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Wii vs Xbox360 vs Ps3 2

OK. This is a continuation of the original Wii vs Xbox360 vs Ps3 forum. Ill start by what I think about the consoles.

In terms of hardware:
Wii: the wii is like the nery school kid. Weak, and childish. (BTW my oppinion is that nin is only focusing on gameplay because they know that they cant compete with MS and sony in graphics, so they swep that fact under the mat)
360: A regular guy. Good physical condition. Good all around.
Ps3: A world class body builder. Extremely strong. Dont want to get in a fight with him.

Wii: Dont like any games for it except metroid prime3. Most are just sequals of old games or games already out for the 360. Most are kiddy and only interest nintendo fans.
360: lots of good titles. Like perfect dark zero, assasins creed, battlefield2, bioshock, blazing angels, COD 2 and 3, DOA 4, oblivion, far cry, fear, gears of war, halo 3, halo wars, lost planet, lost oddesy, NFS carbon, over g fighters, prey, saints row, tenchu senran, splinter cell double agent and rainbow six vegas.
PS3: the only game Im exited about so far are resistance fall of man and lair. A lot of games for the ps3 are also games already out for the 360.

The outcome:

Well, its only a matter of time before sony goes out of business (their stock is falling by the day), so sony fans are going to have to look for a nw console. Since a lot of ps3 games are already out for the 360 theyll probably get that. Plus, sony fans like games like god of war and enchanted arms, so theyll probably go for the 360. I dont think sony fans like games like wario ware, mario, rayman, and barnyard, so I think theyll stay away from the wii. Plus, if their willing to pay 600 bucks for a ps3, theyll certainly be willing to pay 400 bucks for a 360. I dont think the care too much about a motion sensing controller. So, all (or most) sony fans will convert to 360 fans, so all the sony 3rd party developers will go with them. Nintendo will have to be happy with its 15% of gamers market.

Note: Nin fans are calling the wiimote revolutionary, but I dont hear them calling the ps3 tilt function revolutionary (even though its a cheap rip off). Dosnt it focus on gameply like the wiimote? So from what I can concur, nin fans call it revolutionary as long as its nintendo, but if its another company, its not. Just a thought.

Anyway just say what you think and join our descussion. Please refreain from personal insults such as calling people retards and whatnot.

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Game Over

You are wise.You described the Wii,360,and PS3 perfectly as they are.IN time gamers will lose interst on the ps3 as you said and sony will be no more.The next target will be the wii,and Ms will stand alone.That is until a new company shall rise to comete against ms.This cycle will continue.

But hey,sony had a good run.

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We can all agree

that sony is going out of business. But, they had a nice go and we must congradulate them for that. I think that all the ps3 fans will go to 360, and so MS will have the majority of the gaming market while nin is left with only theeir average 15%.

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i dont agree!

the $600 is everything. for the 360 to have everything the 600$ ps3 it would cost the $700(360=$400 hd-dvd=$200 and exturnal not as good and wifi $100)not to mention blu-ray holds 200gb max where hd dvd will be maxed out at 45gb or 60gb idk and bluray are going to be use for ps3 game where hd dvd is only for videos. this is so the outside is the same then the processors are different.if u dont need the wifi for extra hard drive then get the $500 ps3>$600($400 360 +$200 hd dvd). the only thing xbox has is live oh wait sony added that and look its free and can play up to 40 player. 40 thats crazy. ps3 will have most game likes it always does. and xbox is dead now. much better to get a wii or ps3. yea wii doent really have any good games. i have never been a zelda fan i kinda got bored of it. im more of a mutiplyer guy i have highspeed so the online play will be great for me. the only game i wanna play is the super smash. the n64 ss was better then the gc ss.
so get a wii if u have a kid under 10 or just like the classics and on a buget. get a ps3 if u can aford it. xbox360 is for halo if your a big fan.

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I agree

yea, the ps3 is for graphics and the wii is for kid games. I think that the whole market share will remain the same, and sony will keep majority and nintendo and microsoft will fight for the rest. You have to remember, the wii is still a poor value compared to the ps2, which has been proven to be successful, and supports dvd playback, and is cheaper than the wii (150 bucks!). when will nintendo get it together and install a dvd drive stock with their consoles?

