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will DIAMOND ATI TV Wonder HD 650 work with my analog VCR?

I have an IBM mt-m 8171-ygr computer with Windows 7 OS. I also have an Orion VCR model VR0419. The VCR has only coax connections for ant In and out tv plus rca video and audio in and out connections. I am interested in buying a DIAMOND ATI TV Wonder HD 650 PCI/PCIE TV Tuner Card to play video cassettes for my grandchildren (and some for my wife and I). My question is will the Diamond card work for what I need? If not, what will?

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Reporting: will DIAMOND ATI TV Wonder HD 650 work with my analog VCR?
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Clarification Request
I looked at that card and can't find Windows 7 support.

Why not try some cards that have Windows 7 support?

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Media source

Why connect a VCR to a PC at all. You need to explain what or if the PC is already providing some TV connection. As long as VCR can connect to the ATI card its plug-in, it's treated as another source. If the whole idea is to use this because a fancy monitor(LCD TV) is part of the PC, then you should be able to connect to the TV directly. BUT!!! you offer no details of your overall setup is, that matters. If fancy TV, then use a A/B switch box or connection box to provide all the connections needed. -OR- if TV connected directly, select using the TV's own media source menu.

As for the ATI card, it MUST BE "HD ready" meaning it accepts the now std. free TV broadcast. The VCR isn't broadcast but its another media source, so it doesn't need to be HD ready. That said, Win7 will start the install and basically set it up for you as another "media source" under media center, besides any vendor supplied s/w. Read the specs of the card for details. <----your card? review specs *NOTE* it has been discontinued

tada -----Willy Happy

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Thanks for the replies

Thanks to R. Proffit, Athoi and Willy for the help. Here (I hope) is the situation. I guess I thought the DIAMOND ATI TV Wonder HD 650 PCI/PCIE tuner card would work with win 7 but now that I cheked the MS compatibility site,, I see it may not. To answer the posts of Athoi and willy, We don't have a tv nor do we want one. I had (and still have) the ATI TV Wonder Pro that worked on my old computer with win xp. That computer went bad so I bought the IBM which came with win 7. The ATI TV Wonder Pro is not compatible with win 7. I tried the MSI DIGIVOX ATSC with the usb stick but while it did work with some digital tv stations, it did not recognize my VCR. I also tried the Mygica LCD TV box but can't seem to make that work either. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated

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Buying a TV doesn't mean you have to watch

broadcast or cable TV. You can have it connected to the VCR and only use it for videos. It would be a lot easier than trying to connect a VCR to a computer.

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What if?

The old XP and ATI card has saw better days. On top of that the newer HD std. that free TV provides also drives what any newer ATI card will be. Even, if you don't use that option, the VCR connection is still an old media which Win7 may provide support for but that's an open question for now. It will be treated as another media source. But, if Win7 can't accept that, then you're SOL. At least any newer ATI wonder card has to be Win7 compatible and they are. Thus, it leaves the VCR itself as an issue. ATI wonder comes in USB and PCI-e1x so pick one that suits your needs. What is very important provided everything actually gets installed, is that whatever menu pops-up will have available the VCR in some mode. It MAY NOT be labeled VCR, could be media or item #1(etc.), in other words, you may need to pick one and try it until one succeeds.

Well, that item: MSI DIGIVOX ATSC needs to be NTSC ready or older US stds.. Regardless, it seems you're dragging too old stuff into your needs. As another poster offered, you would be better off just getting a TV. The irony is that newer LCD type TV offer all the connections you would likely need and still use it as a monitor with your PC(maybe 90% sure).


Se, how all this gets complicated. I wish ya luck. adios ------Willy Wink

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Again thanks!

Thanks for your reply. I think you have answered my question. You are probably right when you say that I am dragging too much older stuff into what I need. Also thanks for the link for ntsc vs atsc.

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I am confused.

Why do you need a tv tuner for the computer when you just want to play video cassette?

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