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Will Obama take full advantage of ...........

8+ Senate seats the Democrats are expected to win and 20+ house seats. This is a very important moment in history for the Democrats. Will they screw it up? Certainly Bush hasn't made it easy for them, perhaps at no time in history has the American Nation been in a bigger mess then it is now. Will they make the sweeping reforms necessary to bring us back on the middle track again?

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Reporting: Will Obama take full advantage of ...........
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(NT) Don't step on the middle track in Chicago (-:
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That might be true for a few in DC, soon.

How's that go "don't tread on me"!

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What I meant was

The middle track, usually referred to as the "middle rail" of the EL (elevated railway) system in Chicago was once electrified. You didn't want to step on it. I was making a joke...maybe not a good one.

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(NT) Yep. I got it.
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I lied. The term is "third rail"

I road the El in my boyhood and remembered the admonitions to stay off of it. The term "Third Rail" has taken on its own meaning. I couldn't help but recall that when you'd mentioned hoping a new administration would get us back on the center rail. It would mean we'd all fry up. Happy

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"Perhaps at no time in history has the American Nation...
been in a bigger mess then it is now..."

Shows what you know about history. Which is to say nothing. Ever heard of World War 1 or World War2 , or the Great Depression (thanks, Dems) or any of the other far more serious crises we've been through? Jeez! Read a book.

A radical lefty is gonna put us on the "middle track"? What an idea!!!!
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Have you heard of the Great Depression,

"All knowing one".

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I asked you...

Didn't read my post I guess.

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War of Northern Agression


Some people lack perspective.

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"War of Northern Agression"

are you referring to the civil war?

From Wikipedia:

War of Northern Aggression

The War of Northern Aggression is a name which emphasizes the opinion that the Southern states had the right to secede from the union and that the North was unjust in making war against the South. This term is consistent with the belief of the partisans of the Lost Cause that the North unjustly invaded the South.

Thanks Ed, seems you've shown your true colors.

No wonder your not especially happy to have Obama running for President.


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WOW !!!!

You have NO idea of what you are talking about !!!

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As long as I can remember...

As long as I can remember, The War or Northern Aggression or sometimes The War of Yankee Aggression has been a joke reference with the Civil War buffs and collectors. It's like the old name Confederate Air Force, later changed because some people didn't get the joke.

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What do you mean?
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It would take much

more then that to make sense of that!!

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Answer: Go back to other times in US history,

where one party "controlled" two branches of gov't, read the gnashing of teeth by proponents of the other party, then ask yourself,

"Did the world come to an end? Did the pendulum ever swing the other way? Isn't Cold Case on tonight? Is there still a beer in the fridge?"

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hasn't history taught you anything?

the minute democrats get a majority they start squabbling among themselves almost as bad as they did with Republicans.

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I pray for middle of the road common sense

Unfortunately, the current crop of democrat leaders are far from MOR. Obama seems idealistic and pragmatic at the same time but I could see Reid and Pelossi butting heads with Obama. Both of those two seem like petulant children, looking to point fingers and score zingers at every opportunity.

Hmm... in that respect, they remind me of some members of SE ! Wink

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Ooooboy, Grim. With that comment, If I were you

I'd not be opening any envelopes or packages for a while Wink

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