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I disagree

Uhmm, the PS2 is a 7 year old system. Ya gotta go by MSRP, in which case the Wii ($250) with its better graphics and new control is STILL cheaper than the PS2 ($300). Recall, in terms of graphics..... PS3 > Wii > GC > PS2. If you still want to go by current situation, the SNES, NES, and even Dreamcast can still go head to head vs PS2. HUGE library of games, and the consoles and games can be picked up for mega-cheap.

And can we really say that the PS1 and PS2 will be any indication of PS3's success? Remember, that's what people said about n64 going by NES and SNES' success.

The Wii may get a DVD firmware/software upgrade. If not then it should be noted that standalone DVD players are as cheap as $40. I'd venture a guess even the cheapest of them are at least on par with PS2's DVD player. Also, as of the end of 2006, DVD players have finally surpassed VCRs in ownership, so you can bet that most people already have one. Furthermore, many Americans have a computer in their homes. Even the most basic PCs from 2 years ago came standard with DVD players, so that's another layer of coverage right there. Even if one didn't have a DVD player, keep in mind.....
Wii + DVD player MUCH CHEAPER than PS3
Wii + DVD player BETTER GRAPHICS than PS2

PS3's HD content is certainly nice, esp. when devs learn to really use it (given the complexity of HD and the Cell processor, give it 2 to 3 years at least?), but according to Wikipedia, only 33mil HD users out of estimated 330mil US population. That's only 10.9% of the US with HD!! Word is the rest of the world is slower in HD adaptation. This estimated figure sound familiar? It should, it's only somewhat larger than Mac's share in the computer OS market. Whereas few ppl are reaping the better quality of HD now (low selection of HD movies and HD programming), people can at least dive into DVD movies now, for much cheaper

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I love it yall thought you could look into the future and now all your words are comming back to bite you in the ****...PS3 dead hahahaha that is so it is 4-2008 and last month the ps3 out sold the 360 a trend that will continue inveitablity from now on...Let me look into the future... 2010 the wii and 360 are both out of the market with both nintendo and mircosoft probally releasing new console to compete with the PS3 dominace in the market place due to the fact that the people at sony were smart enough to invest in FUTURE TECHNOLOGY...something neither nintendo or mircosoft did... Maybe the wii is still around just because it is a great family system...but the 360 will be over n dead just like the orginal xbox sorry 4 yr life cycle...While PS3 continues to pwn all systems till 2015 when they release the ps4 that will once again dominate the 360 2

Hahahaha you people didnt realize then that Sony is in this for the long haul not just 2-4 yrs like mircosoft...They make machines that have 10 yr life cycles look at psx and ps2 all lasted about 10 yrs...once xbox release its new console it completely disowns its previous one while sony keeps on making great games for thier previous console ( God of War as an example)

And since hddvd is dead noone is gonna buy the 360 for HD capablities but people will buy the PS3 just for HD content

Xbox360 got pwn just like all you people who predicted the end of Sony hahaha They have just begun to take over i think you should be playing some Jay-z to go along with it hahahaha

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Totally disagree!

I couldn't disagree more, I'm an avid gamer, I've played all three systems, and the Wii is clearly the most exciting system coming out. I can already think of five games I want at launch, and I can only think of three games for xbox 360 after it's been out for nearly a year.

I'm not excited about any of the PS3 titles and I really think Sony's hiding something as to their ability to produce the unit. I have PS3 pre-order, I was number three in line at an ebgames, and I doubt I will get one before the start of next year.

And don't get me started about the Xbox 360 HD DVD player expansion which will not support games or true HDMI. Also the "basic" system means developers have to to produce their games for the lowest common denominator which is why games that should run smoothly like Oblivion have five minute load times every 20 minutes...

No, in my opinion the Wii is the only unit with capability to expand their market and truly make a splash with something revolutionary (wish they kept that name). You were probably one of the PSP backer over the DS, well look how the mobile handheld unit with less power is doing now versus it's more expensive PSP brethren...

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I disagree with you

I dont really find anything exciting about the wii. Except for a new controller and the ability to play really old games, its basically a gamecube in a different box. The only upgrede to the wii over the GC is the graphics card which has been described as "slightly better". Except for that, its hardware specs and preformance are identical to the GC. I also speculating there will be a problem with the motion sensing since nin is new to its technology.

