Forgot to mention a few things on last post: XP runs great and has been stable and funtional for 3 days, Win 7 installed 8.26.09 boots up fine but locks up after 1min or so if I'm "searching for new driver" in device manager, starting task manager does not stop process immediatly, takes about 2 min or so, however I can run through start menu and other functions (meaning that the computer is not completly locked up).This computer will mainly be utilized for searching the net and testing Win7 to see if I want to install on my laptops when the "public release" is issued. If I can get this up and functional I plan on installing a duel monitor support PCI w/the ATI agp as well....(my understanding was that was one of the benefits to Win7) I could not however, get that to function after the fresh install of XP (don't know if it was working before or not-...givn' it a shot(it was free) My hope is that if I can get the Win 7 on the update website that it will be able to update the other drivers as well...with that having been said, Win 7 seems to function fine if I'm not trying to "correct" driver issues, don't know bout sound issues others have disscused in forums as mine is not working yet, as stated in earlier post ATI All in Wonder has surround sound support, mobo has AC'97 sound driver in xp.........I'm trying to give as much detail as possable ...... Thanks