People have a very short memory about these things.

Canada (yea and some american cities), we had hockey strike.. no hockey for a year. There was talk about "how can they ever recover?" but the next year was one of their best. Same with baseball back on track even if it took a few years. In both cases it had nothing to do with shipping a better product regardless of what they say.

I can't count the people who said "I'll never buy/watch X again" just to do it again, and again .. again.

X = (Ford, McDonalds, extended warranty, suicide wings, Airwalks, discount anything, reality TV, MMORPGs, a Movie on TV with commercials starting near bedtime that I already have in my DVD collection, etc..)

Even if the PS3 is an utter bomb they should come close to recouping the cost and on the PS4 they will be tying their shoelaces with double knots before getting on the blocks.

It takes more then one famine to kill an empire even if a plague of bad batteries sweeps through.