Please, tell me those wii and 360 games you are excited about. The only wii game that interests me is MP3. I like that series very much.

The HD-DVD player is for the sole purpose of watching movies in HD. I am sorta miffed about HDMI thing, but still 1080i looks amazing (after you get use to HD, you never go back to regular TV's). The add on is not to play games on. I own oblivion and it works very smoothly. No 5 minuite loding times.

Well, the reason the DS was so popular, is that its games are mostly better than PSP games (but there are some really good psp games too). But there are also a lot of kiddy games for the DS too.

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I cant totally agree

On one note i can agree with the wii being something exciting the 360 is an all around good machine and as far as titles go out of the console wars go the wii will always second or a close third.I only have one more comment every household will have an Xbox 360 or an Ps3 but the secondary system will be the wii

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Good Say...

I'm a 360 fan and I've posted 2 comments already on this alpha guy's shallow opinions. The Wii is very exciting and it definetly has room for expansion. Although I belive the 360 is the better of the 3, the Wii is definetly close. The PS3 is just not worth 600 dollars. True the capacity of the discs is larger but guess can easily fit a game into a 45MB disc!!! No need for blu ray....HDMI looks better anyway, I can prove it!!! And just to let you know, 360 does support games for HDMI...

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I couldnt disagree more

Now I'm not going to comment on all that was said but I dont think your giving Nintendo he credit it deserves.

As far as Sony goes, they got the hardware and what seems to be a good handfull of games but as stated they have had many techniqual issues that I think will put them bak alot if they dont pull it together. I feel though that regardless of that, they will still in the end sell more than the 360.

The 360 is as far as I'm concerned, out of the race. They made the huge mistake of comming out a year before the rest. As a result of jumping the gun they missed out on their big selling period. Many dont want to dive in and pay $400 when its the only next gen console out. Should have taken their time to perfect the specs to compete with Playstation since both cant win.

In my opinion, the Wii has at least 2nd place in the bag cause there is no room for 3 consoles out there. There just isnt. And with sony and Microsoft both playin the same game, only one will come out on top. Wherase Nintendos console is cheap, inovative and goes in a completely different direction. Meaning that which ever console gets kicked out of the powerhouse battle, (cough 360!cough) the Wii will overake them.

That is of course if Nintendo doesnt beat both of them. Now I know that the Wii doesnt have the power or graphics that the others do but at this point, graphics dont mean as much as they used to (to me at least) However Nintendo doesnt need graphics to impress. Nintendo has inovation and originality. For example, the "Wiimote" your probably sick and tired of hearing about it but it is an amazing device that completely alters they way we will play the games. So what if the PS3 can swivle from side to side? What good is that!?! Dont try to tell me that little feature can compete with using the Wiimote like a gun or a sword (lightsaber man, oh yeah). Or using it to fish ot throw a football. The possibilities ar endless people. Now that is going to atract alot of gamers.

I know alot of people are thinking,"so what? All Nintendo has is that overated Wiimote. Its just not enough to win them the console war." And that is a valide point but who ever said that was all. everything about the wii is inovative and jsu damb cool. The exclusive games like Metroid, Mario, Zelda, those alone are enough for me. Also the virtual console and tons of others.

because of this the Wii might just come out on top. All I'm sayin is dont be so quick to count Nintendo out.

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Nin is already out

Sony, for those of you who dont know, is dooing very poorly in the markets. Their stocks are falling by the day (one day shares went from $40 to $37. In one day!) and at this rate theyll be out of business pretty quick.

360 comming out first comming out before is a double edges sword. They have a lead on sales (ms estimated 10 million 360s sold by endo of 06), but they missed the big release where all the new consoles come out. Why wouldnt people pay for it? Sales show that people already have.

Actually, there is room for 3 consoles out there. So what if nins console is cheap? Remember you get what you pay for. Innovation is the only thing nin can say they have (imo i really dont care about the controller though). The only people tha care about the controller are the nin fans. Everybody else dosnt care about it. I speculate there will be huge problems with the controller though. One guy at a nin event was asked how far you can move away from the console and he said that you cant go more than 4 meters. So basically you will be glued to the screen.

