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Why won't my slideshow burned on DVDs play on DVD players?


Why won't my slideshow burned on DVDs play on DVD players?

I like to make "slideshows" and burn them to DVDs, which I mail to
family and friends, many of whom are elderly and don't have computers.
It is simple for them to play my slideshows on their DVD players but
I get many reports that my DVDs "won't play." I am advised that DVD-R
and DVD+R are compatible with most DVD players and this is what I use.
I have recently purchased Nero BurnExpress and find it to be fast and
easy to use but it has not corrected my problem. I think that this
must be a common problem and I need help! Thank you.

--Submitted by: Barry P.

Here are some member answers to get you started, but
please read all the advice and suggestions that our
members have contributed to this question.

To play a dvd... --Submitted by: rclarke250

Most likely reason --Submitted by: jerryfrmmt

DVD burning can be very funny.... --Submitted by: darrenforster99

Check Your Formatting on Your DVD Software --Submitted by: thegame6

Easy possible fix for this. --Submitted by: crwrjw

Should not be that hard! --Submitted by: vidserv

Thanks to all who contributed!
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i had the same problem, what i did was just to burn as a dvd after i finished. I also had to do the same with movies or it would not work at friends homes


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After burning DVD's you should verify them and
test them in a standard DVD player if it is meant to be used in a DVD.
Do you use the built in function in PowerPoint, if you use PowerPoint?

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To play a dvd...

To be able to play a dvd on a set top box, you must close the write session. There should be an option to close the session in the software you use. This may also be called finalizing the disk.

In some versions of Nero Express you needed to uncheck a box called multisession disk or something to that effect. To close a disk that has multisession recordings or was left not finalized you can do this in nero smart start:

Place the unfinalized DVD into the computer DVD tray and open "Nero StartSmart."
Click "Create and Edit" at the top of the screen.Click "Author, edit and capture video.""NeroVision" will open.Click on the "Disc Tools" drop down menu then click "Finalize Disc."
In the option box that appears you can
choose No Menus or Preserve Menus it is relatively unimportant as there
are most likely no menus anyway. Let it run and hopefully you will now
have a fully finalized disc that is readable.

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Unable to play picture files on DVD player

I followed your instructions but the DVD must have been finalized as Nero would not let the finalize process execute. I still get an invalid icon on the LCD when I tell the player to play the photo file. The DVD does play in a Blu-Ray player. The DVD player is a Panasonic S31.

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To play a dvd-

Rclarke250 didn't notice that the dvds played on some players and not on others. If the dvd was not finalized it would not have played on any other dvd player other than the original one.

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Why won't my slideshow burned on DVDs play on DVD players

My sure your settings for the DVD burner is set to "Make Compatible" which the DVD can be played on any DVD if not the DVD will only play on the burner it was made on. If u r using Microsoft Movie Maker it will display a list asking u what if u want the burned DVD compatible for other DVD players. I am sure all DVD Maker software have this option.

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Encoding problem

PC is a very powerful media player cause it is installed with many kind of AV codec. Unfortunately our AV DVD player is normally produced to decoding MPEG II, Motion JPEG, some with divx. So it's possible you burn your slideshow on DVD with a encoding that normal DVD player not capable to decode. The best solution is ask them to play it on a internet linked PC. If PC not capable to decode your DVD they can find codec on internet and download, install it.

So sad, it's the only way to solve the problem.

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Why won't my slideshow burned on DVDs play on DVD players

Barry I also had problems like that with Nero so I bought a program called Memories on TV go to
you can down load and have a free trial of the program. I have used this program now for a few years and never had any problems made dvd of our holidays and family celebrations and sent them to our relatives in Holland,Hongkong and Singapore and the discs never failed to play

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Even Memories on TV disks sometimes don't play

I am using this software too for some years now, and all my DVD's play at home and on most DVD players, but at least one friend can't play them, although he can play other home burned DVD's.

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Most likely reason

I believe the clue to your problem is not your preparation but rather is the audience you serve. Many elderly persons have had their DVD players for many years and most of those players will play commercially recorded movies but do not recognize those created by computer software. This happened to me with two of my friends and unfortunately the only solution was for them to get a newer player. They are quite inexpensive now and shouldn't pose too much of a finance problem.

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sldeshow dvd

I agree strongly that most of the problems on playback are old DVD players.The first thing i do before giving away a dvd to a friend, is try it on my personal dvd player to confirm that it plays.
Many times people will say it won't play. And yes, many elderly people have outdated dvd players.

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Video plays on my new DVD player but not on my old player

I agree with Jerry. I ran into this very situation. I have a new DVD player and and older one. A recently-made, computer-generated video plays on my new DVD player but it will not on the old one.

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True - but....

If you want it to work on the widest variety of devices despite age; converting to VCD format will work the best. All of the OEM freebee softwares that come with burners and/or PCs will burn in this format. I've used Roxio on my laptop, Nero with my first DVD burner, and Cyberlink on my newest blu-ray combo burner, and they ALL work, as long as you use a good CD or DVD disc.

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Correction - VOB format..

Sorry about that, but it was VOB format that I was using; although VCD is successful on almost all types of hardware. Happy

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No play videos... This is my field of business

I'm agreeing with Jerry. I have a similar problem as well. The resolution is rendering the file, not just compatibility. Not all new players play everything. Name brands do (Sony is the best one). But your market may not have those (post 2005) players. Most people shop price, not features.
So when you render your slide shows, render at the highest (over 8000kbs) setting you can. You may have to force it. Nero isn't the greatest program for burning shared video, it likes to keep everything on the computer, for computers, not set tops.
I strongly suggest using another program, along with updating your computer (or be well, above the specs). Any video is taxing on the system. You have to turn everything but that program.
There are other tricks, but that should get you going with out making you a competitor (smirk).

