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Win 8 vs.Win 7 - which to buy?

by lucky0037 / August 24, 2013 4:09 AM PDT

So EVERYTHING I read is so negative about Windows 8 as an OS for a laptop (I don't want a tablet), and the Windows 7's are becoming so rare - do I go out and buy one now even though I don't need a new machine right now? My current one is getting a little funky, yet would probably last another 6 months. But I don't want to be forced to buy an 8 because that's all that's available next year...

Please advise. Thank you kindly!

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I replaced my desktop & laptop w/Windows 7 PCs
by wpgwpg / August 24, 2013 4:15 AM PDT

I replaced my laptop a year and a half ago and my desktop back in March with new Windows 7 PCs. If I had a laptop I thought would crap out in 6 mos., I'd definitely replace it with one having Windows 7 on it now. Windows 8 isn't all that bad if you put Classic Start on it, but I still don't like it. I'm sure glad to see MS getting a new CEO!

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This is NOT complicated
by samkh / August 24, 2013 5:07 AM PDT

Are you expecting to expire in the next 5 years? Because MS will most likely stop supporting W7 by then.

I dislike W8 as much as anyone that has written negatively about it but let's be real ... new intuitive (ie. for those who have no experience with keyboard/mouse, namely babies) user interfaces will overwhelm GUIs of the past. For consumers, the choice is to learn and adapt, or abandon their old devices along with their computing paradigm when the OS crashes irretrievably or the hardware is kaput.

Since you have read about W8, you have probably read about Classic Start, W8.1, etc. That is one way to ease the pain into the future. How about switching to a Mac since there are no rumors about Apple redesigning unfriendly features into their UI?

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wow, what an elitist reply
by lucky0037 / August 24, 2013 5:42 AM PDT

This has only been my second posting on cnet so excuse the hell out of me if this thread has been discussed to death. You could have just passed it by instead lumbering up on your soapbox to spew your self appointed superiority.
Have a nice day.

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It's not a matter
by samkh / August 24, 2013 6:45 AM PDT

of how many times you have posted or read. It's a matter of finding out how long a product will be supported before you spend money buying it.

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Microsoft isn't dropping
by orlbuckeye / August 27, 2013 10:05 PM PDT

support for Windows 7 for awhile (Jan 2015). Now it may be hard to find systems with Windows 7 the further in the future we go.

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We got over it. Now using 8 with Classic Shell.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / August 24, 2013 5:12 AM PDT

Sorry but 8 is very stable and we are not having any issues to speak of. But we did correct most of what pisses folk off with the very free and nice Classic Shell.


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(NT) thank you for a helpful suggestion.
by lucky0037 / August 24, 2013 5:44 AM PDT
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Windows 7 or 8
by mrpaul / August 30, 2013 12:58 PM PDT

Many people who have had PC's dating back to XP operating systems (or even earlier) do have issues with Windows 8 because I feel it was meant for a touch screen laptop/tablet more than for a desktop. There is a lot of similarity in the older Windows Systems up to Windows7 which in itself is a very stable and good platform. There are some major brands who still have available online very good Windows7 Desktops at great prices, since they do wish to clear them out. If you feel your current unit will only last another 6 months, now would be a great time to "build" a new system and get a lot of RAM, a big hard drive, and a top line Intel or AMD processor. Remember to also increase your power supply if you build a high end performance system, as well as getting better video card update if you are going to do any gaming or a lot of video watching. The price will not be significantly more.

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Windows 7
by bill60606060 / August 30, 2013 6:50 PM PDT

The PC I'm typing on is Win 7, this is my favorite PC. I do own 4 windows 8 computers, and I talked a friend into putting 8 on his laptop when it was $39 a copy. He doesn't like 8, I don't care too much for it either. I would downgrade all 4 windows 8 pc's to 7 if I could. I did use classic shell in win 8 to add a functioning start button, of which neither win 8 nor 8.1 comes with as of today, 8-31-2013. If you have time to learn windows 8, and patience to learn it, and to use a OS that has more than one bug/problem, then go ahead and try it. But win 7 is stable, and very usable, and everyone likes it. My favorite is Win 7 64 bit. Fast, smooth, and very nice. Good Luck to You with your Laptop. By the way, without the classic shell start button in win 8, windows 8 is just about useless to us.

