Why won't Office 2016 install correctly?

I purchased Office 2016 as a download for use with a laptop that started out in life as Windows 8 and then upgraded to 8.1 solely to be eligible for Windows 10, which is now loaded.

However, when I tried to install Office, the progress cursor would only get to about 80% and then stop (lots of complaints about this in the MS forum). So, I used the Fix It tool to uninstall Office, rebooted and tried again. Same results.

However, when I looked under programs, the individual programs are present and seem to work. If I look in the control panel where you would uninstall a program, Office has a tag saying "unavailable."

Since I need to test our company's software for Windows 10/Office 2016 compatibility, I have to be 100% positive that the installation really worked.

Any suggestions on how to get this fixed? I can't believe that MS can't build an installer to work with their own OS (not really shocked given their history)

PS these complaints started with the preview edition, so this isn't something they didn't know about. I don't have the DVD to use, just the download installer.

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Reporting: Why won't Office 2016 install correctly?
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Clarification Request
I'd get back to the MS Forum on this one.
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MS Forum has no useful info

I would use Open Office or one of the other options but I need to test software that is integrated with Excel and Word. It just amazes me that MS can put out software knowing there are issues outstanding from the preview edition.

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Maybe it's just defective?

Your post didn't give me much to work with other than it's still busted.

I'm sure it works on some machines or I'd hear more. For example if you had shared your laptop is a model CDC6000 Model B with Heine's Security Suite Deluxe and you had the full Iobit Deep Registry Cleaner plus the NSA security package I would one answer.

But what you wrote on its own tells me it's back to MSFT.

This app is not open source so only MSFT can fix it. Now if you did have the mythical system I wrote of and protection apps I might have ideas but here I have "it doesn't work."

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Print Spooler is the issue

See my message below. The problem is the print spooler service. So, once that was disabled (a known issue for a few years) the install went fine. The only weird thing is that the control panel where you can uninstall apps still says "unavailable" next to MS Office.

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Sounds broken to me.

In 2015 I don't expect everyday Windows users to do what you did. It's defective in some odd way.

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I would have to agree

No, there is no way the average user is going to come to this forum or search through archived MS forums looking for a clue. I have had this issue with other tech companies too. I was an early adopter of the WD My Cloud drive and wanted two things to work, 1) automatic backups that could be accessed remotely and 2) the ability to backup the single cloud drive to an external USB drive. Both of those were advertised features. The first worked flawlessly; the second never worked. WD finally admitted that the CPU and memory were insufficient to handle the task. So, they gave my a My Cloud Mirror (two internal drives). It still didn't have the horsepower to handle the NAS to USB backups. So, they sent me a My Cloud EX2100, which is part of their professional series. It worked perfectly on all fronts. Then they updated the firmware to what they called OS3 and the backups no longer work. I can't downgrade my firmware because at the same time they changed their "cloud" access to only work with OS3. So, back to having to choose between remote access and external backups...anyone think that the average user is going to spend the time collecting logs to prove that their firmware or hardware is hosed?

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disable antivirus and firewall

try disabling your antivirus and firewall. also you may have a corrupted file, try downloading again. finally do you have any other microsoft product installed?

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Steaming install

The first thing I did was disable Windows Firewall and AVG Antivirus. The installer isn't a traditional file that could be corrupted. The file that initiates the install is very small and the installation appears to happen simultaneous with the download (streaming). The messages on screen are not the typical, downloading, installing, removing files, finishing installation.

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do you have any other microsoft office product installed.

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MS products

No, only Office and whatever came with Windows. The MS forum had a new idea. They said in previous versions of Office having the print spool service turned on caused issues. I am going to disable it and try again.

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Print Spooler is the issue

In order to get MS Office to install (at least the download version) you must stop the Print Spooler service. This issue has existed since Office 2013 and maybe Office 2010. You would think that MS would fix their own stinking conflicts more than once a decade, but hey, we are talking about MS...

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If this is a HP printer then...
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Not HP

No HP printers here. So, the issue is the MS service called Print Spooler which runs for any printer.

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