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Wii vs. Xbox360 vs. PS3

May 10, 2006 1:07AM PDT

Which one would you buy and why? I'll tell you right now, the only company that will be getting my money is Nintendo. Why would I want to pay 400 bucks for an Xbox with better graphics? Why would I want to pay 600 bucks for a PS2 with better graphics, and half-baked Wii-like controls? Granted the Blu-Ray could be important to those who want it but I personally dont care much about Blu-Ray so Why should I spend THREE TIMES AS MUCH on the PS3?! Plus, what good games does Xbox have besides Halo - and I mean FUN to play GOOD games - not many. PS3 has a bunch of pretty good ones but 600 bucks is too expensive for most consumers to justify spending in my opinion. Plus, the games for PS3 will very likely be more expensive considering they are Blu-Ray. . . I want something completely different and fun to play - Imagine the control you could have over first person shooters with the Wii! And sweet nintendo-only titles such as Zelda: Twilight Princess (or should I say Twiiliight) and Super Mario Galaxy - how can you resist! And I completely forgot about being able to play all the nintendo classics from back on the original NES and SNES. . . Hopefully they will be cheap.

Ha, I kinda sound like a Nintendo spokesperson but it just seems like it has a lot of potential - I was massively dissappointed with the gamecube (But then again I done own any of the really great games so I'll have to pick some) but I am putting my money on Nintendo this round: Who agrees with me? If you dont, which would you be most likely to buy and why?

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Was this written by a 12 year old???!?!?
May 10, 2006 3:00AM PDT

I'll tell you one thing. The Wii can do motion-sensory. The 360 can play Halo. And the PS3 can DO EVERYTHING!

Don't be blowen away by the $600 price point- you're getting the Wii, a Blu-Ray player, a Ps2, a PsOne, a DVD player, a CD Player, an Internet service (free), and your classic DualShock2 controller complete with motion-sensory. Seriously, watch this guy play Warhawk with the controller--and ask e3 players who actually "play it!" and see their reaction.

Yes yes the wii will have zelda, and Halo will again try to save the world.

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Was that second post written by a 12 year old?!?!?!?!?
May 10, 2006 7:56AM PDT

Obviously, the second poster has no idea of economics and marketing. While I agree that having more functionality than the Wii will be an important selling point, price is a very important issue to many people. The plain fact of the matter is that come the Holiday Season, parents will go to Toys R Us, and see three game systems. And I believe that they will be more inclined to purchase Wii after looking at the price tag. Not only will the games be cheaper than PS3 (no blu-ray) but the entire system is hundreds of dollars cheaper.

Ok- so PS3 is a blu-ray player. That will attract a lot of people, but with the DVD format war, this may actually halt people from going all in and buying a PS3 because of the blu-ray player. (This problem was not an issue with the DVD-PS2 selling point) Plus, what percentage of the population can actually utilize an HDTV with their current TV? I think its only like 25%. Ok, its a DVD player. Well, there are great DVDs players you can buy for $40 now. And those play CDs too. There's a free internet service? Ummm... who cares? Everyone has internet already. It plays PS1 and PS2 games? That is pending the fact that you already own them. Nintendo will be offering the ability to download their former games onto the Wii. I don't know the details, but I suspect that its NES, SNES, N64 and Gamecube all in one!

Just a week ago, I said that Wii's new remote could be its downfall, because it is too different. But after seeing all the things its used for- too a MUCH larger extent than Sony- I am very impressed. I'll admit- Nintendo took a risk by not focusing on making Wii a powerhorse and multi-functional machine. But by focusing their efforts on the gaming experience, they certainly have a lot to show for it.

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Thank you, I agree
May 10, 2006 9:02AM PDT

I had a pretty long post but my comp lagged out and lost connection so I lost it. Basically, thank you, I was gonna retaliate before but didnt want to hinder the discussion. You have some excelleng points. About the Wii controller only, they are also releasing a standard controller although I have heard that it is only for old games (from N64, NES, SNES etc. - Oh, by the way, they are also releasing some Sega games and a random-old-system-that-I-dont-know's games) according to the Wii website. Also, for those of you that havent checked out the video on it on this site yet, you should - it just may convince you that the Wii is a worthy competitor!

