Hi Snowblk2k,

I'm not sure how you arrived in this forum with your question, but you may find it better to hop over to the Virus & security alerts forum and ask there.

This forum isn't visited too much by mainstream forum members, only when a Help & howto newsletter is published. In the V&A forum there are many more people with knowledge of these things

When you get there, try and give as much information as you can, eg your system specifications, like which Operating System, what speed processor, and how much RAM, and also, please state which virus protection program you have got, and what their web site is.

We know that some anti-malware programs are not all they are supposed to be, and sometimes will give what is called a ''false positive'', eg they say there is a virus or spyware, but there is not.

However, I am not saying that's the case with your anti-virus program at this stage.

Good luck.