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by dahak91 / February 28, 2009 3:09 AM PST

Here is a message I sent to microsoft, before and after the recent RC Post at Engineering Windows 7 ( ...Lets see how they reply to my suggestions!!!

Dear Microsoft Windows Seven Development Team,

I realize that you get millions of requests regarding feedback and suggestions to the O/S. As a consumer/developer/IT pro I have some input regarding certain issues that I have with the O/S. I must say that when I think of these issues I also think of what would make it easier for people like my mother/brothers/children/wife to cope with when learning the new O/S, which if done correctly I?m sure they would want to purchase a copy of. Of course being one who has purchased almost every windows release since 3.1, if not just to try them out (including NT and server) I would like to see a complete product this time, and I must say it?s looking pretty good. Since installing Beta 7, I have barely been back to vista, if only to play some games I don?t want to install in 7 for the time being. Though I have installed FSX and I must say it is a smoother run in 7.

There have been some issues I have been discussing with you in the past that I mentioned before vista came out, though I saw none if only one of them implemented yet. Now I?m not looking for my name on some big plaque or on your blog page or something like that, quite the contrary if you do use my suggestions I would like to remain anonymous. I don?t mean to be cocky in any way but after looking over your recent blog on updates to the O/S and what you will be doing for RC, I was happy but also frustrated, now it could be that you are implementing some of my suggestions and you didn?t mention them, which is OK. But I was not happy because it seems that you are taking your customers suggestions a bit for granted. Speaking frankly, you don?t need to mention people?s names of what they sent you, just telling us what is being fixed and why should suffice. I am very happy to see some of those important and serious changes, which could save people time and help them be more organized, but would like to know that even without such posts that such dire and necessary changes such as the ones you mentioned and the ones I have mentioned below are being made regardless, especially WMP12 suggestions, Start menu order customization and recent pane places suggestions.

Some of the suggestions/comments below I have already sent, some are new, but I decided to resend them one last time just to make sure that you have received them and looked over them, I would like to mention that it would be much better to wait a month or so and have a ?complete? Operating system with all the tweaks, bells and whistles then to have to wait another three years for a windows 8 where things are going to get messy again. It also seems like you want to drag your customers into spending a good 200 dollars every 2-3 years to get the best out there, and this is not fair, not to mention sort of a manipulation of the trust your customers implore upon you. I would like to mention at this time that any valid key holder of a previous Microsoft O/S within a certain given terms (XP and Vista) should get a decent and reasonable upgrade at a lower cost than someone who does not hold one. (I have four fully purchased product keys.)

I would want to upgrade my other house computers to seven too, (2 running XP 2 running vista) but I don?t see how this is possible without some sort of deal from Microsoft for holders of valid keys.

Regarding my suggestions/comments? I hope that you can easily understand them and if not I would be more than happy to respond to any of them for a further explanation.

Visualization and Customization.

Bug: When selecting and changing through "Themes" (for Desktop background, sounds, screen saver, etc...) an error occurs where it doesn?t remember your "sound" settings as you switch through them, or if you make a change to one of them.... (Example: You have two themes theme1.theme and theme2.theme, in both themes you have the sounds set to a certain "sound theme" which removes one of the sounds that is called "start navigation", now you save them. What happens is if you go and switch from theme1 to theme2 and change the desktop background it forgets that you had the "start navigation" sound turned to "none")

Bug: In themes sometimes it won?t let you save over a new theme if you?re in it. Your editing "Your Theme.theme" and you change the desktop backgrounds or whatever, then you click on save theme save as "Your theme.theme" it may tell you that you do not have disk space to save. I saw that in RC you will be addressing this issue on some level, which is great!

Customization: It is not possible to assign a new icon to a "library" even if it?s a custom library. That?s not right, when you right click properties on the icon you should have the option to change it to anything you want, minus the default library places. (Or perhaps even those should be customizable)

Feature: I do believe this is an important feature. When right clicking a taskbar program icon (when grouped), have the option to "Minimize all" (in this group) right above or under "pin this program to taskbar" also have the option for "minimize window" for only one window open in a program. (Without having to press "SHIFT" + click). A small minimize button next to the close button on each thumbnail program popup could also come in very handy.

Taskbar: After a crash of internet explorer, or some other unknown event, the taskbar icons (programs) (after mousing over them) stay "highlighted" even after mousing away (off) of them, until relogin or restart.

Feature: How about making the gadgets transparency option from 1 to 100?

Feature: Start menu transparency, how about a slider please 1-100?