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Virtual Console
May 11, 2006 6:05AM PDT

The Virtual Console supports:

Genesis (Mega Drive)
Turbo Grafix-16
Turbo Grafix-16 CD

I wouldn't be surprised if the Sega Master system would be added to the list, and maybe even saturn games.

Price points seem to be around the 2-3$ for nes, $5 for SNES, $10 for 64. I'd assume that Sega and Hudson (TG-16 people) will price thier games along these same lines.

The Wii also played Gamecube game, but not through the virtual console (meaning you just stick the disc in).

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Wii controller not descisive
May 18, 2006 2:04PM PDT

Nintendo can't just use the fact it has a unique controller to be able to compete with the giants, sony and nintendo. I think just focusing on a controller while neglecting the heart and soul of their console will be nintendo's downfall in the coming console wars. While an interesting idea, I believe it is just Nintendo's poor excuse for not having the confidence and means to deliver a true next-gen gaming experience. Besides, if the wii controller really proves to be that special, sony and microsoft could very easily steal the idea and design a different controller for some of their games. While the wii may be great for nintendo die hard fans and loyalists out there, it is not a choice for the more serious gamer.

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Wii will win
Jul 9, 2006 3:39AM PDT

Firstly, nintendo has always, and still is one of the giants. The ds is out selling the psp by a massive amount. You also seem to have messed up the idea of consoles in your head. You say it's not focussing on the heart and soul of a console. What are you talking about. Nintendo has more soul than playstation and microsoft put together. You also say that if the controler is that good then the ps3 and xbox360 will steal it... The playstation has stolen it... already. It's made a terrible remake of their controller. Also, nintendo ''using the fact it has a unique controller to be able to compete with the giants'' is ridiculous. Do you actually have ANY idea what you're talking about. Nintendo has been focusing on it's audience, gameplay, accessability, price and even graphics, which is the only thing sony and microsoft really care about.

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Sure? In a way . . .. wait . . . no not really.
Aug 3, 2006 4:27AM PDT

Wii will win with the kids who will play along with their cousiins when they come along, sometimes accompanied by their soccer moms.

"Nintendo has more soul than playstation and microsoft put together." - dude if youre a fanboy then go to

Face it the Wii is the least prefered so-called "next-gen" system for gamers and for the teenager and twenties age groups (which are the most marketable groups).

If you are a fanboy, a preschooler at heart, a preschooler or a beginer then go for it.

Nintendo= A honda civic covered with a body kit to hide its true amateur *abilities*

Xbox 360= A decent luxury car pushed by some extra features (Halo?)

PS3= flying car? Ferrari? with this system whole new worlds of possibilities will open up.

******************************************************* and Ds is not outselling PSP in north america > check the stats.**************************************

not all can afford the best and compromise or accept evolution so thats why they fight for what they can (in your case, Wii).

All I can say for it is "Meh".

I know a lot of people and not one of them is overly excited (or excited for that matter) by the release of the Wii.

Nintendo will always remain a classic and I, like many gamers have passed through their era but now times are changing and Nintendo has had its time.

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Hmmmmmm, somehow i dont think so
Aug 25, 2006 7:27PM PDT

The only thing i can see in that that constitutes to a reasonable arguement is "i know a lot of people and none are excited about the wii," which is a pretty poor arguement in itself.

You dont seem very smart. For start you said "fanboy." You really need a life mate. Its an opinion. Secondly, your arguement that none of the people u know are excited doesn't put me off in the slightest. Somehow i doubt ur friends are intellects.

All i know (i already own a 360 and love it) is that I am very inclined to go out and buy a wii aswell. I love nintendo's games, and the new console looks a lot of fun. I think you may find a lot of people have similar thinking, not wanting to go out and spend near a thousand dollars on a CONSOLE.

I think the fact that people could afford 2 consoles, one with great graphics, and one innovative one, for the same price as a ps3 will end up leaving ps3 in the dirt. Who needs blu-ray anyway?! and 360 has already proven that a dvd is definatly enough storage space if a game is designed right. I can't help but feel ps3 owners will be waiting a loooong time to get their hands on games, and i've already heard its a ***** to develop games for. toodlepip

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Developing ps3 games is a *****
Sep 14, 2006 2:57AM PDT

The development kits for Wii are available to approved developers at a cost of little more than JP

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Why so offensive?
Oct 3, 2006 1:33PM PDT

Intelect? well we can't really tell that from the post.