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There is no reason to hate Win8 and no need to upgrade Win7
by remmeler / August 30, 2013 11:24 PM PDT

If you have programs that you are running on your older Windows computer and are not interested in the new Modern (Metro) front end on Windows 8, it is absolutely not a problem.

I was leery of upgrading my XP that I was using for production, so I took an older retired XP and took advantage of the now expired $40 upgrade including a free download of Media Center and upgraded that (Run the program that checks if it is compatible with Windows 8).

It brought it back from the dead. Now a friend of mine uses it every day. Don't give up on that older system right away, there is no reason why it should die.

Even changing a Motherboard is just plugging your parts in with plugs where you can't make a mistake.

I run a Windows 7 and Windows 8 system side by side every day each with dual screens and on the Windows 8 system, I never see the Modern Front end unless I click on a key.

Desktop on Windows 8 is a slightly faster, slightly improved Windows 7 with a few nice new features including some I like for my dual screens.

You do not have to download the Classic Shell if you remember 3 things that fit on a Post-it note.
You never have to see the Modern Front end if you change a couple of defaults,
If you still use POP3 email then you will have to download your choice of a free POP3 email programs.
I use Thunderbird by Firefox.

First the Defaults:
1. Change the Photo Viewer default in Control Panel to Windows Photo Viewer
2. Use the Desktop version of Internet Explorer which is already on Windows 8
3. Boot to Desktop by using Windows 8.1 or by just automatically loading a Desktop program
I happen to use StickyNotes (that is how I found out that it did that) Otherwise just click on the Desktop Tile.

Now about the Post-it note or installing Classic Shell. Just remember three things.

1. If you mouse over to the left corner a start Icon appears, right click and you have most of your Start Button items.

2. Click on the File Folder on the quick start bar and you get File Explorer that has your documents, Music, Pictures, Videos, Computer, Disks, Network, etc.

3. To turn off you can press the off button on your computer (yes, it's ok), You can Ctl, Alt, Del and hit the power icon on the lower right, or you can mouse over to the lower left and click on settings and then the power Icon. Did it ever make sense to press Start to Shut Down?

Just three things to remember.

How about pinning programs. I pin my less used program to the Modern Front End so I don't have to search for them. You can still pin to the lower left task bar and to the Desktop itself, just like Windows 7.

You can pin all your Administrative Programs (those techie programs) to the Front End all at once by going to the right corner and bringing up Settings, Tiles and moving the slider on Administrative Programs to On.

That is it, then you can delete the ones you won't ever use and organize them on the screen as you want.

All that said, I did download the free Classic Shell to see what all the fuss was about and guess what, I love my Start Button/Menu, but you don't need it.

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Seems a good time to get a Win 7 computer
by I_W / September 4, 2013 10:55 AM PDT

My wife's 6 year old Dell gave up the ghost suddenly. I was able to recover most of her files on it. But there was no way I could get the XP Home to install on a new hard drive in it.

NO WAY was I going to have start using a "strange" new to her operating system. It's was hard enough to keep things going with her on an XP computer without problems of her making every day or two. She never has been very oriented towards technology and as she gets older (79 year old) it gets worse and she's less willing to stop and think through a problem. (You know what goes first as we get older....If I REMEMBERED I'd tell you! Happy )

I found that Dell has WIN 7 computers still available on their Web site as does HP and a few machines on the shelf at a local office supply store.

For the same HP desktop computer I found it was cheaper direct from HP with a $10 charge for shipping and the local store even though they advertise price matching wouldn't do it. They said the HP "part number" was not the same though the computer was identical which is obviously an excuse not to price match since the HP model number was identical and all the specs the same. Guess they aren't smart enough to understand it's the same computer!

I found that the HP replacement computer runs the purchased copy of Office 2003 that was on the old Dell though there is an issue with Outlook and the automatic recall of previously used e-mail addresses. So for now anyway I'm having my wife go directly to the Internet provider we use web site and doing her e-mail there.

So...probably some issues of a minor type but I think NOW is a GOOD TIME to buy that WIN 7 computer and get a good price as the WIN 7 computers remaining are put on clearance. Watch also for the office supply store(s) who send out $XX off a purchase over $XXX coupon if you buy via phone or the internet frequently to me at least.

Since I've been using WIN 7 for a few years I like to know that when she has a problem I don't have to shift gears and deal with a different Windows. It was bad enough when I had responsibility for several hundred WIN and Mac computers where I worked before retiring and had to switch thinking as I jumped from one to the other!!!

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