Windows 7 Ultimate Explorer.exe crash

I have read the past posts regarding this issue and I have tried the so called hotfix that microsoft issued regarding this issue but it did not work.

Asus G74sx
intel i7 2670qm processor
16gb ram
Windows Ultimate 64bit version

I have done the hotfix, I have ran checkdisk, I have run norton 360, I did not have this problem before the last windows update. I even tried rolling back. I got fed up and ran the recovery disk that came with my laptop, and I still have the same problem.

Please help!

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Reporting: Windows 7 Ultimate Explorer.exe crash
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Clarification Request
(NT) Even in Safemode it crashes.
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Clarification Request
Tell us more

When and where does Explorer crash? Under what circumstances, and what folders?

You don't mention the Microsoft web site article you got this Hotfix from but the problem is likely to be with the files it is attempting to display and not anything inherently wrong with Explorer.

This is because Explorer will crash in certain circumstances when it is asked to display files for images or videos when Explorer is set to display the files as icons or thumbnails, and any of the files are corrupted.

Explorer will attempt to render those files to show the image or part of the video in the icons or thumbnails, but if the file is corrupt, then Explorer can't carry out that process and so faults.

Generally the fix for this is to remove the corrupt files. Also, change the View settings in Explorer to show Details or Files, and not icons or thumbnails.


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explorer crashes when....

explorer crashes when you either select my computer, or go directly into explorer, also when you try and get to the command prompt.

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windows support supposed Hotfix for this issue
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That hotfix

That hotfix notes;

"This issue usually occurs when you perform some operations that are related to the taskbar or to the Address bar such as pinning or unpinning icons or dragging links to the taskbar."

That doesn't seem to be your issue.

Tell us about "My Computer". How many hard drives, and any USB devices attached to this system?


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2 internal, 1 external, 1 optical

160GB SSD intel ssdsa2cw160g3
750GB HD western digital wdc wd7500 bpkt-80pk4t0

2 TB Samsung G3 Station USB 2.0 HX-DU020EC

Optical Drive
2x Blu-Rey Mashita bd-mlt uj 240afw

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I think Mark has lived through this setup.

Tell us about your install routine BEFORE and AFTER you installed Windows 7. That setup is pretty advanced and I find makers not writing down all the steps.

Let's see if your install routine is good. And if anything is overclocked, we need to know.

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I don't have the windows 7 ultimate disk

i ran a restore from the restore disks that i created when i got the laptop, which included all the blotware. factory settings. I did not have a problem back in november of last year when i bought the laptop. After restoring it to initial factory settings i am still getting the same problem.

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Sadly this makes it a warranty issue.

The install is VERY demanding on today's users. For laptops it can be even rougher and now that we know there is no Windows 7 DVD we can't check your install.

Your laptop's maker is your next stop for this one as to solve this the usual way requires them to tell us how to get 7 up and running properly on this machine. I've only been through a few times (over 100) so while it's getting easier the lack of the proper DVD and more means back to the maker.

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laptop not overclocked.

also the laptop is not over clocked.

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Recovery disk software install order

inserted disk 1 of asus factory recovery disk
inserted disk 2
inserted disk 3
inserted disk 4
inserted disk 5
asked for computer name
asked for password
after all the factory settings were done. I updated all the asus drivers and software updates, and installed all the windows updates. computer restarted about 15-20 times. installed norton 360 and all of its updates.

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Yep, Bob knows

what I went through a year and a half or so ago.

It could well be related to how you installed this OS on this drive setup, but I am also wondering if either of your conventional drives are causing problems other than that.

A quick test is to disconnect the external hard drive before booting up and testing Explorer. If that doesn't cure it, the next test is to disconnect the internal 750GB drive before booting and then testing Explorer.

If disconnecting the external solves the Explorer problem I would suspect that the external drive is beginning to fail.

However, if the Explorer fault vanishes when the 2nd internal drive is disconnected, then either that drive may be failing, or something was missing during the Win 7 install, but we can't tell until you tell us more.

Make sure you have done all your backups, just in case.


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locked the drives in bios

I did not disconnect the internal drives even though they are easily accessable because the connections are very fragil in a laptop. I locked the 750gb hard drive in bios but same explorer problem. I also though it might be the external that is causing the problem as well since i saw posts regarding external usb drive/ explorer problems it is not the drives because i get the same issue when i lock and disconnect both of them.

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Then it sounds like

an SSD problem.

Bob will likely know more. I'm not sure that 'locking' drives in the BIOS is anything I am aware of. I know I can disable my drives in the BIOS but if the data and power leads are still connected, Explorer will still see them in the working OS.

