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Windows 7/XP partition big problems

Today I tried to install both xp and 7 on one hard drive on my parents computer. I put a second partition on the hard drive. Windows 7 was already on there and I finaly, after much trouble got xp on. After I got xp on, it only wanted to boot to xp. I didn't give the option to boot to windows seven. I tried to set the partition that has 7 on it as active, but that just seemed to mess things up so that I had to re-install xp. I really need some help. I saw some forums that say you should be able to install a certain program that can give the option to boot from 7 but I can't get it to run on the xp operating system. I can't even get Internet on it! There are no programs on the program list. The only way I was able to instal the program onto xp, was by dowloading the installer on another computer and putting it on the problematic system. I am really freaking out here. Please I need help very badly!

The system with the problems is an Acer Aspire 3400 (or something similar) It is just over a week old. It came standard with windows 7. It has 3 gb of ram and a 640gb hard drive. I dought that the computer itself is the problem, but who knows.

Please feel free to ask more about the problem as I seem to be a bit vague sometimes. Once again PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Reporting: Windows 7/XP partition big problems
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Additional Info

One more thing, the windows 7 partition still exists and there are still programs and files on there. I don't have a backup disk, I severely wish I did now.

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Get rid of XP right now. Win 7 will run your XP

apps and saved files via its XP compatibility feature.

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Dual booting.

I see numerous problems, the worst of which is that, "I don't have a backup disk".

But here's where you went wrong. Dual booting can be useful, but the rule is, "Install the older OS first, then the younger OS".

By installing XP after Win 7 was installed the XP setup procedure over-wrote Windows 7's Master Boot Record with XP's own boot.ini file. Now the system recognises boot.ini and so boots into XP, but does not recognise Windows 7 as bootable. However, installing XP first then Win 7, and Windows 7 will create the dual boot menu for you.

It may have been possible to repair the MBR using the Windows 7 Setup DVD but since you don't have that, your options are limited.

1] Since the computer came with no Win 7 DVD, it may have a Recovery Partition, usually accessible through boot up by pressing F10, or whichever keys that allow access to the recovery procedure. This will wipe the Windows 7 OS and reinstall it back to factory default.

2] Look for a utility that 'may' be able to repair the MBR. The link below may help;

You need that Win 7 Setup DVD for later problems. May be the supplier will send them to you for a small additional fee. If not, and if you do get this Win 7 install working again be sure to create your own Recovery Disks immediately.

What is this installer you downloaded? Neither XP nor Win 7 needs any 3rd party installer.

Which version of Windows 7 is this? If it is Win 7 Professional or Ultimate, you can download and install from Microsoft Virtual PC which will then allow you to install XP as a 'virtual OS' from within Win 7.


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While I do see a fatal error, let's try to get 7 working.

I lucked out with EASYBCD that had a bootable CD iso available to rewrite the boot information and get a 7 machine back up.

I see a lot of bad decisions here. I won't chastise you but will write it's time to move off XP. You are learning the pitfalls of dual boot at other's expense so let's get the machine working again.

Look up EASYBCD and try the "Repair the Windows bootloader" feature.

Also, let's hear from you if your family computer will survive the use of the restore media for the machine (which you should order if you can't make them.)

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The Installation of XP overwrote ...

the boot sector and unlike Windows XP, Windows 7 and Vista do not make use of the boot.ini file for multiple boot configurations.

Here is a really handy link for dual booting Vista (I know you said Windows 7 but the process is EXACTLY THE SAME!) and XP when Vista was installed first.

Since you already have completed the XP installation and the machine does boot to XP you can skip most of this and go to Page 4 "Restore Vista Bootloader and Enable Dualbooting "

This makes use of the EasyBCD utility that Bob mentions in his post, and this link gets you BCD -

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EasyBCD Problem

I already tried to put EasyBCD on the computer, it installed fine but it won't run for some reason. I also tried a factory restore, but it only restored the windows 7 partition. However, the computer still booted to xp. One question. I can get to disk management on xp, if I set the Windows 7 partition as active, then I restart and push, I think its f8 on the restart, will it show windows 7 as one of the operating systems? I can't get into to much detail as of now but later on I should be able to look at this later. For now though, thank-you so much for your help.

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KERNEL32.dll error

I tried following the instructions but the program can't find xp. On startup on the program I get a message saying that "The procedure entry point EncodePointer could not be located in the dunamic link library KERNEL32.dll."
Once again I find myself asking, PLEASE O PLEASE HELP ME!

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Additional Error message

When I try to add xp as a new entry, I now also get another error message saying that "EasyBCD failed to detect a valid version of Windows NT-2003 on the selected drive an was unable to continue. Please select a different disk and try again. It can't find it when it does the automatic search either.

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EasyBCD explains why that happens. Link only.
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My title shows my feelings. I upgraded it to service pack 2 and now it worked. Followed the instructions from the site you gave me Edward ODaniel (special thanks to you), and now as a bonus, Windows XP is also on the boot menue, I didn't even care if I kept it! Now I'm just setting up windows 7 again. (I tried to do a fresh restart, it only did it on the partition that didn't want to work)Once again THANK-YOU THANK-YOU THANK-YOU!!!!!!

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