Graphics do matter actually (nin fans are saying they dont because they know they look last gen).

Lets say the controller is interesting as you say it is, whats the use of it if there are no good games to play with it. Zelda and mario are terrible! They are soooo repetative. Especially mario. Thats a well nintendo is drawing water from that went dry long ago. Plus, most of the other games for the wii are so kiddy, its not even funny.

If anyone is going down this gen, its nintendo.

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xbox wanted 10 mill a while ago!

when the xbox launched bill gate said it would sell over 10mill buy the time the ps3 release in spring. the ps3 lauch got moved back so it gave xbox more time. they still have not reached 10mill and there geting a lot of sales because ps3 is having problems with bluray and desides to be nice and not sell them to people untill perfict. xbox360 released last year it had tons of problems microsoft was just tryingmto get as many as it could. i know some1 who had to get a xbox 3 times. and about month ago a xbox at best buy still has a glitch cuz the wheel was red. netendo really doesnt have any problems because its just a new gc. i didnt like the gc cuz it controler but now it has a nice controler and smaller. gc was ugly wii is pretty nice so is the ps3. xbox360 i dont think will even pass 30mill.

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I think you have the viewpoint on the 360 being a year early compared to the PS3 and Wii is off. Over 6 million people have bought 360s and 4 million users are on XBL...those numbers tell me that people are buying the 360 enmass.

The 360 offers a good alternative to those who will not be able to find a PS3 this holiday season since the supply of the PS3 will be small. The two consoles have similar performance capabilities, but the PS3 only wins out on native 1080p, BR, and an HDMI cable (for now at least).

Sony probably will still have the most market share when it is said and done, but MS will gain ground, especially with Sony not meeting their supply goals this holiday season (the most important time period for video game console sales).

The Wii in my opinion will be fun, but more geared for the casual gamer or someone who is not a gamer at all. Experience gamers will not like the lack of HD and lesser graphics. The Wiimote, I think, will be great for gameplay for certain games, but clumsy for others likes FPS games. Also, its novelty could wear off quickly given how used we all are to conventional controllers.

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Where are you getting your info from?? The 360 has many sales already. It will be the best system out there. Followed by the Wii which I agree with you. But the 360 is much more than what you think it is. It shouln't have waited..That says that it is a superior system. Look, the XBOX came our a year later than PS2 and the 360 came out a year earlier than the PS3. If that doesn't tell you something then I don't know what is. The 360 is the best system out, by far!! It is in the middle of the price range and includes awesome and organized XBOX LIVE unlike the sluggish and unorganized Sony online. I guess it's as far as "you're" concerned that 360 is out of the race, because the rest of us gamers know that the 360 and the Wii are the best two systems out there. The PS3 is too expensive and the only thing it has to offer is the Blu-ray which right useless. You can easily fit a game into a 45MB disc, you don't need hundreds of them.

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This Conversation Is Pointless Right Now

As it goes, the Wii is kicking everyone's butt. Nintendo is cranking them out as fast as they can and there are still shortages. Analysts are already predicting the Wii to surpass 360's sales by the end of the year, depsite the year head start microsoft had. Playstation 3 is drowning and dragging Sony down with it.

Nintendo hit a niche market that the others can't and have not touched. Third party developers are starting to back Big N because of it. This generations console war goes to Wii hand down.

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nintendo !

Ok im going to start with xbox 360 xbox is a system that is generly a pretty powerful machine though all that i think of an xbox is a repeat of a playstation

PLAYSTATION: playstation 3 has great graphics but it is just plain BORIINNGG !!

NINTENDO !: Nintendo is by fare the best in my view ok lets start from the basics ok .. the wii menu is a menu that has mii chanel, forcarst chanel, news chanel, wii shop chanel, everyone votes chanel, internet chanel, photo chanel. like the playstation 3 you can put the previous games from the old consol in it BUT !!! Wii allows you to download every past consol games with WII POINTS !
Now lets get to the controler! the wii controler is the wii best part about the wii meaning you can have more interation with the game example: racing movin the remote just like a steering wheel but thats not the most graetest example. nintendo wii also has wifi!

as gamming "nerd i sagest that you take my point of view ! for all you peole out there i rest my case !!

