In the old days, radium was used to make the dials on watched glow in the dark. As I am a legitimate product of the old days, I wore a lot of them.

But then, I spent a goodly amount of time surrounded by asbestos coal dust and smoke, lead paint, as well as emissions from chemical plants. I have a microwave oven, but it meets Federal standards.

I live in an area where radon is prevalent. I would not eat fish caught from the river that runs by my house.

Radiation risks are a very polarized issue right now; .

I am one of those enviro-wacks (and do not apologize for my views) , but the new battery sounds promising to me. I do not believe that we can live totally risk-free, but that we can prevent many unnecessary risks. But, IMO, the battery appears to offer more benefits than it does risk.

It would be nice if patients with pacemakers, for instance, would not have to worry about walking near a microwave oven, etc.


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