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Win Media Player-XP Constantly opens iteself

by helene_okc / January 15, 2009 7:20 AM PST

What would cause the Windows Media Player to keep opening itself, eventhough you X or tell it to STOP, and it keeps reloading itself. Have removed it from Add/remove programs Version 11, it gathered the prior 9, and it still it rebooting itself, opening. You cannot read mail, send mail, or work in any programs, or go to ay websites.

I did contact MS but they wre of no help. A friend told me (computer wise) to go to add/remove programs, and on the 3rd group down on left side, go to Windows Compnents, and uncheck Windows Media Player, which I did, and now it finally stopped.

I had not played media player in months, this started last 2 weeks, going nuts. I need for this to open, when I want it, and not when it wants to constantly open, so I can see IRS Tax forums.

I have Wind XP Home service Pack 2 (build 2600) edition; Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 Display adapter; 1.67 GHz AMD Athlon XP; 384 combined primary/secondary memory cache; 512 meginstalled memory modules (I don't know what else you need to know)

Thanking you kindly, Helene

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A new one to me.
by MarkFlax Forum moderator / January 15, 2009 7:48 PM PST

I've not heard of this before.

Does WMP play anything when it opens, eg a music track, video, or one of the Windows .wav files? Or does it just open and sit there?

You say it keeps loading itself. Is this constantly, (all the time), or only when you are doing something specific?

In WMP Tools > Options, under the "Player" tab, is there a tick for "Connect to the internet (overrides other commands)"? If so, remove that tick and close the player down. See if that makes any difference.

Can you open the Task Manager, Processes tab, (right click the Taskbar, select Task Manager), and see what processes 'other' than wmplayer.exe is displayed when WMP loads up? If you click the CPU column header twice, it will list processes in order of which process is most CPU active at any one time, and if a process becomes active to call up WMP, it will list itself at the top each time. If you do not see the CPU column, goto View > Select columns, and select CPU Usage.

In case this is malware related, I would download and install the free version of MalwareBytes AntiMalware, (MBAM), from , then open it, update its definitions, and run a full scan.

If none of this works, and until anyone else can offer a solution, you can always disable it again and download and install another media player, WinAmp, Zoom Player, FLV Player, etc.


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new to me-MARK
by helene_okc / January 16, 2009 2:22 AM PST
In reply to: A new one to me.

I tried to answer, but with it opening all the time, couldn't-left it alone, and it is on on, but not taking over the screen right now.
Nothing I do, opens itself, keep closing, it reopens/ NO muisc is playing, every and anything I do, it pops open, even when I booted up, before opening any email or programs.
Ck'd tools, connect to internet, was UN checked already.
I have removed program, from add/remove and also unchecked it in computer components, 3rd tab down in add/remove programs. It only stays open (don't know how I am even getting this to you now,?!)

I have not played any music in months, did download Oprah music, cannot find those to delete. I did open it once in a TV station to check something out, it was great.

This started 2 weeks ago. Also a gtb4.tmp.exe from Zone Alarm, asking to accept or deny? I denied, don't know what this is. It came up after I unchecked WMP in add/remove 3rd column down on left side.

Beeen USING A WIRELESS MOUSE for over a year, works good, so don't know why it would stop working now. There are no keys set up for faster working, using keyboard, for the 2ND REPLY.

WMP after I unchecked it,3rd column down on left side add/remove, it was good for 2 days, I played a game last night, and it went burserk this am, like it was doing before.

We are on SS, need the tax client income, had to call a computer man, $85-180. Have read, researched, ask others, no one knows why this is doing this. The motherboard is over 7 yrs old, will get imaging program, and get a new computer at end of this tax season, IF I can ever get things to work properly to load expensive tax software.

Thank you so kindly, hope this goes back to you, it would not let me send anything, or even write you anything an hour ago. Helene

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What happens
by MarkFlax Forum moderator / January 16, 2009 4:31 AM PST
In reply to: new to me-MARK

if WMP is left open and running? Can you minimize it and continue working on the computer?

I'm not sure if I am understanding you correctly. You say you have uninstalled WMP from the Add/Remove Programs - Add/Remove Components, but are you saying that still does not stop it?

