Windows 10 won't start.

Now be patient with me boys, I think I have damaged my brothers computer, and he is back next week, he will go mad at me! What I did was switched his computer on as usual, and managed to get to a blue screen with stuff I have never seen before, it looked nothing like windows. I couldn’t use the mouse only the arrow keys to navigate! It had things like first boot device, and lots of stuff that meant nothing to me, I found an item that said load defaults, which I may have pressed but I’m not sure because nothing happened except it gave me the option to leave so I did, now all that I get is a screen that says to put a boot disk in or the windows disk in the drive, and select repair, which I did, only the disk he has is windows 7 and he has windows 10 on this computer! I followed the instructions but it still won’t go into windows just keeps going to the same screen, what I found was when I start the computer, a screen momentarily appears and tells me to press F8 if I do so it brings up a menu with two items in (just random numbers and letters.) If I select the second Item it takes me into windows, what have I done and how do I put it back to how it was please?

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Reporting: Windows 10 won't start.
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"It takes me into windows"

and what's wrong with that? That's what it suppose to do.

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Hi Oldartq

Because it used to just go into windows without having to press F8 at just the right time, if you do not, it just goes to a screen that says-
(1) place the windows disk in the drive.
(2) select language.
(3) select repair or install.

Then further down it has a message something like- no boot device accessible.

kees below thinks it wasn't my fault, but something went wrong before I switched the computer on, you guys are expertes, right so my brother can't blame me. its not like I took the hard memory disk out again because I thought that was the battery, I'm innocent this time.

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Re: won't start

The first time, for very unknown reasons, the PC went into the BIOS setup. Normally it only does it when your del or F2 or the specific key on that PC. Maybe you did press that magic key, maybe it did it all on its own (it can do in some very special error cases).

Then you loaded defaults (or not) and you exited. Exiting is good, but exiting from the BIOS setup can be done in 2 ways: keep the changes you made or discard them and leave everything as it was. You didn't tell what you chose. But choosing defaults normally doesn't harm.

Then after reboot something was wrong with the hard disk, and Windows asked to repair. Normally speaking, that can't be caused by what you did in the BIOS, But in stead of doing nothing (what you should have done) you panicked and - from what you say - you did the repair with the wrong disk. And you followed some instructions (but you don't tell what exactly, and that might be crucial) maybe messing up things beyond repair.

Now it goes to the same screen (but it's quite unclear what screen that is) and it tells you to press f8 (it's strange that it tells you that) and then there are 2 strange items (your description doesn't really help understanding what items that are).

Taking all together, nobody except you can know what you did, and even less how to repair it. All you can do is wait till your brother is back, and then start crying, and hope he can fix it if he has the machine at hand.

It's only a problem if using his computer wasn't allowed at all, Then it's clear you did. But if it was something you do normally, then the most likely scenario is that something was wrong but not your fault. Your only fault then is that you panicked and started doing too many things too fast in stead of doing nothing. That can happen.


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oh it wasn't my fault?

Thank you kees, one of the boys from school tells me what he thinks I did, when I switched the computer on it momentarily said press "delete" for a reason I do not known, I do remember pressing a key, he tells me the two items that are in the F8 menu are hard drives on the computer, (I thought they were called "C" and "D".) (my homework is on "D") he said the menu (fCool is asking me which drives I want to boot from (why is it asking me I wounder, why doesn't it just start from the one that works?), however, he doesn't know how to make windows make one of those the startup option. He went into that blue screen again and adjusted some settings, however, it still goes to the same screen that says I need to put the (1) window disk in, (2)select the language and(3) select repair or install. further down it has a message saying no boot device can be accessed. The boy from school is quite good on computers he has made his own, so I think it's probably like you say it's something that I did not do but just happened to be there.

thank you so much for your help.


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Re: problems

Now you must convince your brother ....


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its wasnt me.

I will tell him you said so and just keep repeating it over and over again. I told him not to put windows 10 on, they gave it to him for free! what good is that if they don't give you the disk to mend it when it breaks down not due to your sister doing something wrong but it is just faulty, I shouldn't be able to do something wrong, it should not say press delete if it doesn't need to. He should just mend my laptop for me and then he wouldnt be it this mess, yes now I come to think about it, it's all his fault.

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LOL...yeah, that's your story,

you stick to it! Isn't that what big brother suppose to his sister? Anyway, don't worry about it, nothing broken.

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