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"Don't Waste Your Money" segment on TV recently said not to buy Windows 8.... Can I get feedback on this report? What are the pros & cons of Windows 8, as I will be buying a new computer soon. Thanks!

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My wife's sister has a new Windows 8 laptop

And they stare at it wondering how to use it. I'm silent as I think they should return it then get the model with Windows 7 they really wanted so they didn't have to deal with the learning curve.

Some folk will get it and get a book to learn the new system. But for now I suggest if you get it, then add a start button and use it.

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I agree...

Ditto what Robert mentions.

I just like to further state if you go Win8 then that maybe the wave of the future. All the hassle of learning it will go with or how things will be done. Let's face it, nothing stays the same -OR- gets anew face lift to do the same thing. I don't see this going away. But hang on, don't let this go into your automobile. Sooner or later, some iThingee will be build-in as so called smart center/console if not already.

Just my 2-cents -----Willy Happy

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It's a Possibility

I cannot say for sure if it would be a waste of money, I think that might be a little over the top saying that. I have not used Windows 8 yet, so I can only offer what I have read others saying and/or reviewing.

From what I have read, Win 8 is great to use on a tablet, but not so great on standard desktops and laptops. The thing is, it was built with touch in mind. So if you want Win 8 and are buying a new laptop or desktop, my suggestion would be to make sure to buy one that is touch enabled. Of course touch PCs usually tend to cost a lot more money, though. The thing is also, that most people don't use touch for everything on a desktop or laptop.

It also depends on how adept you think you are at learning new technology/operating systems. If you learn pretty quickly and easily, then I am sure you would learn Win 8 pretty easily. It's pretty much been rebuilt and there are many things that are totally different than in previous versions of Windows. So I just equate it with learning a new OS. I have seen many tech reviewers, though, say that it's an awful experience on a laptop or desktop, not every one of them, but a lot. What you might want to do is go to an electronics store that sells PCs installed with Win 8 and try it out first. See if you even like the look/feel of it and see if you think you can learn it.

Personally, from screenshots that I have seen, I do not like the look of it at all. But this is just my personal preference. I like a nice, graphical, user interface.....I really dislike the Win 8 tile thing and the colors. It just doesnt look nice to me. Of course the look has nothing to do with how the OS works, but the look matters to me somewhat.

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Not so bad if you add Start8 or Classic Start

If you add one of these, ($5 for Start8, Classic Start is free) you can use it pretty much like Windows 7 with the normal Start button. Be aware though that MS in its wisdom, has removed all the old games. I've added 123free solitaire which has the conventional solitaire, Spider solitaire, Freecell and a few other variations. You can download it for free here. I've read that there're other things you can download from the MS app store, but every time I've tried, I get an error message that "something has gone wrong". Sad I've been playing with Windows 8 since Feb. and will avoid it for at least another year or two because I'm very happy with Windows 7, but I'll keep 8 on my test PC just in case I should unexpectedly need it for something. I will say this, if you have a computer with 8 on it and don't get something to add a start button, you almost have to be a masochist in my opinion. YMMV

Good luck.

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i just like its interface, and others said this it boot slowly.

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Most new computers have it

Like it or not, you are probably stuck with Windows 8.
Here's how it works. Every few years, Microsoft releases a new operating system. The old one is immediately taken off the market, never to be seen again. All new computers are manufactured with the new operating system. So, if you're buying a new computer, you are probably going to be using Windows 8.

Windows 8 is a totally different operating system than any of the operating systems before it. When you first start it up, you will probably freak out because of the difference between Windows 7 and Windows 8. The Windows Start Screen is the first thing you will see. It is loaded with apps that are custom built for Windows 8. To get back to the more familiar desktop, there is a button that takes you back to the desktop. If you really like the old look of windows, you can do most of your work here. You can also run legacy windows apps here. (Legacy windows apps are programs that were not designed specifically for Windows 8.) Try searching for videos online for more in-depth training on Windows 8. Overall, yes, I would reccomed Windows 8.

Hope this Helps,

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Windows 7 is still for sale.

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