Hello urbaezbe.

When you start your computer, is the first thing you get is the blue screen of death? Or does the computer start up first, then as its trying to load Windows you get the Blue Screen of Death? My best possible answer would be to start up in safe mode. In case you dont know what Safe Mode is, its a way of starting Windows where only the necessary system processes are started. As your computer is starting up, continually press F8 until you get a menu. There are three choices for Safe Mode, just choose the one labeled "Safe Mode". Then the next screen will have you choose your operating system. If you only have 1 OS, there will only be one choice. Then after you select the OS, there will be a long list of system files that show up. This is normal, and it has nothing to do with the computers performance or overall health. If your computer doesnt freeze, it may be something with Windows.

Or the other solution is go to a friends house and manually format it there.