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windows 8 reset without admin password

Dec 20, 2013 12:46PM PST

i need to reset verious brands of lap tops win 8 without admin password how

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Dec 20, 2013 1:42PM PST

I'm going to write that for now you need a commercial product like Why? Because of "Secure Boot" and UEFI. As those areas are well discussed please catch up on those and let's chat more about why we can't use NTPASSWD on a stock Windows 8.x laptop.

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I agree...
Feb 10, 2014 2:54AM PST

This whole process got upset with the new UEFI bangles -OR- enhanced bios setups. Provided the way the password we're talking about, either bios, HD or OS, these all take a bit of working around if allowed. if you're going to be doing this, pay the price and get a more robust commercial type s/w in order to handle the Win8 and prior OSes.Freebies may work but usually it can only do so much and sometimes if you have to learn do this more than once before the real thing just to play it safe. I still use NTPASSWORD and it has been updated for use with flash or bootable disc. good luck

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windows 8 reset without admin password
Dec 22, 2013 9:44AM PST

I know you may have already solve your problem! I find a Youtube video on Windows Password Recovery Ultimate useful. If anyone meet the same problem and haven't created a password reset disk, the third party software is usually the only way for that I vote Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate.

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Windows 8 Password Reset
Feb 9, 2014 2:05PM PST

I am running a computer repair shop. I used PCUnlocker Live CD (Enterprise Edition) and it can boot up in both UEFI mode and Legacy BIOS mode. It should be what you're looking for.

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