Generally, use of the old Windows Backup procedure isn't fully recommended by most.

Instead, Windows 7 has the ability to "Create a system image" disc and "Create a system repair" disc from the Control Panel-Backup and Restore section.. The system repair disc is a "help" disc which describes all the options for system repair.. It only takes one disc.. If you choose the full backup option, the system image disc creates a FULL system recovery option by burning the operating system, and all other partitions, files and programs that are currently on the hard driv e.. You can burn it to either a set of DVD's or to an external hard drive.. It will take a number of DVD's, and how many, depends on the amount of files currently on your computer.. A system image of brand new, minimal install may take only 3 or 4 discs.. After installing a large number of programs and saving files to the hard drive, it may take quite a few more.. Even a basic system image on a brand name computer may be 8 or 9 discs.

Should you want to make another system recovery disc at a later date, it will incorporate all of the current files on the hard drive at that time and reflects any changes you've made to the files on the hard drive. It's a new image.

I've used the System Image a couple of times and it seems to work much like other system image software.. It recovered the drive correctly.

Hope this helps.