The majority of your posts across the whole forum setting are name calling, insulting, critical, and very rarely helpful. Tone down the pedestal you see yourself on, stop bible thumping to members, and get your priorities straight. This is a HELP forum...not your personal bandwagon. You've been told about this before.....and for your information, the TOS regulates all of the above pretty closely, and you agreed to our CNET terms when you registered. If you don't like the rules here with how you treat other members, there are thousands of other forums that will accept your rude and thoughtless behavior without question.

Moderators owe you NO explanations...the fact that you have received them has been a courtesy on our part and not required. This thread will be locked because no further discussion about this will be forthcoming. Calling us Nazi's and the thought police don't help your cause......This is a privately owned forum and free speech only goes so far in it.