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Will Microsoft ever offer an OS that Similar to Windows 7?

The 2 Times I tried Windows 10 I Could NEVER get anything working well! Seems the Windows 8 & 10 are good for Media such as importing Images like Windows 7 IS! Will Microsoft Ever Offer an OS that You can Turn Off the Apps? Or will It have to be a Software Vendor Like StarDock that Offers a Compromise to Get an OS that a Non Geek Person be able to use? as I have bought 2 Laptops with Windows 8 then updated to 10 then a new Laptop 10 and both Never worked for my Needs and Now considering an Apple but heard good and bad switching. And Went back to a Laptop that has Windows 7 Pro and It Works Best for Me. As I have no need for Apps! Guess Soon I wiil be SOL as to using a Computer for me Needs??? As I could not get the last laptop Working with the Set Up and Returned It for a Refund. And Continue to Wonder Why Microsoft does Not Offer Windows 10 that You CAN Turn Off the Apps! Guess I am DREAMING!!! As My Windows 8 then 10 when I Imported Pictures and Videos Each had to be a single File and could NOT Group them as one File and yet Windows 7 Pro You Can! and Have for te last several Years...

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Re: similar to Windows 7

I installed Classic Shell from and now my Windows 10 desktop looks like a Windows 7 laptops. No apps to be seen, unless I explicitely ask for it. I don't mind at all it's not from Microsoft? Why do you mind?

Can you explain what you mean witgh "group as one file". Where do you import from and what program do you use for that? And why didn't it work in Windows 10. I just copy pictures from the DCIM folder on my phone in File Explorer and see no important differences between Windows 7 and 10.

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Importing Images from an SD Card

When I had the Original Windows 8 it Worked then when Microsoft Updated to W8.2 something When I would use the Media Reader it would Import the Images But Would Not Open a Box to Associate a "FILE Name for the 50 or 100 Images on the SD Card. It would Make each Image it's Own File and That means taking up too much Space in my Pictures or Video Files. As several Times on the Microsoft Forum and never got a way To! yet when I Did It with W7's It Would Always Open a Box and Allow me to Associate a Given Name of my Choice to that Group of Images like where it was Name, the Date and So On So my Brother Upgraded that Laptop to W10's for Free and It did the Same Thing and With all the Useless Apps I have No use For Apps would Just start Popping Up anything Associated with what I did. So I Never have used that laptop Since and when I recently Bought Another Laptop thinking it might be Time to Try W10 Again. I Changed the Settings to what I "Wanted" and then once I exited the Set Up It had a Error Ever Time I started that Laptop and so That Laptop was Returned for a Refund. and Continue to on thinking I could Never get it to be something I Could use and Never Needed App's and Hate Things Just Pop Up and my main use of any Laptop is Viewing Images and email and so because I can't store Images easily I have since Bought 2 laptops with W7 Pro and have been told soon they would no longer Support W7 so that said I continue to Wonder Why Microsoft has Not made a version of W10 that has No App's or can Shut Off Apps and be similar like W7 as I see many that Have Preferred W7 after like me trying W10. Sure I get For a Smart Phone Apps might be usable but a Computer is Different and for me, Works for my Needs and App's are not needed for Me so far. And Really Don't Need a Touch Screen Either so Being I am Not Tech Savvy and never will be, I guess Too Much to Keep Up with! Guess That is the way of the Future and Tech Just changing To FAST to Keep Up unless you are an Geek or IT Person which I am NOT!
Oh Well Guess i will just keep One laptop never for anything online just Image Storage and the Other for emails and Such... And Just be Happy the Tech has not Gone so far ahead I will never want another tech Device such as a Computer as have no need for a Smart Phone either...

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Here I can control what apps are installed and "pop up."

But I get it folk long for an OS that works the way they want without configuration. That was common for work PCs where the IT did the setup. But for home use we get to configure as we see fit.

I wonder about your statement about importing. Here I just copy the image files from my SD Card to where I want them and they are the same size they were on the SD Card. Something sounds off there.

As to Associations, that has been around since about Windows 3.0 and maybe later. PCs have a history of forcing us to learn new things. Maybe you should test drive an Apple next?

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