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Wii Remote more than motion sensing

Only a few facts about Nintendo that you didn't seem to take into account:

1. The Remote itself has motion sensing via gyroscopic controls as well as "pointer" features via infrared. In addition, it features a built-in speaker, rumble, and the ability to plug in add-ons. (I discount the flash memory, because I am not sure how successful that feature will be).

2. The add-ons for the remote, such as the included Nunchuck controller. The combination of the remote and the Nunchuck (which also has gyroscopic motion control itself) is supposedly going to make first-person shooter games much easier to play and may be able to rival the controls on PC. This, of course, remains to be seen.

3. While I agree there are a lot of clone games and sequels to old games initially for the Wii, the same is true of other systems. In fact, most of the games that you mention for the 360 are sequels. (Perfect Dark Zero, Halo 3, etc). And, just because a game is a sequel, should not discount it. Almost all Zelda games are rated to be some of the best around. I don't see anyone discounting Halo 3 because it is a sequel, or the new Gran Tarismo, for that matter.

4. Graphics. One thing that I never see mentioned anywhere is there are two ways to measure graphics... in the resolution and quality of the images themselves, or the smoothness of the animation. Personally, I always prefer smoothness to resolution, which is one reason I have preferred systems such as the GameCube to the others. Often, the texture detail is less, but the animation is so smooth that you get more engrossed in the game... but that has been my experience. In other words, I don't give anyone a point for Hi-Def if they can't keep the animation smooth. And you can be about 1/4th as powerful with everything else being equal if you are running in 480p instead of 1080p and still have the game performing just as well. (doubling width and hight quadruples the amount of data needing to be processed).

But finally, I would not discount any systems, PS3, Xbox360, or Wii until we have had our hands (and spent some time) with all three. I, unfortunately, have not had the opportunity to spend time with a 360 yet other than the in-store demo, but it does appear to be a good system. I think everyone just needs to sit down and play, then decide which system you want. Of course, the answer "all 3" is always nice, if you can afford it!

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wii is only the controller

The wiimote is the onlything that sets the wii apart form everything else.

The differnce between halo 3 and the new mario, is that halo 3 is only the 3rd game in the series, while the new mario and zelda are like the 500th. Zelda has been rated extremely well? by who? Nintendo gamers. Look, zelda follows the same storyline every time. Gannadorf comes back, you go to find the master sword, you beat him. It repeats itself in every game, as does mario. Sort of like power ranges, but not as bad.

I think the wiimote will be good for fps's because it will probably tire your hand out after a while. I also heard that redsteels ais have the IQ of a neanderthal, so I wont be too happy about playing it. Id rather play COD 2 which has the smartest FPS AI's to date. A level is never the same twice because the Ai's change strategy depending on the situation.

I also think we need to have some time to play with them. But the wii is at a huge dissadvantage since all ps3, 360, and pc gamers dont count it as a real gaming machine (which it isnt). That hurts its rep badly in the gaming world.

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It is also the games

I kind of disagree with you on the Zelda storyline issue. Yes, there are some common elements among all of them, but for the most part, I believe the story line is quite different. But we can agree to disagree.

I have not played COD2 or Red Steel, primarily because FPS is not my favorite type of game, but I do know that COD3 will be a launch title on the Wii, as I believe it is for PS3. I would assume they will both have great AI.

As for the "gaming world", most of the gamers I know are most excited about the Wii over any other system - precisely because they are getting tired of the same old thing. The processing power is definitely not up to par with the other systems, but it is still a big step up from the Game Cube. And, again, since it is limited to 480p, it only needs to be about 1/4th as powerful as the other systems to give about the same gameplay at the lower resolution. I would guess it all depends on what you consider a "gaming" machine.

My suggestion to you would be the Wii60 combo... both a 360 and a Wii. Then, you would get the best of both worlds.

I am pretty sure your mind is made up at this point, but please be sure to report back after you have played with one of the demo machines.

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Yeah...good writing!

You're absolutely right bout all of that!! You put up a better argument than I did for sure... The wii is totally cool. I have had the opportunity of playing all 3 systems and the 360 seems to be the best. Has the same graphics as PS3 and better than Wii, runs pretty smooth although it does have a few Glitches here and there(just like PS3) and the price is right!

