I had been hesitating on doing the XP SP2 update, because of "horror stories" I heard about Norton AV vs. SP2 Update "glitches."

Since surviving Frances' direct hit, with ZERO DAMAGE, I felt lucky and dove into SP2.

I running XP Pro SP1 with Norton Internet Security/Anti-Virus over wideband cable.

I AD-WARE'd and Spybot - Search & Detroyed everything, turned all programs "OFF," and clicked UPDATE. It took ~40 minutes to see the other side of Billy's Bugware "wormhole."

My six week old lightspeed XPS machine was operating at about Warp 5 when I went into the XP Pro SP1 side of the MS-Wormhole; but 40 minutes later when I came out at the SP2 end, it was operating at about Warp 8.

There was a noticably "snapper" response speed after installation of SP2. I have experienced No Problemos, thus far.

I'm not a fan of Redmond's "release first & fix later" software "redo'es," but I'll have to tip my hat to Redmond's Cyber-Gang...THEY DONE GOOD...for my machine, as a sample of one.

That's my MS-Wormhole story.

Do whatz ya gotz ta do Netizens. Ya rolls da dice, an' ya takes ya chancez.