Desktop: There should be a way to check an option that allows you to remove the "shortcut arrow" from ONLY!!! the desktop shortcuts. (Without a secondary tweak program that removes them from all locations...)

Windows media player:

While it looks alright, I have to agree with many other forum posts regarding it, it is probably the least favorite update or downgrade of my choice. What happened to all the good things? Like, selecting a group of songs and seeing on the bottom how many songs and hours etc? ) It doesn?t give you a "count" like it used to in WMP11. The advanced tag editing command/option is now gone! And many other features which would make it more complete, as mentioned in many posts and forums.

Spelling: In windows media player 12 when you click on Now Playing>select list pane options>Visualizations> It reads "Download Sisualizations" with an "S" instead of a "V"

Issue: How to you exclude a (included in libraries) folder (C:\music\my other music) from media player 12 while keeping both ("C:\music\my music" AND "c:\music\my other music") in libraries>Music? (Without manually deleting it from WMP12) (I don?t think libraries and media player should be linked unless there is an option in libraries to "include/exclude in ... WMP12/WMCenter). Meaning I have music I listen to and want in media player and I have music I want to be included in my music libraries!

Internet Explorer 8

It goes without saying that there are many crashes from certain websites, not to mention that some don?t work without clicking the compatibility view, such as the websites nav menu. I am sure your addressing the crashes and I won?t get into them here.

The "Personalize" link (menu) when pinning the favorite places bar to the window is sometimes bold, till you click it, I don?t like that, I hope it?s not supposed to get your attention or something.

When two video feeds are open on the same window in separate tabs it does not show the live "video stream" for both tabs when mousing over the taskbar icon for that program (IE8) in thumbnail view on the taskbar, and in cases on the windows on the desktop, the feed is frozen, this may be by design but it doesn?t make sense, the feed should continue, and not only once I let go of the click or return to the window.

IE8: When "favorites" are pinned to the side of IE, the "Favorites" Icon to remove them should go away (STAR 'Favorites?) and instead only the close icon on the side would make them go away, this is because many countless times I have been getting mixed up between the "Favorites" button and the "Add to Favorites" button. An annoying but common problem, since the thing I do most is add more and more places to my favorites, and closing the thing means I have to then
1. Reclick Favorites to show it back
2. Repin it
3. Reclick the add to favorites button (this time hopefully not making the mistake of clicking the "Favorites" button again thinking it?s the add to favorites button.
Can there be a "permanent pin" to the favorites on the side that would require a change in some setting, for example the "x" to close it and the "Favorites" button would not be clickable, they would be locked, because you locked it in its place. Like the "lock toolbars" feature.


While I am very happy with the new explorer, it still doesn?t remember my customized window assignments (all the time), such as icon size, group etc. I hope this is fully corrected in RC. Also why can?t I move the icons around within the folder so they are viewed in the order I wish!? Not necessarily alphabetically? And have windows remember that order? Oh and why can?t there be an option to then lock them in place after I move them around as I wish? So it won?t mix up the order if something new is dragged or placed in there?

History: Recent Places, Oh I can?t say what a mess I think the whole recent places is and what it does is great, but not if it?s such a mess. What if I want to turn them off, or what if I don?t want "hidden" directories/files to show up in recent places? Here?s a suggestion on getting it right, either get it right or give us the option to turn it off. I go into this in more detail in the Recent Lists pane suggestion below.

Recent Lists pane and Recent Places: Blunder or Genius? I would suggest giving it some sort of life to actually make it representabale, and I don?t want to sound arrogant but I know that it is hard to implement certain features because it?s not just copy and paste, BUT if you have the technology elsewhere in the O/S it shouldn?t be that hard to implement it almost anywhere you want (as a coder myself).
1. It goes without saying that ?hidden? files and folders DO NOT BELONG In these lists or panes.
2. An option to turn it off altogether would be nice.
3. Like you said in the RC blog, 10 with customization for IT pros is moving in the right direction.
4. HOWEVER those ten aught to be the most used/accessed 10 and not the most recent 10, or give the option to use either the most used 10 or the most recent 10. (I understand the pin idea too) (like in the start menu?s most recently opened, it will push the most opened to the top etc?)
5. Once I delete an opened file or folder from this recent list, it should remain deleted and not show up again next time I open it. Unless I clear the entire list.
6. A clear entire list must be added to make this feature viable, I can?t click on every file and click delete for 100?s of txt file I don?t want in the list!!! (this is a huge waste of time and a frustration)

Crash: Many times when opening "windows update" the "explorer.exe" process will crash. This hasn?t happened too much recently though.

