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Windows 10 May 2019 Update Version 1903 Is NOW Available

"Microsoft is releasing its Windows 10 May 2019 Update to everyone today."

A quick check of the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool shows the downloadable "MediaCreationTool1903.exe" to be available for all those that want to download, create the ISO, and install the latest update/upgrade now. Also, if you open Settings-Update and Security, then click on the "Check for Updates" button, it will download and install the newest Version 1903.

Still, most recommend waiting for a while to install the latest update/upgrade. As with previous releases, Microsoft will be rolling it out slowly so there's no need to rush. There's not much information as to problems right now and to put it simply, why tempt fate. Historically, there have been numerous issues with such large Windows 10 updates from Microsoft, so unless you have some non-mission-critical test computers, wait for a while till you jump in.

Hope this helps.

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Reporting: Windows 10 May 2019 Update Version 1903 Is NOW Available
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Some Notes About A First Install of Version 1903

A little information about the installation process might help members who are concerned, so I'll try to provide some information during some test installations here.

Today, I downloaded the Windows 10 May 2019 Update in its ISO form and created a USB and a DVD to be used on various computers. My first test is an older Sony VAIO Ultrabook which had a fully updated version of Windows 10 Pro Version 1809 installed previously. Before installing the new update/upgrade, I uninstalled the third party antivirus which was on the computer, ran Disk Cleanup, and defragged the 500 GB hard drive. Next, I copied the update ISO to the "Downloads" folder, mounted the volume and ran "setup.exe" from that location.

The installation went much like previous major update/upgrades and took quite a while to finish, although all things went smoothly with no hiccups. After the computer restarted multiple times and I was able to access the system, I reinstalled the antivirus program, and checked for any more Windows Updates which might be available (a new NET Framework update and a Flash Player update were detected and installed), and I hunted for a few things which might be interesting. I'll list a few of the items users will need to check when the install is finished.

1. I previously had disabled driver updates from Windows Update. The new install changed the setting back to its default (not what I wanted) and I needed to re-adjust those settings to my preference, both in Control Panel-System-Advanced System Settings-Hardware tab-Device Installation Settings and in Group Policy Editor.
2. Here, although my preference is to enable System Restore on the C: drive, the upgrade install disabled it. This happened on the last major update/upgrade also and I once again, had to re-enable System Restore.
3. In addition, there has been a change to the way Chkdsk runs. After making all of the previous changes mentioned above, I'm now in the process of running Chkdsk. Although it works as it's supposed to when using "chkdsk /f /r /x", the new version of chkdsk displays more like previous versions of Windows by showing the process percentage and the stage progress. A nice little touch, I think.

That's it for now, but I'll try to keep you updated on things I'm noticing.

Hope this helps.


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More Notes About First & Second Installs

This morning I installed the latest Windows 10 V1903 update/upgrade on a second test computer which is a desktop machine with a fully updated Windows 10 Pro version 1809. As before, I cleaned up the hard drive before installing and since there was a USB connected printer, keyboard, and mouse, I disconnected them all and used a PS2 mouse and keyboard to update the computer. For the install, I used a DVD which contained the burned image of the ISO mentioned in my previous post above. I also checked the hardware on this machine for any "known issues" that had come up yesterday and none of them applied to this computer.

As such, I started the DVD while in Windows and ran the setup.exe inside. The installation ran much like it did on the previous computer and went well, saving all my files and folders, although like the previous computer, it took a couple of hours to finish. That's a much longer time than previous update/upgrade installations. Afterward, I "checked for updates" and there was a new "Flash" and "NET Framework" updated for the new 1903 version and they were installed bringing the Build number to 18362.116.

Just like the previous computer, some of the settings were changed back to default and I again had to re-enable System Restore, disable the automatic update of drivers, plus re-enter some registry items that were a preference of mine.

No major problems on the second computer either but there are quite a few items you need to look out for, especially if you're going to take a chance and update manually before Microsoft sends it out to you automatically. Once again, it's not recommended to do what I'm doing here but since these are test machines, I thought I'd provide information for the forums.

