You may want to try virtualization. Creating a raw image on a usb disk and booting from that within your environment may help.
Ok. here's the basics you will need: 1024M RAM, a processor of at least 1.6GHz, pae and vmx(intel) or svm (amd), a usb disk of 10Gb or more, a linux distro.

Install the distro with virtualization packages selected- try Fedora, SuSE, or Debian- and upgrade all packages after installing. Boot from the Xen kernel and create a machine from the root account. [ Login, su, virt-manager] choose full virtualization and a windows environment. Set disk size. mount the disk path would be /dev/cdrom. allow 384 to 512M memory for the virtual machine. disk area to be formatted will be /dev/sddX with X being the disk number you choose to mount and format. install to disk. switch out of the desktop environment after the machine has been installed. Be sure to save the machine and to give permissions for accessing to your user account.
login to a terminal only. apt-get or yum blackbox, bbkeys and bbconf. yes to all packages, install logout od su logout. choose blackbox for window manager, login as user.
virt manager, choose machine, boot from usbdisk.