Windows 10 black/grey Screen Freeze upon Start

Hello, I've been uaing my Acer Aspire E 15 laptop for 1.5 years now. I have upgraded its pre-built Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 few months ago.

Few weeks ago, the Windows started to display HDD failing warning message. I know I was screwed, but I didn't have money to buy new laptop (and still don't), so I decided to keep using it.

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Reporting: Windows 10 black/grey Screen Freeze upon Start
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Clarification Request
Accidentlg pressed the submit button...

About a week after the warning sign, the computer started to consistantly freeze and switch back and forth between black or grey empty screen and desktop screen. So, I formatted the hard drive and clean installed Windows 10 again.

But after working for a week or so, it displayed the same symptom. I reinstalled Windows again today, but when the Windows entered the desktop screen upon finishing the installation, the same thing happened. After I forcefully shutting down the power button and turnung on the laptop again, it is now stuck at that blue screen of "Just a monent..." with circling wheel.

Although I'm pretty sure it might have something to do with the failing hard drive warning, I want to make sure I have no other options beside throwing out my laptop. (Especially since it was just 1.5 years old and I am having financial difficulty now.)

Do you guys thinkg something beside the failing hars drive can be the cause of this problem?

P.S. Sorry for abrupt ending in the original posting. I accidently pressed submit button while typing the post.

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Since It's Probably A Failing Drive... sounds like it's headed south. Your best bet is to back up all your important files and data, buy a new computer, or replace the hard drive with a new one, and move on.

But if you'd like to tinker with the machine as long as it lasts, first make backups of all your important files and data, then try doing a full reinstall using the Windows 10 installation disc made from the Windows Media Creation tool. The WMC allows you to perform a new installation of Windows 10 much like any other operating system install. Remember that such and install deletes all of your current files by writing over them. You'll also need to download ALL of the drivers for your machine and save them to a flash drive or DVD/CD for use after the format and install. The process will format the drive and then reinstall the OS. During a format, IF the drive is healthy enough, it finds any failing sectors and formats around them, IF that is possible. Once the format is done, then it installs Windows. After that, you'll need to install all of the current drivers for you hardware and reinstall all your software and backed up files.

The computer may run better because the new format process worked around "bad" spots on the drive. Then again, if the format fails because the drive is really bad, then you're sunk.

This may, or may not be an option for you, but it's worth thinking about if you've got the experience in performing new installs.

Hope this helps.


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Re: throw out laptop

You don't need a new laptop. All you need is a new disk (maybe a SSD) and recovery media.

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I'll agree.

Over the last few months the office snagged quite a few 30 dollar 120GB SSDs. These have been used to replace missing, failing drives in machines we are moving out. It's a hoot to see machines from 2006 boot in 30 odd seconds for so cheap.

A new laptop is surely more than a new drive.

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Solution for Windows 10 black/grey Screen Freeze upon Start

Hi Bad_Electronics_Luck,

It’s sad to see that you are going through a financial problem and stuck in a situation where you are facing a financial requirement.
I agree with Mr Kees_B that you need a recovery media which can resolve your problem.

I hope that you already have a backup of your valuable data with you, as this is quite necessary to retrieve your data if any mishap happens.

Further, I have done research for your problem on Search Engine and found; where the best answer has been chosen and is recommended by Mr Scout_03.

Hope this will resolve your issue too.

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Re: resolve

I'm rather sure you're link (telling to try the video from the motherboard in stead of the video card) isn't applicable at all in this case.

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