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Hey, thats a bit biast...

You were anti - nintendo/sony
Think of last gen, and this comming gen
Q) What console had the worst graphics
A) ps2

Q) What console was the most innovative last gen.
A) oh, ps2, eyetoy, etc...

And last but not least

Q) who did the best last gen?
A) the ps2!

The funny thing is, is that the graphics of the ps2
Could have been eaten alive, by the gamecube, and the xbox.

funny thing that, that didnt happen...
Look at the ps2 games too.. compare how many games were 3+ from the ps2, and how many were 3+ for the gamecube, you will be amazed.

With the graphics and games for the portable gen, ds, psp.

People predicted that nintendo's handheld market would be much smaller, than it is now
They thought that the ds would be eaten alive, by the psp.

That didnt happen.
about the xbox, most games on that, are also on the PC

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Sort of, but who isnt

Hey, im anti nintendo and anti ps3, not sony as a whole. Sony is losing ground in all areas (tvs, games, computers, everything) and theyll be out of business by the end of 07 at the rate their stocks have been dropping. The ps3 is an attempt by sony to try to promote blu ray (as was the psp in promoting UMD and memory stick duo) and thats it. Thats all sony is using the ps3 for.

Actually, the GC had the wors graphics even though it was more powerful than the ps2, but the gc didnt use its graphics to the full potential (thats why wii games look like such a big improvment, because they are using the graphics to their full potential to try to make it look like somewhat of an improvement). A lot of xbox games did beat ps2 games in graphics (cant say much for the gc though).

There wasnt much innovation last gen (except for xbox live and a few other exeptions). I never heard anything good about the eyetoy. Dosnt sound interesting though.

Ps3 won last gen, yes. Taht is a fact.

The reason why most xbox games are on pc is because microsoft signs a contract making developers make it for 360 and pc because it is in their financial benefit (for those of you who dont know, microsoft created windows). But mac is better.

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and another thing i play games so i dont have to exercise if i wanted to go outside and throw a football i would do so if i wanted throw a fishing line i would go fishing all i need is a regular joystick with ten buttons Please let the fat people stay fat

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Underestimating the Wii

I think there are many Wii lovers out there that would love to see the better graphics, but the truth is that those same people prefer the innovative and creative games that Nintendo has always brought to the table. Nintendo has years of gaming behind it with numerous household titles that are suitable for everyone: Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Earthbound, Star Fox, Animal crossing, Pokemon, and more.

You combine these type of titles with the new controller and you have a console that everyone can enjoy. Nintendo suffered last gen from lack of third party support. This gen, third parties are lining up around the block to make games for Nintendo. Nintendo is also sheding its ''only for kids'' skin, with the inclusion of more mature games. Godfather is already slated as a title, and GTA is rumored to be announced.

Nintendo is hitting more market than just hardcore games too with family titles. In fact, they are including Wii sports, a game meant to show people of all ages that it is easy to play video games again. Wii sports aside, unique titles like Trauma Center and Wario Ware show great promise in brining in people that are turned off by the ''traditional'' videogame. Innovention has always been Nintendo's Ace up their sleeve and despite some horrible devices *ahem--virtual boy*, they have really brought video games to a new level. Even the Gameboy is still around despite introducing the Nintendo DS, which is outselling Sony and Sony's mother at this point.

The Wii-mote is what is going to bring the hardcore gamers to Nintendo's dinner table. It is also going to have them asking for seconds. Curiosity killed the cat, but at least (in this case) the cat will be happy. The Wiimote has been said by many reviewers to be intuitive and fun.

And finally, why Wii has a great chance of being number one this Gen is because it is an easy purchase for everyone. It is going to be bought by parents for their children that don't want to spend that much money on the x-box or ps3. It is going to be bought by Wii fan boys. It is going to be bought by those that want two next gen systems... No one is going to spend 1500 dollars between the Xbox and PS3. However, they will go and buy an x-box and wii. Or, in the alternative they will buy a PS3 and a Wii. Not only is it going to take its market share for the people that just want one system that is easy on the pocket books. It is also going to have the spotlight for people that want two systems. And most importantly, it is going to be bought by the people who have always wanted to get into videogames, but never wanted to because of the learning cuve. Its price and the gaming philosphy will have them finally seeing their opportunity to see what the videogame craze is all about.