And what do you say about fanboys?

I don't like them do you?

I think you need a life "mate" because that dumb word -fanboy - will mean if the opinion which you are reading is biased and innacurate VS well rounded and consistent to what is offered by each system.

And also if you overly state that you basically don't care about his friends not making that big of a fuss over P Wii why do you complain "OHH but is an opinion". What he gave is just that - it also gives you a breif insight to what will likely be the entirety of post pubecent gamers looking among these 3 consoles.


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How old are you?
Sep 14, 2006 1:54PM PDT

First off, your analogy of how nintendo is the honda civic of consoles is pretty accurate. Nintendo has stated that the wii is not a ''Next Gen'' system, it is a ''New Gen'' system. Nintendo has opted to put more emphasis on the gameplay and fun factor of their games than graphical power. How many Honda Civics do you see every day? Why is it that Honda owns Acura and Volkswagon owns Audi and Nissan owns Infiniti and so on? Who will make more money, the company who sells millions at $250 (profitably) or the company who sells less consoles at $600 (with a loss on each console)?

It seems pretty clear that Nintendo has made some pretty smart moves for once and has a really good chance of taking the lead. All Playstation has is their name. Americans are so brainwashed by the media that they may still buy many PS3's, but sony has to make money somehow, and once the prices of games start rocketing, Sony is in for quite a fight for survival.

My predictions: Wii will sell millions. Playstation will die off slowly.

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Judging from your writting!
Sep 22, 2006 2:42AM PDT

You hinted in your message that nintendo was meant for "pre-schoolers at heart". Well, judging from your writing ability and train of thought,is it safe to assume that you will be getting a Wii for yourself? Or maybe you should just stick with candy land and Shoots and Ladders. You wouldn't want to overwork yourself to much!

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wii will not win
Aug 5, 2006 11:55AM PDT

first of all nintendo isnt trying to win the console race thing, they just want to satisfy custormes and give them what they want, sure the wii has an incredibly unique controller which i completely love, not only is it really awesome motion sensoring, but when you get mad at your friend in multi player and he kills you at like a remake of some 007 goldeneye game(not a crappy one like rogue agent) you can choke them with the wire that keeps the 2 pieces together....BWHAHAHAHHAHAHAHASHDFHASDHFUASODFHIASUDHF... ok im bored lol but anyways u get my point... i think i have a point eh what ever

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Wii's got more going for it than just the controller
Jul 14, 2006 4:56AM PDT

It's like saying PS3 is all riding on the fact that it has an integrated BR player or great graphics while the 360 has HD support or came out the earliest of the 3. Not true. PS3 also has alot of other functions. Its past experience with the PS2 and library of games is also nice to know when the PS3 comes out. The 360 has some Media Center PC like functions as well as other extras (XB Live, DL contents, and other fun network stuff)

There's ninteno's magic for making games. That can't be beat
As for other stuff about the Wii (yeah, I preferred the name Revolution)...
It's got backwards emulator support for previous Nintendo and non-Nin games. I personally am not wild about this, but I've been wrong before. For example, the Nintendo classics/remakes for GBA sounded dumb to me. I sure as hell wouldn't buy games I already own on NES, SNES, and GB/C, but my observations of how well they're selling (e.g. ports of NES hits like Ice Climber and Zelda, and remakes like Super Mario Advance), have me standing corrected. The nex gen gamers never owned SNES and GB, so they'll want it now for their GBA.

I figured when online music purchasing took off, I figured ppl would still just DL them for free elsewhere, but places like iTunes are still high up there. I believe DL-ing older system games from Nintendo should take off as well. Ppl will clamor for the convenience of playing games from 6 different systems on a single machine rather than having to hook up 6 different machines and having to get up to change cartridges/discs. With both services, people don't mind to pay for this. They don't need to mess with DL-ing ROMs and setting up emulators but have the plus that all this is done legally.

Case in point, while it's argued that CD players, DVD players, PS1, and PS2s are all pretty cheap and kinda pointless, the flipside is also true. Some ppl will also appreciate having everything on one machine. Not everyone will buy the idea of playing DVDs on a PS3, but it's there for the rest.