Start Menu customization: I can?t reiterate enough how important this is, one should be able to customize the start menu (this is in all programs of course) any way he/she wants, not just alphabetically, and then perhaps even ?lock? the order in place. I understand that you are looking for simplicity but it is not fair to downgrade such a feature when this was possible in 95 and XP if I recall. This feature, I don?t care how long it would take to implement would be a significant boost to the Start menu in such a way that can?t be even expressed in words. You click ?unlock start menu order? then order it any way you want by drag and drop (like you can in explorer favorites, and XP) then you click ?lock my start menu order? and walla, happily ever after?

Other features suggestions:

Gadgets: Some gadgets show a scrolling box (up and down) when starting up, bug is fixed when relogging in (sometimes even twice) specifically the "" gadgets.

Issue: Some programs don?t understand the "custom mouse commands" that one has assigned to his mouse (i.e. MIDDLEBUTTON click set to "CTRL+Z" (undo)) won?t work on some programs...using MS wireless laser 7000. Using newest Windows 7 IPOINT Software.

Keyboard: When in some games (FSX for one) I like having media player open and playing my music, though if I click the ?play/pause? button on my keyboard it does not pause the song, it only acts is if I had double clicked it, pausing and playing right away. Dissimilar to the next track buttons and volume which work fine.

Feature: When mousing over the "volume" (Notification Area Icon on taskbar) if you scroll up and down it should do so to the master volume as if you had clicked on it and scrolled (on the "Volume Scroller") there is no need for the additional ?click? once I mouse over it I can scroll the volume.

I believe that when mousing over any open program on the taskbar and then either with a windows button) or Shift+V plus up arrow keys or (without the shift+v or with and) MOUSE SCROLLING WHEEL you can manipulate the sound of that program just as if you had? clicked the volume icon in notification, clicked mixer, clicked the specifics programs volume adjuster then scrolled with the mouse. This obviously introduces a new ?mouseover? commands that I think aught to be implemented already into the O/S. (currently if I do so it will scroll the window I?m in, however I believe that once that mouse is mousing over a program the scroller should work as the clicker does, to the program being hovered, not the window on the foreground)

Feature: As important as this feature is, you haven?t implemented it yet ever since I have asked and that was if I recall before XP was made, let alone Vista, and I have asked for it many times.

This feature is not simple and requires a significant amount of code but any computer user out there will tell you it is well outdated, and if third party companies can make it so can you, and I suggest it highly for this O/S.

A ?Locked Folder?. Now, this isn?t just a simple thing? I understand that one can ?Lock? his computer or desktop etc? I understand one can use bitlocker (what if I don?t want to encrypt my entire machine, and what if I want no one to have access even when I?m logged in), BUT this feature is different, it takes into considerations what if?s that are frankly no one?s business. This feature works like so:
1. A folder, like the My Documents, like the My Music folder is created by default. It is called something like ?My Locked Folder? or ?My Private Folder?.
2. This folder (and its contents) cannot be viewed or accessed by any external program or organization or even the O/S, system users, default users, whatever.
3. To open this folder you double click it and then enter your password. (Should be its own customizable password, that is also encrypted within the system nice and strong) (or swipe your fingerprint)
4. Any files or programs in this folder are then ?accessible? to the O/S. So if let?s say I run a money file from there and the ?LOCKED FOLDER? is open (unlocked) I can now access it.
5. When you close the folder, it automatically locks. No files are now accessible even if some one knows the direct route to the file, i.e. someone tries to execute ?c:\users\my private folder\balances.mny? he would get a null reply or a file not found.
I?m sure your team can perfect it in such a way that it works out.
Obviously this whole idea can be a headache for you, but it can be a life saver for many people who want that added security of what if, what if I forget to lock my computer and someone tries to open a private file such as a book I?m writing, money files, codes, programs, other secrets that I don?t want opened. This folder would be hack proof, and I hope you can do something to implement it into the O/S. Because Windows is not just windows it is like your digital home, and in any good home you have an entrance and a key (your login and optional password) but in any good home you also have a safe for your valuables such as your jewelry, marriage license, bank records etc? which usually has a lock to it, the time has come for your digital home to have one too, without having to worry about third party programs that can potentially harm your computer and without having to worry about security, it should be totally hack proof, with trustworthy password encryption and I don?t mind if it?s an ultimate only feature, since it is a pretty hefty feature that not everyone might deem necessary.

I thank you for taking the time to read my suggestions and comments, though I hope that you can implement them in this O/S!



Thats the message I sent microsoft, I want to hear what you guys think about some of my suggestions/comments and ideas, am I hoping for more then they can deliver, or am I right on track here?

Thanks CNET'ers

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