are again not alone with this problem.

However, you could give this a try:

If all else fails, you might try asking at the Live OneCare Firewall Forum, or their Instant Support.

I'm presuming you aren't looking to turn it off, since most are looking to turn it on! If I have misunderstood you, post back and I'll try to help however I can.

Good luck..
Carol and Curcat Wink

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Ahhh, "Very interesting"

Thats great Carol. Not only can I see the number similarly affected like me, but one of the posts there had a registry edit solution which I have taken and used.

I've edited the registry for the Windows Defender "Scan" registry key and re-booted, and it seems to have worked. No more WD Checkpoint so far.

Many thanks for that.


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Mark..A little late for ''you're welcome'', but never too

late for a ''Thank You''!

By happenstance, I had seen this reply a short time ago. The restore points had been bugging me for a few months now. While I had read through all the threads at the NG's, I hesitated using the edit. I have since made the change to eliminate the checkpoints. I again thank you! I believe it's now come to be referred to, as ''paying it forward'' Wink


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Paying it forward.

Yes, I've heard that. And seen it. A very sensitive film I saw recently about a young lad who devised a system of helping someone, and instead of receiving a payment, said, ''pay it forward''.

In the film the process went national very quickly, and just as the little boy was about to become famous, he died. A very sad film.

i just Googled it. Pay it forward, made in 2000, with Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, and the little boy was Haley Joel Osment.

Of course, it was my idea originally! Devil


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'and just as the little boy was about to become famous, he died'

So much for anyone interested in watching the movie! Devil You ''really went and did it this time'', Mark. It's no surprise to me it was your original idea. I won't bother Googling it, though.

And quite inadvertently, thanks to you, I'm no less than 10,500 restore points lighter! Grin

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Which is EXACTLY why I've uninstalled this MS DEBACLE

and WILL NOT look back.


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One should NOT have to tweak...

ANYTHING AT ALL like this when it comes to MS "products".

I KNOW it is in BETA.

But, they just lost me forever on this product.

No green stuff for MS for this procuct from me.


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