Windows 7 Ultimate Slow?


Why is Windows 7 Ultimate very slow? I've done a complete reinstallation of windows 7 ultimate wiped out the entire disk, after installing a few programs it starts to become slow, (Its like watching paint dry) Here I will list the system's


CPU: Intel Core i7 740QM, 1,73GHZ
VGA: Nvidia Geforce 460M: VRAM 1.50GB
HDD: 500GB
Memory: 6GB
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

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Reporting: Windows 7 Ultimate Slow?
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Clarification Request
Did you

Did you make sure to do the usual, like install SP1 and subsequent updates, make sure you had AV software installed before connecting to the Internet, and avoid using Internet Explorer at least until all security updates had been applied?

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I didn't

I just did a complete harddrive wipe with DBAN, then installed a clean version of Windows 7 Ultimate. It is running horrifically slow. Immediately upon starting Windows 7 for the first time I DID in fact use Internet Explorer (to download AVG free) before having AV software installed on my computer. I also used Internet Explorer before all security updates had been applied. Could this have caused the horrific slowness?? I restarted in safe mode and ran an AVG scan, and it found no viruses or malicious files.

My computer specs:
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+, 2.30 Ghz
VGA: AMD Radeon HD 6800 series
HDD: 500GB, partitioned during Windows 7 install to a 30GB partition for OS.
Memory: 4GB
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Clarification Request
Since Microsoft doesn't supply the drivers for that machine.

Tell what you did after you installed Windows.

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maybe indexing.. the slowdown but that goes away after a while. On the other hand, your CPU is only 1.73Ghz which is quite weak nowadays. 7 runs best on 3+ Ghz

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Processor speed doesn't matter

much anymore. That processor is quad core with 8 threads which should be considerably faster the a dual core 2.0 GHZ processor. Plus that processor has over clocking built into it and it can reach a max of 2.93 GHZ.

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That reminds me did you install

all your drivers from the manufacturer? I would go to the manufacturer of your PC and look at your model and compare your drivers. In order to use the turbo boost you need to install the intel driver and that should be on your pc brand's site.

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I was going to let this one slide but

My friend has a simple single core 2GHz Celeron running Windows 7 Ultimate. Crazy but it runs just fine. HOWEVER it is a "proper" install with the OS then all the drivers and little apps to make it go.

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Typically when you do a fresh install

it should speed up. When you install apps it installs services and things that run at startup. You also have bad written software causes memory leaks and leave services open that use system resources. To troubleshoot I would look at the task manager and look at processor usage and memory usage and see whats using the resources. It's most likely caused by something you've added and not Windows Ultimate. There shouldn't be any differences between versions of Windows 7. When windows installs it loads windows the same for every version. When you enter the key code it activates your version. All you need to do is enter a new key code doing MS's anytime upgrade to activate a new version. I went for Home Premium to Ultimate and it took like a minute.

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Windows 7 - why slow?


I did have the same issue earlier..Now its resolved.
I have installed win 7 x64 on my pc as a fresh install.
Later when i installed couple of software which includes games.
My Pc started slowing down.

AMD Phenom II X4, 3.2 ghz
ATI Radeon HD 5770, 1 GB Video RAM
One TB WD HDD - 7200 RPM

I used performance tools to check the performance, everything comes positive, but still my PC use to a bit slow..

Later i increased page file and Virtual memory and also updated to Win 7 SP1.. now it runs just fine as before.
Also check

That may also helps you identify if you have any issues with software which is hammering your OS performance.

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