Hope this helps.


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Great !

Thanks for news !

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Current Known Issues With Win10 V1903 Build 18362.116

See the link for the current known issues with the recently released Windows 10 version 1903 in the link below. Although most are fairly minor and a few have already been "mitigated", other problems are new/more serious to them and are listed as "investigating". The "redirected" files and folders issue from the last update seems to still be a problem as is the connected USB device issue. All of the serious issues have an update block on computers which have the problem hardware.:

You'll note that there is a recommendation for these issues which states:

Note: We recommend that you do not attempt to manually update using the Update now button or the Media Creation Tool until this issue has been resolved.

Hope this helps.


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Not receiveng notification about the udate

I haven't received any notification about 1903 on Windows Update.

Will check it out again later, or as with 1809, I might need to install it manually with the Media Creation Tool.

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That's Normal...

Microsoft us pushing the update quite slowly this time. They don't want users to have problems, especially those who might have issues mentioned in the "Known Issues" portion of the article below:

So be sure to check the link above for the issues mentioned and be patient. I'm finding lots of folks aren't seeing the update simply because they have USB devices connected to their computer. Because that alone can cause problems, try unplugging any external hard drives, USB flash drives, etc. and see if you're notified.

Hope this helps.


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All new features and improvements May 2019 Update

2 days ago I installed the latest update for Windows 10 V1903 and noticed this. The new version includes a light theme, performance improvements and many small features and improvements. This time, a large function such as a panel of People or a timeline that is not represented.

All new features and improvements

- Major Windows Update Changes
- Performance improvements (thanks to Specter patches)
- 7 GB of reserved storage for updates
- Light theme
- Windows Sandbox - Windows 10 built-in sandbox
- Less cluttered Start menu
- Windows will allow to remove more embedded applications.
- Separation of Cortana and the search string
- Search in the Start menu takes into account the files on the PC
- Passwordless access
- New Windows Update Tray Icon
- Desktop applications in virtual reality
- New version naming system
- Zoom in the console interface
- Automatic troubleshooting
- Hiding notifications when launching fullscreen applications
- Easy access to Linux files
- Notebook Improvements
- “Screen of Death” for some games
- Other improvements and new features

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Updates or not

Has it occurred to anyone that Microsoft "updates" have been downgrades since Windows 98? Why should "improvements" cause so much trouble such as breaking partition designations in this one instance? Better beware! There are lots of precautions to act upon before you "update" with 1903. Microsoft has had a monopoly such a long time. Where are you Linux?

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(NT) Tks for sharing
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was not offered to upgrade to 1903 via windows10 update page

the only way that we found out about 1903 was an e-mail from cnet yesterday wanting comments from folks who had updated to 1903.
All of our w10 computers are/were using 1809 and some could not upgrade to the latest update of 1809 due to an error code that stated that 1809 upgrade files had corrupted data.
After reading the cnet e-mail about win10-1903, I clicked on a link in the e-mail that connected me to M/S to update 1903. I had just backed up this computer and felt safe doing a windows media creation download directly to this computer.
It installed in about two hours and has been operating beyond our expectations because of the troubles that we have had with win10 updates on occasion causing total shutdown and loss of data that was not recoverable other than via
our backups. There is still a learning process for us about the new 1903 update.
We have tried to apply the blurred sign in screen correction that a party offered but we could not get to the local group policy editor via any of the recommended methods.So we will wait and hopefully m/s will publish some info to correct it via a simple method.
We will also not update the other computers for a while. Fortunately the other computers did the latest 1809 updates ok but none of those computers were never offered an update to 1903 via the windows update page. We became aware of 1903 only due to the cnet e-mail. Hopefully this update will go smoothly for everyone.

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The Blur Effect Can Be Fixed With A Registry Edit Also
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Windows 10 Update

How to download Windows 10 Update?

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Re: download Windows 10 update

What update do you want to download?

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I'd settle for an update to 1803

I'm still stuck on 1803, doesn't look like MS are ever going to update my HP laptop!

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Re: update
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