Without that Win 7 DVD I agree with Bob this becomes a warranty issue. If the two conventional drives are OK then this looks much like an SSD problem. They are known to have instability problems with "write to disk".


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Clarification Request
WHO INSTALLED THIS SSD? and other places do not tell me this came with SSD.

You should know that for the moment not all machines can use SSD and even if such is supported there can be OS install issues to go over.

I have to guess you installed this yourself so let's say you want SSD speed and the maker won't support you.

Here's what I suggest you put in place of that SSD -> The newer 750GB Momentus Hybrid HDD. shows that Asus is fitting hybrid drives on a kissing cousin model so I'd copy their work there.

Here's the unit at AMAZON and a speed check. (Hello SSD speed without all the headaches?)

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the ssd came with the laptop
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Then it's a warranty issue UNLESS

Unless it's that Explorer issue that's been with us over a decade.

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never had this problem before

what was the explorer issue thats been with us for a decade? was it resolved if so how?

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Never resolved. Worked around.

It has to do with photos, video files that crash Explorer. That's not entirely the full story but when Explorer opens a folder it may try to render thumbnails and that is where the crash occurs. Since the crash has been in some CODEC that Microsoft didn't supply or the video is encoded in some unsupported (by Microsoft) encoding Microsoft has never accepted this as their bug to fix.

I brought this issue up since some forget about it or didn't know.

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finally got an error message

before i wasn't getting any error messages or they came up and disappeared really quickly.

Explorer.exe - application error
The instruction at 0x800051da referenced memory at 0x0285c000. The memory could not be written.
Click OK to terminate the program.

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That is one of the usual crash on video/photo messages.

Unless we unregister DLLs and turn off thumbnails, and even then...

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so is there a solution?

so is there a solution? if so how do i go about doing it?

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Re: solution

Make a new Windows account, and try there. If it's OK there, it's some bad file or setting (something bad) in your current account. Then just switch to that new one and only take known good things with you (step by step).

If it happens also in a new Windows account, it's either Windows that is corrupted or a hardware issue. Then, before sending this machine back for a warranty repair, I'd do another clean install (back to factory settings) of Windows and see If it happens immediately after that (before you added other software). If that happens, it proves that it's hardware.

Corruption of Windows, of course, can happen after a few month due to hardware issues, even if there's nothing wrong with what you install or what you do. But it's very difficult to prove that that's the case.


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If it's that old issue I noted.

Then a new account will crash and a fresh install will crash.

It's an old issue which we fix by the same old means. (remove the files that crash, use something other than explorer, unregister dlls, and no thumbnails.)

There are a few that will never accept this bug is still there. They can't believe MSFT would let this continue for over a decade?

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We know that Explorer will crash when you point it to some folder with a video or photo it can't decode. That's a problem MSFT never did tackle (well they did the old country doctor on it?) So I can't guess if you have a video file that cracks up Explorer.

What is that country doctor saying?

Doctor it hurts when I do "this."

*Doctor sasy Don't do "that."

In other words MSFT's answer is to keep such files off our PCs.

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(NT) now the explorer is sporadically crashing.
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But what is the exact problem if this happens to you that when you start your pc only a black screen comes then do the following
press Alt + Ctrl + Del then got to new task and enter explorer.exe and your problem will be solved

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no black screen of death. just will not run windows explorer

I tried going to the quick launch and hitting windows explorer to access my drives. applilcation error comes up.
tries to fix on its own. then i get the error message:

Explorer.exe - application error
The instruction at 0x800051da referenced memory at 0x0285c000. The memory could not be written.
Click OK to terminate the program.

Tried to go to my documents. same thing happens.

Tried to go to start, computer. it works but only for a little bit then. application error happens again.

I can not access my drives.

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AHH. This is starting to sound very bad.

You are beginning to give clues that point to rootkit, malware or maybe a hardware issue.

For example one old machine with some 2 year old video card that was high end did something very similar. Very tough to diagnose but it did finally give an error that lead us to the card.

Your posts have focused primarily on Explorer so the clues that lead me to other ideas are not here. But as it stands you have either a corrupt OS or some hardware issue.

To figure this out, all and any clues are needed or you start swapping parts and the OS.

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Speaking of video cards....

I downloaded the new nvidia drivers from nvidia and installed them. I think that might be the cause of everything.
I am doing a clean install again for everything and checking windows explorer after every windows update and not installing the video drivers off of nvidia site. Hopefully this will work. So far the install has been good a bunch more windows updates to go. Crossing my fingers.

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