PS3 may have graphics, but Wii has a whole lot more.

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You are overestimating it

The only people who are buying this innovative control thing are Nintendo fans. No one else. Nintendo is just saying it will include everyone because it is good attention towards them (its the oldest trick in the book). Plus, they only have 15% of the gaming market so they are trying to expand their market since there is only so much they can sell to 15%. only Zelda, Mario, star fox, animal crossing are all kiddy and overrated. very hardcore gamer I?ve talked to laugh at these games and dissaprove of their continuation. Nintendo needs some new games and not rely soly on their classics. I personally like metroid though.

Third party support for the wii is still relatively low in comparison to the 360 (but ps3 has barely any support). Nintendo is TRYING to shed its "only for kids skin". But it cant. Just look at its game lineup. Most of those games are targeted towards kids. Nintendo has never and never will interest mature gamers (nor will mature gamers have interest in them). They have already made a name for themselves as kiddy and that will stick for life. The godfather has been released for all consoles (and all past gen consoles except the gamecube), so that wont make people want to buy it. GTA will never go to nin because they know it will ever sell on the wii since its audience are people younger than 13. Everyone has their ?Nintendo stage?. I had it, and all or most of you had it. This stage is where the only video games you like are made by Nintendo. Most people grow out of this stage by the time their 13, some take a little longer. But eventually, everyone grows out of it. It?s a fact of life. Nin is your ?kid stage? and after that you enter ?the rest of your life stage?.

The wii will finish the way its 2 predecessors did. In last place.

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I just don't see it as all that "innovative". The motion sensoring is hardly anything new. There have been peripherals for previous consoles that have boasted similar functionality(powerglove, justifier). Also there have been a number of interactive games that you plug directly into the TV that offer similar gameplay. Such games include baseball, football, bowling, and boxing. The baseball game uses an actual bat, the football games uses a football...and so on.

While I do feel that the PS3 controller should have been at least unchanged, I find the the ablility of the new consoles is "under the hood" of the console. As more of the capabilities of the PS3 are revealed by people with debug kits, I find that the true innovation is in that system and it's potential offerings. While many see releasing a more powerful system as a risk due to the BR, the Wii is just as much of a risk if not moreso due to changing something as fundamental as the standard controller interface. That said, hopefully you all will enjoy your Wii's as I will enjoy my PS3.

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Wiimote 2

None of those interactive sports games you mentioned reallt caught on, and I dont think the wiimote will eigther. It will be fun for 2 days and thats it. Nintendo has strayed too far from the flock on this one.

I preffer the standard controller over a totally different unproven system. I saw a vid of the ps3's tilt function ad it had a half a second response time. I think that the wiimote will have smilar problems. I preffer to stick with something that I know works.

I have read that games like oblivion looking as beautiful as it is, isnt even scrathching the surface of the 360's abilities. Immagine the possibilities.

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That's the first good thing I've read from you. And I've read a lot...

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Need new blood

Perhaps, but I think lines at E3 say differnetly. The curiosity of the Wii controller is extending way beyond that of hte PS3. Lets fac it, we all have played the PS3 and Xbo360 before. These just have better graphics. However, the Wii has never been played bfore. The Wiimote brings interactivity to a whole new level.

Nintendo is shedding its kids skin. All it takes is just getting more mature games, which are coming by the handful. Of course 360 has more third party support... its been out a year. Check Wii in that next year.
Teh biggest worry Nintendo had was proper programming of The Wii controller for specific games. However, with the new programming methods, that shouldn't be too much of a problem anymore.

I think most people are underestimating the Wii. Check out some of the commercials on Wiis website. They show regular people trying it out and getting really into it.

ALL reviews for the Wii have been superb. Check out IGN's reviews of Red Steel, Wii Sports, and Ray-man (to name a just a few...).

This system just has appeal PS3 and Xbox can't manage. I wish Wii had better graphics (I will wholeheartedly admit it), but when it comes down to it, I would rather have something different. I've done 5 gen of the same old controllers. I and many others need something new.

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