And the 360. I've seen this at a friend's house. Nice graphics, but it's waay too similar to a PC. U can DL movie trailers, vid clips, content, classic/special arcade games, while having Media Center PC like functions. It sounds pointless, but some ppl will like it

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Not True
Oct 6, 2006 10:52AM PDT

That's not true actually, I think people who even are not die hard Nintendo fans or serious gamers will buy the Wii. The Nintendo Wii appeals to most audiences and just about any age group. It's very easy to pick up and play and with a wide variety of games coming to the market for the Wii, many people will find it hard to put down. Plus, just wait until the online gameplay comes out in 2007, then the Wii will really kick off!

PS: The online gameplay will be free

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I dont think so
Oct 7, 2006 7:56AM PDT

Actually, I saw a presentation by the CEO of Wanaco games, and one of the questions asked to him was "what is the percentage of total gameers that are nintendo fans?" The awnser was. "Only 15%." This is why nintendo is appealing to the wider audience. They can only sell so much to 15%. IMO this strategy will not work just like many of nins past strategies (n64 and gc sales reflect this).

Wide variety of games? Out of the total number of launch titles for the wii, 17 are targeted towards kids, 3 are racing games, 3 are sports games, 5 are 360 copies, 4 are past gen games, 10 are platformers, and 9 are nintendo first party games (note: many games were counted twice because they fit many categories). As you can see, tons of games are directed towards children. All but the most hardcore nin fans can deny that this is true.

The controller will most likely have problems as do all new things, and it will have a STEEP learning curve.

Wii connect 24 is a free online service, and that is a very bad thing. Xbox live is so good because people have to pay for it and they are forced to make it better. Connect 24 will have no such motevation since it will only bring nin negative profits.

I dont buy nins "innovation" crap. They just say this and all the nin fans believe it. The controller will not change gameplay and everyone but nin fans accept that. They just use so called innovation to cover up the fact that the wii is a pice of crap in terms of hardware. They know that all the ps3, 360, and pc fans are rolling on the floor laughing at them about being too cheap to make a console powerful. The wii is only slightly more powerful than the gc. Nin is probably too broke to research anything more powerful. You know why the wii is so small, because nin stripped it down to the bare minimum. No DVD, no HD, only 512 MB internal storage, NADA.

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good point
Oct 7, 2006 1:41PM PDT

Wii is a great Idea but its not ideal for a tru gamer. I rather just play with myself.

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I would agree with
May 14, 2006 9:58AM PDT

this situation. I would also like to bring up some other information about the two versions of the PS3. Firstly, the lower end PS3 (500 dollars) will only come with a 25 GB HDD, no wireless internet hook up capabilities, no wireless controller capabilities, memory slots, and no HDMI output. So I'm not really sure what is going on with Sony's thinking but this does not seem like a very good choice of marketing on there part as seen with the Xbox 360. Also in accordance with the controller, it is in fact not a copy of the Wii remote. Actually it is a copy of of a KIrby game made for gameboy color, watch this funny stuff.

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Was that third post written by a 12 year old???!!!???!!!???
May 29, 2006 10:23AM PDT

(sorry for keeping that title going, I couldn't help myself)

Since it appears PS3 supporters in this topic are few and far in-between, I'll take a stand to protect the honour of this majestic console (sorry for the corny line, couldn't help myself here as well)

A lot of you seem very sceptical about the future of Blu-ray. True, the fact HD-DVD is cheaper than Blu-Ray plays a large factor it's not the only factor. However, the other big factors are corporate support and which format sells more players. Blu-Ray currently has just as much, if not more, corporate support than HD-DVD. As for sales, HD-DVD did have a head start on Blu-Ray but once the PS3 comes out this will switch immmediately to Blu-Ray. Sony expects about 2 million PS3's sold in its initial global release, meaning 2 million Blu-Ray players out in households. As well, someone who owns a HD-DVD player then buys a PS3 is more likely than someone who owns a PS3 then buys a HD-DVD player. There's no big rush to buy a device taht can play HD-DVD disks. The closest to that would be the external HD-DVD drive coming for the XBOX 360. I doubt that'll sell well since there's no HDMI port, there's little incentive to buy it (there won't be any HD-DVD XBOX 360 games coming out when it's released) and it'll cost as much, if not more, than the Wii.

