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Will my PC handle GTX 1060?

May 29, 2019 8:02AM PDT

I am thinking on upgrading my PC with an NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB videocard(current one is GTX970 4GB) I will check out the space and the voltage if I have it, but my question would be:
With an Intel Core i7 6700 3.4 GHZ processor and 16Gb ram, will one of these be a bottleneck for videogaming, or does it worth to upgrade this system with the videocard, instead of buying a new PC?

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Small world. And yes, it will be fine.
May 29, 2019 8:45AM PDT
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Small gain: No problem
May 29, 2019 9:00AM PDT

I only need that small gain and I was looking for a cheap solution. The games I play with my current setup, with the screen being a bigscreen 4k UHD TV can be played in 4k HDR, however if i switch to that, most of them lag or lose fps. MK11 for example is great already, on 4k HDR, however I need to turn on "frame skiping" option if I want it to run well on maximal graphics settings and with 4k resolution, and even then, it runs with around 40-45 fps instead of 60 in fights.
Thanks for your fast reply!

PS.: That card is also exactly the recommended card for MK11:

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May 29, 2019 11:47AM PDT

Unless your getting that 1060 dirt cheap I would not do this.

You will likely see little or no improvement.

Save a few more bucks and go for the 1070.

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Or the 2060.
May 29, 2019 12:01PM PDT
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May 29, 2019 12:32PM PDT

As soon as the OP mentioned 4k monitor they might be surprised how much video it takes to get that to run well.

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My take on this.
May 29, 2019 12:41PM PDT

To game (most games today) UHD 4K is a heavy undertaking. Only recently have I seen machines break 60 FPS at stock or Ultra settings. But we are talking the i9 and dual RTX 2080's like at this video:

I'm seeing folk try a single GPU and then pull back to 1080 output and let the monitor upscale to UHD.

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May 30, 2019 2:31AM PDT

By breaking 60fps you mean reach it or go over it? Because I do not need to go over it, even 60fps is really smooth for me, I am not playing like online competitive, not seriously at least, even when I play online in games I go "unranked" "casual" not touching ranked stuff...

PS.: My TV seems to be operating on 60hz anyway(I cannot put it higher in resolution settings of Windows 10) which means it cannot do higher than 60fps...

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Break, as in attain or exceed.
May 30, 2019 10:23AM PDT

The good news here is you can, after you find out what your new GPU can do, fall back to 1080 output and let the monitor upscale it for you. This is in fact what I am doing right now on my UHD 4K monitor plugged into my 1060 equipped laptop. The image and text look very sharp to me.

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I have TV..
May 30, 2019 10:43AM PDT

Again I have a TV not a monitor, I am not sure the TV can do upscaling... if it can I do not know how. I can only downscale in videogame's menus, from 4k resolution, making it show 90-80-70 % of 4k...
Again I only need to reach 60fps, as my TV operates on 60hz, so it cannot go higher anyway... Before I had a 2.0 HDMI cable I could only put it 30hz on 4k, now with the 2.0 I can put it on 60 but not higher.

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Even better.
May 30, 2019 10:59AM PDT

ALL models of UHD 4K TVs do upscaling. I have yet to find one that does not.

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Ah that...
May 30, 2019 11:20AM PDT

If it is the natural process you mean that it adds more pixels to HD content, that means nothing, 1080 p content is still much less detailed looking in terms of videogames than 4k. 4k allows for more details, not just more sharpness. Upscaling is not the same thing as switching it to 4k resolution.

I have had seen that, simply when switching between 1920x1080 and 3840x2160 resolution in MK11 and The Crew 2 as well. Much more details in 4k.

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I won't dispute that.
May 30, 2019 11:46AM PDT

The gamers I know love UHD 4K but also give me feedback about framerate. The 1060 GPU is a nice middle ground as to price.

After all this I think you nailed a big thing but we didn't cover it.

It's the HDMI 2.0 ports. Without that you can't break 30 FPS.

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I got that, 60 fps seems enough
May 30, 2019 12:46PM PDT

Ye I have that, 2.0 ports and cables both, that is also what allows for HDR, that was the topic of one of my previous posts here, I found it it was the cable that did not allow for playing HDR content, I had to get a 2.0 one.
But anyway, I just want to get to 60 fps or close to it, so things do not look choppy. My TV does not seem to allow for more than 60 fps anyway, and in games where I get to 60 fps constantly, it looks very smooth. I have not seen above 100 and such fps yet, so I do not know how much it's worth to get that good equipment to be able to go as high... I think 60 or close to 60 would be enough for me. Even with my current setup, I am enjoying it, it is just some stuff can get a bit laggy, and some games I have juuuuust do not play smooth enough in 4k... so I hope the GTX1060 will help that.

THe original reason for my post here was that I was not even sure I can switch to as much as the GTX1060 in my current setup, that was my concern, if my PC can handle it, but that concern got destroyed with you and others offering much better graphics card to switch to, so that would mean even in the future I won't need to spend money on a whole new PC, just a new card, which is nice.

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It runs well...
May 30, 2019 2:29AM PDT

That depends on what do you call "well", for me an improvement on the fps so the animations in intros/outros/fatal blows/fatalities are smoother, and the gameplay can get closer to 60 fps or reach it, would be "running well".

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Too high
May 30, 2019 2:23AM PDT

Ye but for those the price and the requirements might be too high. The 1060 was very cheap on e-bay, and it is just the right size to fit into my machine, not requiring more power either. Also it is 6Gb in comparison to my current 4Gb, that must mean improvement... I already ordered it but it was literally that cheap that if it does nothing but a small improvement it is still worth it and also I can buy a better one still this year, depending on price, but like, birthdays coming, latest Christmas is there so until then it works...

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Jun 1, 2019 6:18AM PDT

Just an update for those who are interested. I got the 1060 6Gb. I only tried it yet playing MK11 in UHD with HDR10, and I am satisfied. It was difficult first, I had to reset things, restart the PC several times, get the latest update for the videocard's driver, but once all was taken care of, and the card handled the TV properly, it was nice. The intros/fatal blows which were choppy before now are noticably more fluid and do not freeze up(going down to very low fps in ocassions) anymore. With the new card it automatically put every graphic option to maximum too, I actually had to turn off motion blur again(because I hate that and do not know why is that even there for videogames). Netherrealm studios limited me in trying though because now If I play in "60 fps mode", the "frame skip" option is locked in, cannot be turned off. Wierd. I guess it means I need to put my resolution to 30Hz and then the maximal fps is 30 and only then it won't skip frames, which I do not know why is necessary for the single player part of the game. Anyway, with that on, it is smoother, and it was very cheap to reach this, and fast too, ordered the card from E-bay, got here in a couple of days.