Also, are you sure about the spelling of that gtb4.tmp.exe ? I couldn't find anything in Google about it except a page of foreign language results. You were right to deny access to the internet for it through ZoneAlarm if you don't know what it is, but if you open ZA, (double click the ZA icon in the System tray where the clock is), then goto Program Control > Programs, you will see a list of all programs that ZA has noted, and if you scroll down the list, find this gtb4.tmp.exe and highlight it, ZA wil tell you more abut it in the Entry Detail box at the bottom; eg, it will say where this file is located, and that could be useful.

That suggestion by Slikkster is relevant if you are using a wireless mouse. It's not that the mouse has stopped working, but perhaps something it is doing is causing WMP to open. It is easy enough to check. Move to a wired mouse for a while and see what happens if you re-install WMP.

Have you been able to check the Task Manager?

Also, can you tell us what you use for anti-viruses and anti-spyware? We may have to suggest you try some other anti-malware scanner.


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Update-WMP conmstamt opening
by helene_okc / January 23, 2009 2:04 AM PST
In reply to: What happens

Thank you first for all your suggestions. I have taken out the wireless mouse, and replaced with plain micrsoft, wire one, NO CHANGE.

It constantly opens itself. I can get it shrink to 1/4 of the computer screen; and cannot hit any arrow for my other computer help websites; it opens and huts everything down.

I have removed all WMP 11, which brought up version 9, no matter how much I deleted it, it still came up and stayed up; then I updated everything, ran every scan, and reloaded WMP 11, but it is worse than 9, for it stays up taking too much of the screen.

Once in awhile like right now, I can get in and try to send mail, and it is not a sure thing IF this will even post, with the WMP running.

To date I have had a computer man $85, wrote MS help, read everything I could, how to get rid of programs that are popping up, and frustrated. ALL suggestions have been tried to no avail.

The only thing left is to re-install WIN XP svpk 2 Home version. But with Tax clients already calling, I cannot take time to reinstall backup's (Nero), and programs, which before it has taken me 2-4 weeks to get everything back and working.

If the Lord blesses another tax year I will get a NEW computer.
Thank you kindly, I was not ignoring your sweet help, I just could not get anything or anyway to get back to you, except right now.
Thank you again, Helene

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That is very strange indeed.
by MarkFlax Forum moderator / January 23, 2009 3:59 AM PST

Hi Helene.

I can see how much of a problem this is for you.

When this WMP pops up, can you use it? I mean, its Windows Media Player, so you should be able to play music tracks or videos on it. Can you do that? Goto File > Open, and navigate to your music folder and select one. If so, does anything strange happen?

Whilst the music is playing, can you minimize the window, either from the window itself, or right click the Taskbar icon and select Minimize? I am guessing that if WMP is doing something, then you can turn the sound off, minimize the window, and start working.

If it cannot play music tracks, then I suspect this is not WMP but some bogus application. To test this, find wmplayer.exe in your
C:\Program files\Windows Media Player folder and rename that file to something like wmplayer.old .

If you cannot do that in Normal mode because WMP keeps interfering, reboot into Safe Mode, instructions here. In Safe Mode only generic drivers and processes are loaded, so whatever is calling this up will not be loaded.

I'm hoping that whichever process is calling WMP will display an error message when it cannot find wmplayer.exe, and that error message may show a clue. If WMP still pops up, then what is popping up is something else.

If renaming the file doesn't work, try renaming the whole Windows Media Player folder to something else.

If you can, take a screen print of WMP when it pops up, paste that into Paint, or whatever you use, save it as a JPG or JPEG, and host it in ImageShack or PhotoBucket, then post the url web page here so we can see it.


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What about the keyboard?
by Slikkster / January 23, 2009 5:07 AM PST

Many keyboards have these special keys that are assigned to open up things with one button, such as your email client, internet browser, etc. And yes, even your media player. Have you tried swapping out the keyboard? There's a chance if you have such a keyboard with these keys, that it's getting stuck and sending out repetitive signals to open up the media player (whatever media player is the "default" player).

<i><b>Even if you don't have a special keyboard</b></i>, I'd try either swapping it out or just unplugging it. If the symptoms stop, you know you're on to something.