True, there are decisions made by Sony that I don't agree with. I don't like the fact they are releasing two versions of the PS3, with little price incentive to buy the cheaper model for all it lacks compared to the more expensive version. I don't like that Sony removed the rumble from the PS3 controller, but it's not too late for Sony to change it's mind (like they did with the Boomerang, thank goodness)and if not there will definately be a third party that'll release one. And yes, the motion sensors addition to the remote may be a cheap attempt to copy the Wii controller but it's not trying to completely rip-off Nintendo. it's just using the new motion-sensing technology to enhance gameplay. If it was a complete rip-off, we would hold the PS3 controller on one side to use it as a sword.

Finally, many of you think features like HDMI and the cell processor are unecessary features that won't be used by most players when the PS3 is first released or won't be used to their full potential anytime soon. Well, you're right about that but that's exacty what Sony wanted to do. They're making the PS3 'future proof' so Sony won't have to release their next console (PS4 I presume) for a while to avoid the steep costs of releasing new consoles (most new consoles are sold cheaper than it costs to manufacture them). In fact, Sony may not release the PS4 until 10 years after the PS3 is releases (definately wishful thinking, but 6-8 years after seems realistic). I'ld prefer to buy one expensive console than 2-3 cheaper ones (especially since XBOX still has problems with backwards compatability of games).

I don't want the XBOX 360 because I prefer the better graphics on the PS3 and none of their games impress me enough to give up the PS3's better for their games (besides HALO 3, of course, but that's just one game). I gotta admit, I have a soft spot for Nintendo but besides the controller they have little going for the Wii. There games have especially disappointed me. All the new games that they have going for them are from their old franchises, especially their Super Mario characters. Besides the old franchises, they've got few new games that are particularly good. Because of this, they've reduced their main base to little kids and very nalstagic gamers who play the Wii just to play the new games of the old franchises and the old games throught the emulator. We all know there's more money to be made in the market towards older gamers playing serious games than the market towards younger gamers playing fun and cartoony games with their colourful graphics.

Anyway, I've said my peace. And to end things off:

ME: "Hey, is your XBOX 360 hot enough for ya?"
XBOX 360 owner: "No."
ME: " it loud enough for ya?"
XBOX 360 owner: "NO."
ME: " it crappy enough for ya?"
XBOX 360 owner: "NO!!!, I'm mean yes, I mean...DAMN!"
ME: "HAH!, that's what you get for buying the XBOX 360 after Microsoft rushed its release without fixing the bugs."

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what are you talking about?
Sep 13, 2006 9:54AM PDT

You keep saying you like the ps3 better than the 360 because of graphics and the Wii because of the games, when if it's games your after, you should go for the Wii. You said nintendo is only focusing on older franchises when about 65% or more of the ps3 launch titles have a number higher than 3 after them. Super mario galaxy may be a mario game, but its unlike any game before it. And if you are a self respecting gamer then you can't deny that ocarina of time was one of the best games ever made, and twilight princess is shaping up to be even better. If you want call of duty 20 or whatever it's called then go spend 600$ on a ps3 and tell all your friends that the only reason it cost that much is because of the blu-ray drive (which you'll say is a phenominal deal), and they'll all say they don't really need or want one. ps. PS3 is still cool, but wii has more promise.

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About "call of duty 20"
Sep 23, 2006 8:03AM PDT

Call of Duty 3 is coming out for the Wii at launch Happy

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Would love to get my hands on COD3 with the Wii Mote
Oct 2, 2006 6:02AM PDT

Would love to get my hands on COD3 with the Wii Mote. Personaly I have allways played COD on the PC, so when COD3 was not announced for PC I was a little upset. The dual stick control I have played on Xbox versions has been so/so, not anywhere near a good mouse and set of keys.

The Wii may have the solution for FPS gaming on your console, it will be interesting to see how it works in practice. I hope it works realy well. Also Red Steel has me interested, that looks like a pretty slick game.

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which one?
Jun 4, 2006 6:36AM PDT

I have a 360, and that's all I will get. Why?
I'm a gamer that likes great praphics and great gameplay, along with new ideas.

