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Why the print media is losing readership

People shouting, ?Terrorist!? and ?Kill him!? when Obama?s name was mentioned at some John Mc-Cain-Sarah Palin rallies. While this was neither Mc-Cain?s nor Palin?s fault, it revealed the thin membrane separating civility from mob rule in politics today. ?Jonathan Alter, NBC News analyst and author of ?Between the Lines?

This was proven false very soon after but they choose to print it anyway.

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Reporting: Why the print media is losing readership
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I thought this would be about news papers and magazines.

Curses... another case of false advertising !

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Do you know what Parade Magazine is??

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Indeed I do...

Do you know what a misleading tag line is? I mean, really... this was not about the print media. This was about you complaining about politics.

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what you can see on that side of the mirror.
Your inability to understand things doesn't negate reality.

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I suggest your opinion is partisan and dogmatic...

There is nothing here that suggests that readership of print media is down. There is nothing about print readership at all. There is you, complaining about a single line in an article that has more to do about politics than anything else. An article that goes on to repeatedly compliment the man who was referred to in the one sentence you seem to take offense at.

You would have better served yourself if you had complained about continuing inaccuracy regarding the reporting of facts of this particular event. Instead, you use an article to raise a complaint about politics. You use my pointing this out to insult me. Your insistence on pretending that this is not a political post is disingenuous at best.

The one amusing fact about this is that you are complaining about the accuracy of a cheap, news paper insert that has demonstrated repeatedly in the past that it has stronger conservative sympathies than most of the sunday papers it is carried by.

The election is over Matthew. Discussion of politics is once again verboten. Please try to abide by the rules of the forum.

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It doesn't surprise me at all that

That you either don't understand the issue(again) or that you don't think that that the media deliberately spreading a lie is important.

Too bad your pal Angie can't see that YOU (AGAIN) are just trying to cause problems (AGAIN)

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Who died and made you a Mod?


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(NT) lol... you have yet to prove me wrong. Bye...;-)
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A problem with the media seems to be expected

forgiveness when they err. They can run a story with bad and/or damaging information that's later found to be false. They respond with an "Oops" that's many decibels quieter than their blunder as a way to make things all better. By then, the harm is done. Fewer may have heard the apology than the story it was referring to.

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But in this case,

they have deliberately printed a lie.

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In another thread

it was because print media couldn't compete with TV and Radio.

of course they lie also, but you don't have to wait for the lies...instant gratification

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Print media is alive and well and living on the interweb.

Cheap news print has been replaced by even cheaper internet access. Even better, it allows those who always wanted to be news reporters and pundits but couldn't hack it in the professional world... to start up their own blogs and find their own audience.

Some go on about "lies" in the printed news sources... but the reality is that the inaccuracies of some news gaffes have been replaced by wild (and often times willful) distortions from bloggers. Heck, many of these folks can hide behind the fact that they are not professionals to justify their positions when they are called out on them. They may not be professional journalists, but often times they still find fans and patrons that will pay the way through pay per click advertising. It will be interesting to see if the future will bring calls to boycott certain products because they have links on blogs presenting unpopular views.

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