Obviously you would want to do this after you've logged into Windows. Pull they keyboard out of either the PS/2 port or the USB port it's plugged into. If there's no change, you've ruled that out.

Note: While I've never had an issue plugging a PS/2 keyboard back IN while the computer was on, some people still think it's prudent to power down the pc before plugging it back in. A USB keyboard is not an issue that way.

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Also, check to see if you have THIS file on your system
by Slikkster / January 23, 2009 6:06 AM PST

I found an odd reference to the problem you are having. It correlates to an instance of "explorer.exe" running from a folder it isn't supposed to exist in. In other words, it's a bogus (as in trojan/virus) version of explorer.exe.

Read this guy's post here:

Note in his "Hijackthis" log that you'll see an instance of:


Explorer.exe is not supposed to exist in any folder other than your \windows folder (not \windows\system32).

Now he did the "throw the baby out with the bathwater" fix by reformatting/reinstalling. But I would not go that route if it wasn't necessary.

Try booting in Safe Mode, too, as Mark suggested. This should prevent this bogus file from running (if it's the cause), and allow you to do an unfettered search.

Can you possibly run "HijackThis" and post the log it creates after scanning?

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Just go with the suggestions
by Slikkster / January 16, 2009 5:03 AM PST
In reply to: A new one to me.

Sometimes there's no obvious correlation between why something is happening and its root cause. That applies to the mouse as a possibility. Yeah, it doesn't make sense on the surface, but if other people have tracked down this cause of a rather peculiar condition with Windows Media Player, then it's best to just give it the old college try and see if it helps.

The wireless mouse is easy enough to test...just remove it's physical controller from the computer so the mouse won't affect anything. The controller is plugged into a USB port.

I've since read at least two other people having mice cause this problem. Here's a couple: (read posts 40 and 41 on this page from "Tommy Canuck". His issue was Media Player kept opening and his sound kept muting. He went through all kinds of troubleshooting before tracking this down to a mouse issue.)

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by Slikkster / January 16, 2009 5:06 AM PST
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One person tracked this problem down to a wireless mouse
by Slikkster / January 15, 2009 9:46 PM PST

They found out quite by accident that their Logitech Wireless Mouse was somehow causing this issue. When they went to a wired mouse, this stopped.

Another possibility is whether some program you have has options to set key strokes to open this or that program, such as WMP, and you just happen to use those keystrokes when this occurs.

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I too have the same exact problem
by xombi87 / May 17, 2009 4:58 AM PDT

I have the same exact problem and i DO NOT use a logitech mouse at all. It is fairly random when it strikes and starts slowly, but eventually it opens or activates so frequently that you cannot even type 1 letter in a seach window. It plays nothing and shows nothing. It stops everything you do and will minimize games. I even got to a point while ignoring it that a certain key on my keyboard would no longer function. I also live in Oklahoma, just like Helen and i have been fighting with this problem since the beginning of April. I had a virus and since have had to reinstall Windows 3 times to get rid of the problem, but it always returns. The virus i had was one that popped up as a fake Spydetect software warning me that i was infected - looked all legit, though it called itself some kind of SpyDetect 2009 - which i have nothing installed 2009. By the time i had noticed it was too late and i had clicked scan. A friend told me that it was a virus that as soon as you even saw it you were infected and there was no way to fix it excpet reinstall. I have done all possible solutions that i can come up with and scans/cleaning doesn't stop it. Using AVAST and SpyBot SD.

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having the same problem on July 3rd 2010 !
by steve7557 / July 3, 2010 12:01 PM PDT

I don't know how or why I got it, but I've got the looping Windows Media Player 11 problem in XP Pro.
I tried uninstalling it using the usual windows way.
That didn't work, as it leaves files behind.
I had to use Advanced Uninstaller.
Then I actually used a program called "Unlocker", and deleted the few files leftover.
Then windows asks me if i want to use a disk, or use the unrecognized files.
I let it just use the unrecognized files.
All is well.
But no WMP 11.
And that pisses me off.
I'm running another full Norton scan now.
I'll report back if I get it WMP 11 to install without the looping starting effect.
It's horrible.
Takes your computer away completely.
Norton was even dumbfounded!

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