You have an offbeat setup and will have to create your own way of doing things.

--------------------------------------- notes this issue and unless you have a second NIC, it won't share by design.

With a machine that does have a solid internet connection via satellite, wireless internet or "mystery" connections, it gets to run ICS (it's a common Windows acronym I leave to you to decipher) so it can share said connection on its NETWORK INTERFACE CARD or NIC.

The BEFSR81's WAN port would go to the ICS Host's NIC with the proper cable (you figure out if straight or crossover) and then you must sort out if the ICS is using some type network which the BEFSR81 would have to use some other IP address scheme.

It can work, but you will become a mini-expert on your custom setup.

Hope this helps you create your new network,


PS. This may be my only reply on this thread since it's too sparse in information plus it's going to be a very custom setup. You need to become the expert too.