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Use a CD

Hello, the older DVD players play DVD movies, but may only recognize a slide show if it is on a CD.

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older DVD players wont even recognise a slideshow.

Many older drives wont even recognise a slide show because it's only the more modern drives that have started to include JPEG image viewers in them, and most of them seem to be the cheaper makes, the more expensive brands like Panasonic and Sony seem very resilient at putting JPEG viewers into their drives.

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older DVD players .....

I just purchased a Toshiba player that handles JPEG pictures as wells as moviews etc. and it only cost 39.00.
Can't get much cheaper than that !!

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Why won't my slideshow burned on DVDs play on DVD players?

Nero is good for some things, but this is not one of them. If your using Windows Movie Maker to render your slideshows, this will also cause you some difficulty, as they will only produce the one type of video file for burning, because it offers to burn them for you also, and it most usually will not work on a regular DVD player for television.

I make my own slideshows as well and burn them to DVD's with Express Burn Disc Burning Software from NCH Software. It is relatively inexpensive when you compare it to Nero which will not work and so makes the money and time spent worth nothing. This is the link to their home page and I have included what the website has to report that this software can do for you.

NCH Software

Express Burn Disc Burning Software
Discount price of 59.00 until August 15th 2011.

Video DVD Authoring - To play on a DVD player

Video files will be re-encoded and made in to a standard DVD Movie disk Video burning supports avi, mpg, vob, asf, wmv, mp4, ogm and all video formats that have a DirectShow based codec Widescreen or standard formats for video dvd burning Record video files to PAL or NTSC.

Wink Good Luck

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DVD burning can be very funny....

Your main problem is that you are using Nero BurnExpress

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A more expensive Nero isn't your only choice

There are many free choices.
I like the oddly-named but easy to use
which despite its name
works on all Windows versions (with NET)
and burns DVDs as well as CDs.

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CDBURNER XP Does Not Burn DVD Video

Sorry, but I believe that CDBURNER XP will not create the VOB files needed for a DVD video disc.

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Not exactly true.

I can create the needed image with DVD FLICK and burn with CDBURNERXP or ImgBurn.

There's always a solution.

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Thank you dan62060 for that reminder...

That is was VOB file format that worked best for me. I'm sure VCD might be successful also. Although XP only has limited on board burning support, most folks either get an OEM burning program with their burner, or it is supplied with the PC, if the PC was shipped with a burner in the first place.

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Why won't my slideshow burned on DVDs play on DVD players?

You are most likely burning your DVDs on the DVD-ROM (iso) setting. I burn these all the time and have no problem. You have to burn your DVDs on the DVD-VIDEO setting and they will play on stand alone DVD players. Also some DVD players play DVD- and others play DVD+.. The newer DVD players over the last couple of years will play both - and +. Use Nero Burning Rom which is included in Nero Software. I gurantee that if you use the DVD-Video setting when burning your DVDs you will not have a problem.

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Hi Barry, A friend of mine has been sending me photo discs with music soundtracks for a few years now that play on my DVD player. ( They will play on any DVD player) I'm not sure whether he uses CDs or DVDs, as they are covered with a label, but he burns them with the aid of SmartPix software available to buy as a download from the USA. They are a pleasure to watch and listen to, and include titles, and each 'slide' fades intro the next. Hope this helps. DAVID, UK.

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Burning DVDs

I too have used Nero and is the WORST software that I've ever used. I now use AVS4YOU,their programs are faultless,there is approx 20 different programs and all can be activated by purchasing just one.Their Video converter gives the option to convert to any format and profiles such as PAL & NTSL etc; I create movies and slideshows all the time and have never had playback problems with this software.The Windows DVD Maker that is pre-installed on W7 is very unreliable,you can download and install Windows Movie Maker 2.6 and Photo Story 3 for Windows on the Microsoft Download Center,free.I also use Powerpoint to insert animated images and the presentations are very professional.Try the AVS as a trial.

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Why won't my slideshow burned on DVDs play on DVD players?

I had the problem for a long while.

I changed 3 DVD writers with no effect

I ONLY used recommended DVDs so did not suspect them

I burn through nero

It turned out to be Maxell DVDs causing the problem and they are recommended by everyone.

The cause was the DVDs not being smooth around the edges causing possible wobble and spurious laser reflections..... when looking at a spindle of new DVDs the edges should appear smooth ALL THE WAY AROUND with NO imperfections, the problem DVDs lokked "rough" giving an "unsmooth" reflective edge.

I cured it by turning them carefuly on a lathe en masse with wet and dry paper followed by plastics rouge - I CANNOT RECOMMEND IT to anyone.

However I now get the shop to remove the shrink wrap and check the edges for imperfections.

I've never had a problem with Verbatim but have found imperfections with a number of other "major" brands but not consistently, I have had many "low price" brands that were perfect especially "infinity"

+R -R etc make no difference
Burn with Nero
Close session before burning "no multisession" in nero properties
Burn at 1 speed below writer maximum
generally UDF is more reliable than ISO, IF the player supports it (make a disk and try it)

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You need to convert your slide show to a movie.

I helped my daughter with her Warriors Marching Band Year End Slide show.

1. What I did is load the pictures to a DVD editing program...Windows Movie Maker, Roxio, or Nerovision. 2. Add any transition effects...fade, cross overs, etc. to make it interesting.
3. Add sound or audio track.
4. Save Movie to WMV (Windows Movie Maker), or Roxio or Nero.
5. Burn the Movie to DVD.
WMV will play on computer & DVD version will play on most DVD players.

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