The Wii: Mind the pun, but it's not for me. The graphics are that of a Gamecube, it doesn't support HDTVs, and I just don't like too many kiddy games. Don't get me wrong, i like Nintendo's "new ideas" plan, but I think they lay it out wrong. I'd rather have innovative GAMES than an innovative SYSTEM. The whole new controller idea will be fun for a while, but eventually people will get sick of it. Same with the PS3s similar capabilities.

The PS3: Number one, i don't want a blu-ray player. I shouldn't have to spend hundreds of dollars more for that. Microsofts idea to allow gamers to choose was an excellent idea. Also, the graphics are pretty much the same as the 360's. Have the stuff at THIS year's E3 was still under construction. Also, Sony isn't that innovative, and they don't have great titles that attract me.

The Xbox 360: For me, this is the best. The 360 gives great new innovative ideas: Xbox Live, XBLArcade, future HDDVD add on, and gamer points. Also, the games were pretty good at launch. There are great future games to look forward to, like Halo 3 (had to mention it, sorry)PGR4, and Forza 2. The graphics are amazing, especially on HDTVs, and there are still new great game indeas on the table(Gears of War, anyone?). For all these reasons, I choose the 360. It gives me the best of what i need.

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Wii graphics
Jun 19, 2006 10:26PM PDT

Um, not to obnoxiously quote specs at you, but the Wii has 2.5 times the graphics capability of the Gamecube... As for the whole "Kiddy" thing, you should play Resident Evil 4. Not only is it a generically good game, but the addition of player interaction in cut scenes is innovative. Might I also ask what about the 360 is innovative, except the additioon of software bugs...

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On wii and 360
Jun 23, 2006 2:38AM PDT

About the whole kiddy Wii thing:
Of course there will be always a few or little amount of adult games mixed in with Nintendo's inbred crap, but resident evil and red steel are the only real choices aside from them. Nintendo has little diversity in types of games. I just love how repetitive they are, milking the sh*t from what they made 20 years ago.let's look at the launch titles:
1. Another Zelda
2. Another Metroid
3. Wii sports
4. Red Steel
5. Another knockoff Tony Hawk(like sk8land???)
6. Madden
7. Dragon sh*t
8. Another Super monkey ball
9. Another Metal Slug
10. Trauma Center (***)
11. Elebits (*** x 2)
14. Cars.

Practically 10 of those 14 games (71%) are made towards CHILDREN! there's your kiddiness!
AND, half of them are spinoff/or have been milked from part of the series, but come on, where's Mario Party 666?

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Other Games
Sep 14, 2006 3:07AM PDT

You forgot Call of Duty 3, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Final Fantasy Chronicles, Need For Speed Carbon, Ok so Nintendo Gamecube didn't release unique titles like the piece of Sh*t Futurama for its system, like PS2, but don't state lopsided facts. Oh, and they will always release Zelda games, because Zelda is the ****, wha..wheres crash bandipoot?

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(NT) Xbox 360 revolutions
Jun 23, 2006 2:44AM PDT

The 360 has many great innovative things. First of all, they <created> the best online service to start off, and they always will have it (thanks to halo2), and they give people the choice on whether they want HD DVD, HDD, or near anything, for that matter. They have groundbreaking games: halo series, Project gotham series, Gears of war, and all of the innovative Xbox lIve arcade games: Hexic, Geometry wars, etc. For inventing the first (and best) real living room online gaming service, extending it to new features: XBLA, friends, POINTS!~!, and seeking innovative games first, then technology, the 360 is incredibally innovative, not gimmicky, with the fad of motion- sensing.

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Jul 28, 2006 6:12AM PDT

testifi about the brlliantness of 360

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... think before you type, please
Sep 26, 2006 10:08AM PDT

The Xbox didnt innovate and create the first online living room experience.. Sega did, without the Sega Dreamcast i dont know if an Xbox's online system would be as good as it is now. The Dreamcast was the first online system, really. PSO was amazing for the Dreamcast, and so were many others, but I mostly played PSO back in the day and thats about it. And giving people the choice on whether they want HD DVD, HDD, etc. the PS2 had an HDD, sure it cost alot but they didnt really release it till later the next year or so, and by then it was affordable, the PS2 has a progressive scan which is used for HD.

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Oct 3, 2006 7:54PM PDT

So whats so innovative about it?