Win7 Service Pack 1 has been showing up

in my list of updates since it was released. However I have put off installing it until the reviews were in.
Last nite I decided to bite the bullet and do the install,and lo and behold SP1 is nowhere to be found in the list of available updates?
Also checked update history to be sure it didn't get installed sneakily nowhere to be found?
Spent sometime on the internet looking,but could find nothing addressing this.
Where do I get SP1 now? Microsoft website?
Why is it gone from the update list?
Am I missing something here or what
All comments/help appreciated

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Reporting: Win7 Service Pack 1 has been showing up
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Clarification Request
Can you check again...

In Windows Updates my own SP1 update shows as follows;

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 for x64 - based Systems (KB2488113) -- Successful -- Optional -- 09/03/2011

Note, since I use UK date format, you might need to read the date as 03/09/2011, or Mar 3, 2011.

Also, my Windows 7 is 64 bit. If yours is 32 bit some details may differ.

I ask you to check because I am unsure how your system can show SP1 is installed when it has not been, and also, if Windows Update is up to date, and does not offer SP1, then that points to SP1 having been installed.


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Does not show as installed

Win7 is 64 bit.
When I went to install and SP1 was not listed , my first thought was as yours, must have installed?
But it does not show as installed in the update history.
And it does NOT show as an available update, which it has been doing.
can not say with any certainty when it stopped showing as an available update,only noticed as such last night.

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Just a thought..

Have you rebooted, (restarted), this computer since you found this anomaly?

I'm thinking, in my XP days I would often find updates appear as 'available to install' when I went to shut the system down. On the Shut down options screen, (Standby - Shutdown - Switch user), there would be an underlined statement under the options notifying me the choice to Install & Shutdown, or just to Shutdown..

Windows Vista and Win 7 doesn't have those 3 options by default, but I just wonder if the system is waiting to install SP1 when you shut down.


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Well I guess I'm not that far off

I thought the same thing, but when I went to shut down, no install and shut down was available.
I have since shut down and restarted several times. With no SP1 update installed or available.
I thought this was a known behavior or the like,but maybe not,and is why I can't seem to find much thru google??

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Does Not show up on my update list anymore

I thought for sure when I read your post that you had a problem on your machine. Not so, It is no longer showing up when I open my Windows Update window. We either have the same problem or MS pulled it.

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Ah Ha

So I'm not losing my mind Confused
So far I have not been able to track down any information regarding this?
I would think that MS would have made some kind of announcement or notification?
Oh by the way,it is not hidden, either.

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Stranger and stranger

Well I'm stumped! Sad

But just one last suggestion, to you and TWB404 below, wait a few days, and see if Microsoft re-offers it.

Ahh, one more guess. Is it downloading? Microsoft does this.It downloads updates in the background and silently, (depending on your Update settings), and will continue to do so in any session, then halt when you turn off, only to resume again in the next session.

It's a possibility, even if you have a fast broadband connection.


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I see that I meant

to TWB404 'above'! Devil


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Update to my last post

I have the link to download the offline install of SP1 and it no longer works either.

I went thru the validation process and when I enter my validation code it took me to a link to download IE9. I think we have a mystery. LMOMBO It is no big deal to me, I already have the offline installer downloaded. Maybe they no that somehow. LOL it is MS. Someone else try it and see if they can get it to download.

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Some lite reading on the subject found
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Method 2 as

described,revealed that update 2533552 was indeed not installed.
Installed update, rebooted and ran Windows Update,Service Pack 1 is now listed as an important update.
I am off to jump in the install
Thanks for the help, everyone,hopefully this adds to our knowledge base regarding Win 7, just in time for Win 8 Laugh

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Service Pack 1 installed

successfully Shocked Grin
Thanks again

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Very nice work

Congratulations on finding the cause and problem.

So, something to remember for the future, SP1 requires a particular update to be installed before it becomes available, and before it can be installed.

That doesn't explain why your system showed SP1, but at least it is solved now.


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My thought on that

These particular updates must have become available "after" I first noticed SP1 being available for download and install.
When the updates became available, and were required for SP 1 installation, SP 1 no longer was listed as an available update??
Just my thoughts,what the hell do I know.Far from any kind of expert,just trying to stay ahead of the curve slighty Grin
As you say solved now, and I'm updated to SP1 with no apparent ill will Wink

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I think the reason the update was shown as available when it was first released was because MS was not aware of some puters having problems with the installation of it. I did the online installation of SP1 when it first was released and it caused one of my favorite programs to crash or run like it was in molasses on a cold Sunday morning. I did a restore from an image of my C Drive to get back to where it was before the install and downloaded the offline installer and had the same problem. I am going to try this update this weekend and see if it will fix that problem. I doubt it will fix it by reading the documentation on KB2533552 but I will see.

Happy tho that you got it figured out and you have SP1 working on your puter.

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Windows & - Service pack 1

My understanding is that, with Automatic Updates turned on, SP1 was in fact progressively installed as several separate Updates.
I have no record of an SP1 update in Windows Updates History either, but when I check System Information in Control Panel, it shows Windows 7 Service Pack 1 as my operating system.

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Have seen nothing to indicate that is true

in fact the info I posted is at the Microsoft website,and gives the various reasons SP1 will not show up as an available update in Windows Update.
Could find nothing about SP1 being broken into pieces

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